The Return of Hanuman trailer – Hanuman Returns!

Return of Hanuman - Hanuman Returns

Different to what the name actually suggests, Return of Hanuman not just reinforces the belief in our mythological stories but also strongly puts across the issue of global warming to the understanding of children. Return of Hanuman is the first commercial movie to have received an educational certificate from the Censor Board because of the message that the film puts across in its climax

Directed by Anurag Kashyap of Black Friday fame, ‘Return of Hanuman’ is the sequel to 2005 hit ‘Hanuman’ which won over millions of children’s hearts. The movie was earlier titled Hanuman Returns and later re-titled as Return of Hanuman for numerological reasons to make it a great success.

Do take your children to watch this movie. Well, even the child in you might enjoy it! This animated movie will hit the screens on 28th december, 2007.

Checkout the trailer of Return of Hanuman.

Hanuman Returns Trailer



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  • I would say one should promote this internationally.A nice story can be woven arround hanuman in modern world.why not we also have a superhero like superman or spiderman

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