The other Diwali releases!

With all the hype around Ra One, the other Diwali releases for 2011 have been completely ignored by the media. Many believe that Ra One is the only release this weekend! Which is not true, as there are two other movies slated for theatrical release.

Both are medium budget films that mark the return of two not-so-successful stars.

Tell Me O Khuda – This daughter in search of her father story, has Esha Deol in the lead with mother Hema Malini at the helm (director)! The film also has veteran actors like Dharmendra, Rishi Kapoor and Vinod Khanna in important roles. But the biggest reason to watch Tell Me O Khuda this weekend would be the presence of Salman Khan in a short special appearance. It’ll be Salman’s last on-screen appearance this year and you wouldn’t see him again till August 2012.

Damadamm – The third release this week is Damadamm starring Himesh Reshammiya. Apart from his debut – Aap Ka Suroor – all his other films have been washouts at the box office. While the music of Damadamm is good, we wonder if Himesh has improved as an actor?!



  • hooo hahahha..accept for the paid reviews (taran, komal) all other reviews are negative even from viewers..rediff even gave the movie 1.5 stars out of 5…hahaha if you guys call bodyguard a bad movie than Taran and Komal gave bodyguard same stars as they gave to Ra1 so according to them Ra1 and bodyguard are same.ahhahaha and look at the budgets of the 2 movies…Ra1 almost 3times the bodyguard and still a crapy movie.

  • @aashkaran.
    How can u say like that… It has salman khan and all his fans say they wil watch this movie.. They
    believe this wil hav bigger weekend than ra1…but interesting thing is that none of these salman
    fans are visiting indicine now..bcos they wil die if they see the historical collection of ra 1…
    Even salman fans dont kno that tell me o kudha is releasing today… Wat a fate……

  • Assallam wa alliakum shahrukh khan bhai Raone is a super hit film i thanks to srk. Shahrukh khan beat both khan salman and amir khan

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