The capital comes to standstill as Salman shoots for KICK

The people of Delhi and surrounding areas got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch superstar Salman Khan shooting for his upcoming film ‘KICK’.

Director Sajid Nadiadwala was shooting an action sequence that featured Salman and Randeep Hooda. The crowd in the area went out of control shouting the name of the film and crazily chanting ‘Salman, Salman’, even as the security official had a tough time controlling the massive crowd.

Salman Khan riding bike with Jacqueline Fernandes on the sets of Kick

Salman Khan riding bike with Jacqueline Fernandes on the sets of Kick

A unit source says “The sight was crazy. It was difficult to manage such a massive crowd. They kept screaming the film’s name and cheering loudly for Salman, as he waved back at them. It appeared as if the entire city was there.”

The mass-hysteria began long before Salman started shooting for the film. When word spread that the superstar would be shooting an important action sequence, crowd started gathering in huge numbers and stood for over 22 hours to watch the film’s shoot.

Salman was seen wearing a black eye mask that has created ripples amongst the star’s fans. This new look of the actor is said to be conceptualised and stylised by Salman himself.

Kick releases in theatres during Eid.



  • Different costume, different director, different heroine will not make him versetile…..
    It will be same old story and south remake… Poor sal fans… They are watching same old craps of salmans since 2010….

  • Yeah. .i have seen some pics where salman was trying to be a superhero with a black mask. .but for that,he have to leave his tapori style.

  • The great thing about Salman Khan is that even before his fans reach & react to anything posted or published about him anywhere but it is his haters who never miss a chance to stand in the first row & are much more excited on everything seen,heard,posted or published about him to abuse,create negativity & show their insecurity at peak’s.So it is time and again proved that Love or Hate but you can’t ignore him i.e SALMAN KHAN.

  • @king Kick’s lifetime collection in Chandni Chowk area of Delhi (3 crore) = HNY worldwide opening weekend

  • @true fan , …it means that you believes that kick would be seen by salman’s local and cheap fans of ch.chock. BTW hny weeknd>110 cr.

  • if you want to do south remake , learn from akshay’s holiday which is looking interesting. kick will be kicked out of theatres within first week as next week, AKSHAY’s ITS ENTERTAINMENT is coming !

  • indians kavi nahi sudharne wale. they are gonna love the same brainless masala,south remake,over the top action,item numbers etc, while hollywood is making films like dallas buyers club,american hustle, gravity etc our foolish crowd is encouraging films like kick,happy new year,action jackson etc.

    indian cinema will never improve because the audience have always given cold shoulder to those who have tried something new.

  • there is sure a huge build up for kick.. the excitement level is evident.. there is huge anticipated among salfans.. the movie looks promising.. the pairing of salman n jack is bang on.. the movie has a production grandeur.. himesh is back as well.. so expect a chartbuster album.. script n screenplay is done by chetan bhagat.. stunts are choreographed by international stunt directors.. sajid nadiadwala is known to spend lavishly on his films n since it his first film as director he is leaving no stone unturned.. n last but not the least, salman khan returning on eid, do i need to say more!

  • Wawooo million of people standing around in the pic. what a crowd puller. same number of crowd came to watch Jai ho and know may same number will watch kick too. cheers \
    Bhai Rocks

  • When it comes to high-octane action scenes and power-packed stunts, a lot goes into its making. Even superstars like Salman Khan sometimes need body-doubles to make the scene look convincing. It was reported that last week, a stunt-artist who goes by the name Ajay landed himself on the hospital bed while shooting for Salman’s latest movie ‘Kick’.

    Ajay was playing a body-double for Salman in a deadly chase scene for his film, when he had to jump from the first floor of a house onto a railway track. The scene then required Salman, not Ajay to get onto a moving train with Randeep Hooda close at heels. However, when Ajay jumped through the sugar glass, the timing went wrong and certain pieces of broken glass pierced his face and he ended up with many facial injuries.

    Salman and director Sajid Nadiadwala both rushed to Ajay and arranged for a vehicle to drop him to the hospital. The shooting had to be cancelled for the day. An eyewitness said, “Salman has four body doubles specializing in different kinds of action for ‘Kick’ as the movie has several deadly stunts. It would be foolish for Salman to risk his life all the time. What happened was unfortunate.”

  • Salman is a darling of masses
    people’s man only salman
    kick is going to be all time blockbuster

  • Those who are saying Kick final collection = Hny weekend will they be alive on Indicine after HNY verdict ?? Arrogance does not take you places instead it will make fall flat on your faces. Remember Ra.One ??? Now dislike my comment n abuse Salman thats the maximum these haters can do !!!!!

  • @nipun : I never commented bad about Hrithik n you but now I believe people who troll you (using Lootera comments) are right. You are a srk fan in disguise of a HR fan. Fake Hrithik fan, get a life you moron !!!!!!!

  • This is what Craze or love for a true star, feels pity & sad for those 3.7 billions (fake fan base) who cant create such hysteria or standstill a city !!!!!!

  • @hrithik:not me,but you need to get well soon. Whatever we write here are all about fun. .and do u think dat 100% of salmanfans respect and love hrithik? Obviously NO. .and i don’t think i have told anything wrong in my comment. .

  • it seem to me very much laughable like Kick lifetime collection equal to HNY weekend blah blah, Ra1 weekend collection were more than Bodyguard and lifetime we all know, Weekend collection depend on holiday and starpower while lifetime depend on content, don’t worry haters Kick won’t disappoint Salman haters as film definitely kicked all his haters throughout its theatrical run and they just roam here and there in various site with excuses, Holiday weekend,higher no of screens, eid, remake and many more. He is only actor in bollywood history whose fan following is unmatchable even he is least talented actor who became superstar and still ruling peoples heart, Kuch to baat h Salman me, that with so much up and down in personal or professional life and legal cases but still His Euphoria continuous irrespective of his film success or failure.

  • Mass hysteria???? The pic does not even have much ppl……………………haterz shud see the mass hysteria outside of mannat on nov 2 every yr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is tru love of a star!!!!!

  • because they are shooting and moving on a bike and in shooting no people allowed except crue members idiots @triniman your srk has just dream of these crowds.

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