The hype behind Shahrukh Khan’s Twitter return

Shahrukh KhanOn 10th May, followers of Shahrukh Khan on Twitter rejoiced as the superstar sent out a blank tweet to singer Mika Singh.

What followed was unbelievably crazy – the blank tweet got more than 700 retweets and 500 odd favorites – as it was SRK’s first tweet since January 9th, after the actor decided to quit the popular social networking website  with a tweet which read “Sad, I read so much judgements, jingoism, religious intolerance on the net and I used to think, this platform will change narrow-mindedness, but no!”

A source close the actor said that the blank tweet was a ‘technical glitch’.

SRK’s close friend Mushtaq Shiekh, who is known to sometimes go over-the-top with his SRK praise-tweets said “Let me clear the air SRK has not tweeted. He will return when he wants to and when he feels like! For now tweet world has to wait”

The actor has been on and off from Twitter previously too and it wouldn’t be surprising if he makes a Twitter return before the release of Chennai Express – which releases in theatres on August 8th 2013.



  • another srk article, who cares ?? his career is declining , nobody can stop it, no fans , no PRs and not even god

  • @r20… your comment makes me laugh. If you say his career is declining when every single of his last 3 films were 100 crore grossers in India and 200 crore worldwide, then it just goes to show the high standard that he has set for himself.

    The day is not far when Shahrukh Khan will once again be on top of Bollywood. He is way ahead in overseas, but Chennai Express might just break all Indian records too.

  • SRK tried to quit twitter earlier before Ra.One but as it’s release neared, he was back on twitter. Similarly he is back as the release of Chennai Express is nearing. I don’t know whether this a promotion stunt or what? ;)

  • Come on Srk and tweet something interesting about “CE” so there will be some reason to watch “CE” in theatres bcoz u badly need some public support otherwise everyone will watch “OUATIMA” and once again ur movie will crash at the box

  • I did that technical glitch to make his fans happy.
    But that idiot Mika boasted that SRK replied him.
    I am unhappy with Mika,he will be suffering soon.
    Wait and watch.
    My blessing to you all.

  • all the media nd other personnel know that if they ve to sell their news …then they ll have to mention the most famous actor of bollywood…mr. shahrukh khan…so no offence to them….each person wants their benefit …so they r doing their job…
    @r20….dude…u care abt this article…thats y u scurried to post a comment on this page….so don’t talk non-sense….

  • I think it is not possible because no tweet can be sent without any human effort so this is a drama.

  • xzone:
    ur right,if there is an article about a criminal,there will be 1000s of comments.
    that doesnt mean that,he is inspiration or some thing.
    in the same way,look anywhere,in any site,there is higher no of negative comments more than positive comments about srk.
    so srks centimental drama started,we can see more fun in future.
    akshay will give big blow to srk this year.

  • Smeagol will only tweet when Chennai Depress release is a fortnight away. It will be along the lines of:-
    “Ya watch CE coz Shettys explosives team went into overdrive and have blown up 3 perfectly functioning trains, they also blow up a derelict platform as I walk by in me shades. Theres alot of cars going up in flames like diwali fireworks. The film will rock and this time there will be more explosions than unnecessary songs people so no more ‘saans’ but just ‘bang bang bang and more bang bang bang. We Team Smeagol & Team Shetty will rock Eid- mark my words. Love you smeagolites and yeahh welcome back my pyaare xrated xzone but where is your comrade ‘fading star’ whose 1 line wit I severly miss. Watch CE people on Eid and be merry…!”

  • @boss…..wat r u talking abt..???? really a criminal’s article gets 1000 comments…????
    dude…i ve seen a number of articles published by indidine , which were concerned abt a famous criminal…who was accused of crushing sleepy peoples…moreover…he was also accused of hunting poor animals…but he din’t get so many comments…neither positive nor negative…so stop probing yaar…nd if u r talking abt higher no. of negative comments…then it’s only their insecurity , who r posting those comments…
    now coming to ur last sentence…i ll be glad when akki beats srk with a good script like s26….i ve nothing personal wid him…i used to watch his movies too nd respect him as much as srk…as he, too, made his position by himself…which is better than those spoon feeded morons…who proclaims themselves superstars today……so, be calm nd pray that ur akki’s movies perform better nd he chooses better scripts….not like joker nd tmk….

  • I was luckyy he tweeted me probably 1 of the happiest days of my life gettn a tweet from some1 who looked up to my whole life !

  • @xrated xzone Again with the nonsense and baseless accusations…
    Oh that is such a relief, for a moment I thought you were an imposter trying to conveve a good point across the fan stratusphere but thank god its you the same old retarded demented self tortured self imprisoned former patient of a Being Human financed Mental Asylum…! :-)

    We dont expect you thanking Bhai anytime soon for financing your free stay at the Asylum but the very least you can do is not call him a murderer but a ‘suspected killer of homeless street folk’…! ;-)
    After all we have expensive judges sitting in British victorian colonial time built courts my imbecile of a friend who are still ‘investigating’ such claims. Give them time to punish or exonerate the man so in the mean time please keep your hanging rope in your bedroom or practise around with it to see if its still in working condition but for gods sake please be safe juvenile baby xzone…! ;-)

  • @r20 flop king is giving 65 crore grossers and ur talkin abt srk….srk is already legend….fans divided becoz srk-sallu war….otherwise it is difficult for akki to touch srk position…..

  • @akram obviously he care enough, he opened the article and he read it then he wrote the comment :D

    King khan powers as the baadshah said: you can love me and you can hate me but you cant ignore me , and he is 100% right :D

    he also said :
    I made some Ppl happy with my success and I made some Ppl happy with my failures, But in the end I made every 1 happy!

    really i miss his brilliant quotes

  • @na-cheez navin…seriously man….u ve completely lost it….everybody is watching here that who is behaving like a juvenile baby…me or u….:P
    the major problem wid u dumb sallu-man fans is ur insecurity…i ve tried it a no. of times just for a check nd it worked 100%…u all morons used to wait the comments of srk fans with pale red colors of face…nd as soon as it arrives…u start looking that whether those comments concern abt ur beloved “takla” or not… my above comment…i din’t include the name of any “bald”,”fatty”, ugly “crap star”…but as soon as u read it… u suddenly left ur job in “chennai express” nd ran away wid bare foots …just bcoz u suspected that yeah…it belongs to my baldy icon “remake khan”….so, it’s not the srk fans or me u retarded moron…it’s ur insecurity….which propels u each time to open ur stinking mouth… look at above comment….it doesn’t make any sense except filling the pages of indicine with ur junk data……so…don’t worry my “eunuch” mate…i m not going to target u or ur baldy a lot more…:P:P

  • For those who talking about Promotions , i think srk dont need twitter promotions his haters do all what he want , they comment in every article (aamir’s , salman’s and akshi’s articles) to promot him,
    you will find srk name and his next movie wherever u go and whatever the comments are good or bad it is a Promotions and when the movie cross the 100cr like an jthj we should come here and thank them :D

    If his return to twitter is Promotion stunt who cares, his fans dont care if it is or it is not , we only want him to return whatever the reason is we will be super happy to have him close again
    and about his haters dont follow him if the Promotion Thing make u upset, so simple .

    realy sometimes ur Comments is so silly as ur thinking :D

    try to be more real , grow up AND
    Leave it or take it

  • VED-Z:
    akshay has given 135cr grosser also.and srk has given 114cr grosser.
    u r saying srk fans devided because of srk sallu war.what is the logic here.

  • Undoubtly srk is the biggest superstar set new record with chennai express. Here a dailoge from ce srk said when he got sibaji award,” mai zinda aaya hu per tum logo ko zinda nehi chahu ga” the dailoge looks blockbuster in india set a new domestic record but it may not cross mnik oversease col.

  • @xrated xzone – Its actually the Chennai Depress train and its been called that ever since a depressed wrinkled up skeleton turned up for driving duties one day, his name they the people of Middle Earth say is Smeagol Rukh Khan…!
    As for me commenting here- well where have you been commenting for the past week since your inglorious return to Indicine, again it must be said that this is your claim which I refute strongly as suspicions are sky high that you were masquerading on indicine as someone’s faulty beyond repair ‘remotecontrol’…! :-P
    It clearly shows whos insecure and who feels secure enough to come to any article and attack head on the retarded moronic barbaric comments left behind by a dwindling Indian contingent / support base of Smeagolites. Wherever you go spitting out your venom I will be there with my Kieron Pollard signed cricket bat hitting you for 6 over cow corner you cows pile of dung…! :-P

  • Yes the “hype” of the budda monkey-faced CRAPster srk’s return to twitter is so unprecenented, so mind boggling that all the goats, the monkeys & donkeys all over the world were rejoicing & celebrating like no tomorrow. Our budda gandha CRAPster srk is perhaps the only actor (or over-actor) ever to have more non-human fans(i.e goats, donkeys & monkeys) than the human fans, that is why he is called srk (these days people are getting more insulted by being compared to srk than to donkeys. Chi…. chi… srk)

  • Well said xzone..
    Shahrukh return soon pplzz…
    @boss dude after shahrukh I luv akshay n hrithik.but every time ur words of hatred force we srk fans to answer back akki.
    It wil do no gud 2 any of dem.competition iz very gud.may d best man win dis eid.
    But I wil pray obviously foh shahrukh.

  • These PR people are only out there to earn money by giving all the wrong directions.

    Many stars fall for it. Otherwise, what is the use of Twitter and Facebook, which will only be followed by hardcore fans.

    These PR persons fool stars by making fake accounts and telling them that they have huge fan following and all these fans will make your movies even bigger.

    No, it does not. The general public don’t care whether you are in facebook, twitter or some crap parties, or how many awards you won.

    The only thing that works is that magic you create on the silver screen, and how you present it.

    Instead of wasting money on all the these cheap PR tricks, the best is to work in films that connect with the general people.

    PR agencies are just like consultants, they look for people who have money and come with some silly analysis to make our money double and triple, only to loot us, and leave us when we are struggling.

    For SRK’s sake, i hope he doesn’t fall anymore to these tricks and concentrate working only on his role and the film, rest all will fall in place.

  • @na-cheez navin….don’t worry my “sixer”….lol….it always givem me a lot of fun to tease the morons like u….actually….ur defending sallu-man is not going to be work….it’s like a bog…the more ll u try to escape away…the more ll u stuck into that….so stop losing ut potential into this already lost task….nd rush to ur job….passengers of high-class “chennai express” need u….plz unchoke their commodes….:P

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