The Lunchbox beats My Name Is Khan, enters Top 5 at US Box Office

2013’s most critically acclaimed film ‘The Lunchbox’ has emerged as the highest grossing Indian film at the US box office for films released in 2014. It has also made it to the Top 5 highest grossing Indian films of all time in the U.S. beating hugely successful films like Shahrukh Khan’s My Name Is Khan.

Grossing more than 4 million (and still counting), The Lunchbox is only behind films like Dhoom 3, Chennai Express and 3 Idiots.

Apart from the US, ‘The Lunchbox’ has recorded strong international collections, especially from European markets where it is still going strong in France, Germany, Sweden among other markets.

For its star cast and release size, The Lunchbox did very well in India too collecting around 28 crore net. The film was made on a budget of less than 10 crore.

Released in the US on February 28th, The Lunchbox has collected $4,064,041 (Rs 24.25 cr) so far.



  • Lunchbox was a nice movie. But am not a fan of the film. .
    Watching makkhi on movies ok. .oh my god! What a wonderful film it is! Very few are this much imaginative and entertaining as makkhi. .hats off to rajamaouli. .

  • what it has to collect??..simply rleasing outside after 6 months….lolz.overrated shitty film….that all i can say

  • Dhoom3 with 28m us dollar and 3idiots with 25m us dollar at top in oversear.. Aamir Khan Rules \m/ Most Popular And Loved Indian Actor The Ace Aamir Khan.

  • Dhoom3 collected 55 cr in USA.. First India film to cross 50 cr mark in a single overseas market..3Idiots 40 cr in USA , Talaash 30 cr in USA .. Aamir films always take all time best opening in overseas.. Everytime he breaks his own record… Aamir Is Baap In USA .. Everyone would agree on dis.. Except few morons who will dislike dis #Fact.. It’s Aamir vs Aamir.. He is cometing with himself.

  • Baap of all khans is Irfan khan. Now, srk fans behave like a kids and even say it can’t cross MNIK. Loll keep burning…..Hakla fans….

  • #Fact ..Since Lagaan Aamir films never flopped in overseas. Even Mangal Pandey was huge hit there.. Aamir And Srk r Like God In Overseas. I am Aamir fan but like srk also :) I want srk and Aamir fans to become frnds.

  • Congrats to irfan but y r srk haters saying rubbish things.irfan himself has told in many interviews that whenever he travels to u.s.a. ppl ask him about srk and introduce themselves as srk fans.he even openly thanked srk for opening overseas market for Indian films that too in countrys like Germany where nri population is very low

  • Dhobi Ghat was a better film than The Lunch Box.. Both Art films and did exceptionally well in overseas.. I loved both TLB and DG ..but DG remain my favorite art film as there was suspense in d film and it was more layered.

  • @myanmar.. First learn how to speak.illiterate
    N ppl shouting here if irfan defeated srk dats bcoz he is der at the top.
    Did indicine mention salman.?? he isnt in top 5.
    Indicine didnt even mention talaaash bcoz Shahrukhs name in itself is huge to attract ppl’s attentions(wheather haters or his die hard fans)
    #respect foh both the khans irrfan n shahrukh khan

  • The Lunchbox was’nt a kind of film which i could like…

    But still happy for it,an indian film doing well in international markets…!!!

  • Great achievement!
    Take a bow The Lunchbox team! It has also won many accolades for India in overseas. I wish movies like this could get bigger release than some brainless movies in overseas where the audience are obviously more matured than most of Indian audience when it comes to taste towards cinema.

  • Irfan is bigger star than salman, hritik and akshay in US even better than Amir. Luchbox is far bigger hit than the laash and dhobi ghat. Amir need commercial and Xmas release to make records in USA when holiday is going on.

  • 1st blockbuster of amir after 12year ghajni did poor business in oversease comapare to non promoted rnbdj. Talash was also low promoted but srk film allways doing well in oversease wether it is massala film oso or ce. Srk have 19blockbuster in oversease where amir have just two by the grace of dhoom brand n masterpice 3idiots

  • SRKs film that crossed 100 crs released on FEB and AUGUST unlike AAMIR films which releases on x mas which is the best holiday in European and USA
    Also TAALASH was released on weekend I.e FRIDAY to SUNDAY in US thats why it collected more in first 3 dayd.

  • Srk is nothing infront of Irrfan..srk needs big budget movie , 1year promotion, yrf or dharma (big production house ) , brand rohit shetty , deepika , Rajni.., world tours , promotion of film in overseas..etc in short TLB >Mnik and Shahrukh Khan is Exposed.. Srk ki aukaat pata chal gayi..khatam.. Irrfan Rocks.

  • Its strange how a id named IRFAN DEVOTEE commented when a IRFAN topic appeared after so many days and it praised AAMIR film DHOBI GHAT saying its his fav film but both DG and TLB is his fav ????? FISHYYYYY.

  • @Srkhappyyear..moron do u know dat chakde, paheli,swadesh,ashoka.etc all srk’s non-mainstream films were disaster in overseas..
    Where Aamir’s Lagaan – Blockbuster , Dch – hit , Rdb- superhit , Tzp – superhit , 3idiots – Atbb , talaash – superhit .. In overseas.. Even Aamir’s non-mainstream film worked hugely at overseas b.o…

  • 3 idiots and doob 3 are exceptions. 3 idiots everyone knows why doob 3 bcoz Christmas releases are always hot in overseas but ce had nothin special about it nor story or release( eid is not a big holiday in USA) but only one name SRK and it is the second highest bollywood grosser in the USA. The lunchbox is near to end it’s run. If aamir can make a crap movie hit in overseas then only he’s a star overseas.. SRK can make average movies like Chennai Express, Don 2 all time blockbusters overseas. So shut up tingu fans

  • Pk is neither huge brand like dhoom nor will be 3idiots, or don’t have mass apple, just overated film like talash n tingu fans are jumping, Lol

  • Oh no.1 khan Aamir is already ahead of our king in overseas and 1 khan Salman in domestic and we are in state of shock that from where this another khan Irfan has come and crossed MNIK collection.If it will continue like this then 1 day even Saif ali khan and Imran khan will beat our king

  • @Romance new year we should not say like this coz our king has more hits than Aamir but in top 3 films overseas Aamir has 2 films so we should accept defeat and wait for HNY release

  • @Vikram we should not talk about Christmas advanced of Aamir coz our kings Don 2 was also released in Christmas but failed to beat Aamirs 3 idiots in overseas by a big margin

  • @Irrfan’s Devotee: at least don’t give fake verdicts peheli, chak de swedesh are super hit in oversease although chak de was blockbuster in india, cheak wiki, success ratio of srk whether its india or oversease is higher than all actor where ranbir have more hits in 5year compare to tingu khans 25yr careear

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