The box office truth of Kambakht Ishq

Well, for all those who didn’t actually believe us.. Here is an article from a very credible source, which reveals the truth behind the box-office numbers of Kambakht Ishq and some other films. A film most believe is a blockbuster, but in reality is far from it. Infact, the film is yet to recover its costs says Rohit Khilnani from Ibnlive. According to Boxofficeindia, an Indian box-office website, Kambakht Ishq has only collected 33 crores in its first week, followed by 9 crores in its second. Taran Adarsh too has given his verdict as Semi-hit, after his very positive report in Week 1.

Over to CNN IBN, which rubbishes the official numbers of 100 crores and claims the movie has done just 62 crores in week 1.


The next time you come across a film promotion ad which says super hit, think twice. It doesn’t take a hit film to put up ads because whether a film is a hit or not this is all part of a planned promotional campaign. There may be ads that say a film has collected Rs 100 crore but does it really matter to the movie buffs?

“Sometimes producers publish super hit posters even before the film has released. It’s clear that some producers play with the audience when their film is not working,” filmmaker Supran Verma said. A case in point is the recent release Kambakth Ishq. Considering the high profile star cast, a flamboyant producer and Sylvester Stallone (and others) as an added attraction, this film was expected to be a big hit at the box office but destiny had different plans for the film.

It has been over 2 weeks and the film is far from recovering its cost. It has reportedly made Rs 62 crores (gross) but the ads in the papers insist that the film has already collected Rs 100 crore. So the facts obviously differ.

In the past too there have been many filmmakers who have claimed a lot more than their films have collected. For a long time the producers of the biggest flop of 2009 Chandni Chowk to China claimed that the film is running to packed houses but even there the reality was something else.

Only later when the theatre owners started to pull out the film from the screens a week after its release that it was clear that Akshay Kumar was not able to draw the crowds this time.

The ads of last years biggest dud Love Story 2050 also said that the film at some point was running successfully. But this never happened. Even Yashraj studios claimed that their film Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic performed well at the box office but the film was a complete washout.

Though, we have reached the multiplex age, the Indian box office remains disorganised and some producers clearly take advantage and tamper with box office figures.

The box office department of the biggest film industry in the world can be organised and made more accountable but the unanswered question is, do Bollywood film producers want this sector to get organised or they prefer it the way it is for more reasons than one.

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  • Thanks INDICINE for telling the truth!!Kambaqt Ishq doesn’t deserve to be a hit.Recently Akshay kumar has become the most overrated actor in Bollywood….

  • akshay is the real king & kambakkht ishq is a hit
    and shut up pritham and eshita
    u bloody fans of haklu khan

  • I saw the movie yestreday on a dvd copy which I got, as the movie worked just for a week only in Bahrain, but SIK worked for almost a month in Seef cinema and in Dana for a longer time. And as I was away, couldn’t watch it earlier.. it’s not a bad movie Indicine Team.. and I enjoyed it.. had a good time, but I can say that Singh is Kinng was better.. if I’ll rate SIK and KI.. I wl give SIK 3.5/5 and KI 2.5/5.. I will post my short review under the movie review later, and wl say the good and the bad stuff about the movie.

  • Satish man chill, no need to worry, we understand ur upset because akshay has gaven his 4th flop in a row cause its funny cause shahrukh gave 3 back to back blockbusters in a row, I TOTALLY understand why ur mad boo whoo whoo. hahahahahaha (AKKI LOVER)

    SRK IS THE BEST YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • those collections by BOXOFFICEINDIA.COM r frm 1048 prints while KI was released with 1423 prints where r the rest collections frm 375 prints gone???????????

    thus the movie has done 10 crores extra frm Ist week making it 43 crores net frm Ist week….i.e Ist week only…

    after 2nd week the collections should be 57 crores!!!!!!!

  • K I is super block buster, and akshay is the real king of all time after Big B, people who are aginst KI, they just want to show king akshay down, and they are Haklu khan’s stupid fans , nothing will change with thier stupid comments. and for Eshita , I really miss you honey your still upset. i am sorry for what happend between us in your app.please call me

  • is saying this because KI has left behind ghagni which was distributed by their own company studio 18 !!!!!!

    if KI has’nt grossed 100 crores (((figures given by EROS)))))))

    than how can we beleive ghagni grossing 250 crores((((((figures given by STUDIO 18)))))

    they themself r saying we also cheated for ghagni……hence ghagni is also an hit movie only not a blockbuster!!!!!!!

  • The movie has been rated on as above average movie.. neither it’s a blockbuster – as Ahsan Khan is confirming – nor it’s a flop movie.. so ppl out there.. stop lying.

    When ppl love someone so any failure movie won’t affect his career in fact.. see Salman Khan.. how many flop movies he did recently.. but he’s still big.

    Ahsan Khan: Don’t dare calling Shahrukh “haklu” u said it many times and I am just patient.. so don’t let me swear here and describe u with some bad words.. respect your biggies.. respect the best actor in bollywood and I wl respect u.. if u wl continue saying bad stuff about Shahrukh… so then I’ll attack your Akki with the same.. don’t dare saying anything bad.. ok.


  • Saifa: Aishwariya is around 35 years old.. but Karina is only 27 or 28.. didn’t exceed that!.. Depika was only 22 years old when she did OSO.. so now she’s only 23 or 24 at maximum

    How do u say that they’ve grown old and they’re around 40 now?!!

  • Fathiya, shame you did not understand….i meant Akshay and Saif….not Kareena and Deepika… it now. by the way Ash is 38 this year…..

  • K.I. is flash-in-the-pan rubbish. After all, how many bi-polar drooling idiots are lurching around buying tickets? Not that many, and now they are all back at home playing with silly putty.

  • indy shut up ur mouth
    ki is a hit declared by taran adarsh
    dont u remember srk has a big flop billu
    i think u have memory loss
    please check it out
    ok bye (fan of srk)

  • Relax guys, we all know Akshay is King, one of the biggest stars ever. But all we are trying to present here, is the right figures of Kambakht Ishq. The figures released by the makers are highly misleading and completely false. So far inarguably it is the biggest hit of the year, distributors share is even higher than New York, but you cant compare this with Singh Is King which did much better business all over, India and overseas.

    And Ankur, Ghajini was an all time blockbuster, the biggest hit of the decade! You can’t compare Ghajini to any movie, even 3 Idiots is unlikely to match Ghajini.

  • Ahsan Khan, final warning. Please stop calling names, your adding absolutely nothing to the discussion instead saying the same thing in every post . This topic has nothing to do with SRK or Aamir or Hrithik.. Its just about Akshay and Kambakht Ishq. Start discussing sensibly, else your comments will be deleted.

    Once again, stop repeating the same points in every comment. Thanks

  • just watch i am khan, then u’ll say who is the real king.. a siilly actor like aksh couldnt b the king.. u just compare shah rukh performance in mohabbatein n akshay in all his film… who is better?

  • Indicine you know that SRK is the king. People don’t just call themselves the king and thats it. Shahrukh is the rightfull King of Bollywood and everyone know that so accept it.
    anyways as far as I know KI is not a hit or a flop(it should have been a flop but….) so just accept the facts and stop calling it a blockbuster because its far from that.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and seems like the only mad person on here is the only Akki fan that keep replying to everyone message.
    and another thing I agree that this topic has NOTHING to do with SRK, aamir or an other actor but for some reason other names always have to come into play.

    any Aishwarya Rai was born 1973 so do the math:)

  • Saifa: well if I understood it this way because of your writing.. u mentioned in between yr lines Aish!! you said ( if Aish could be called old… why not these 2 who are also reaching 40 or over 40 ) if u meant Akshay & Saif.. you should’ve compared their age with a man of the same sex.. a male star and not Aishwariya who’s a female?!! So.. don’t blame me for misunderstanding your lines!

    If we come to Aishwariy’s age.. she is a woman.. and woman’s beauty and youth won’t last for long.. but it do works for men.. Shahrukh, Akshay, Saif, Salman.. and some others.. they’re all above 40 and still they can do romantic roles as well as – in their real life – they can win girls who’re around 20 or 30 ( and saif is an example with Karina.. he’s not only older than her but he was already married for 10 years and got kids) unlike women.. when any woman grows up and reaches the age 40 or 45, then her chances is less only if she’s so beautiful and doesn’t look her age and if one is an actress, she would not fit in romantic roles.. for example Madhuri Dixit.. she’s around 42 I assume, as she’s 2 years younger than Shahrukh, Madhuri can’t play as a romantic girl on the screen now.. she must play as a mother, or a single mom or any roles similar to her role in Aaja Nachle or to play a middle aged woman who’s still charming and some young boys fall for her ( and that happens in fact alot.. it happened with me 3 times) that’s the difference between men and women when they grow up.. when a man reaches even 60 years of his age and he’s still handsome and rich, he can marry girls half of his age or less.. but women can’t.

  • Satish, well SRK movie wasnt the biggest flop of 2009 if you recall CC2C( mr. Akki movie), Srk gave 3 back to back blockbusters and wats one movie going to do to SRK career, but in the case of akshay kumar who has given 3 back to back flops and one movie that is barly working in theatres now (KI), i wonder wats going to become of him LOL. But im only waiting for one movie from akki thas Koma gata Maru cause im Sikh Punjabi. yea yea yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

  • indy
    srk only work with big directors
    but akki likes to do new expts
    but aamir is much better than srk and akki
    u hv to agree with this

  • bonita shut ur mouth
    srk keep on doing same type of films
    but akshay dont
    dont interfere in other messages

  • Akshay is still the best!!! one flop movie makes no difference to a stars overall hits!!! ha ha….haklu shaklu that is funny……where did u guys get that from!!!! and it is true…sharukh does keep doing the same types of movies! and akshay does alot of different roles which makes him stand out!!! y do u people keep talkin about other stars when this is about kambakt ishk…..well u guys r just stupid 4 doing that!! and akshay’s fans….don’t worry cause if the media has done a mistake once this can be wrong too! so i still think kambakht ishk is the best!!!! ByE!

  • SRK is the most wonderful actor in the world.No matter what some jealous and stupid people think about him.He was,he is and he will remain the king of Bollywood forever….

  • Akshay kumar can never be compared with SRK. Akshay is just an ordinary and an average actor. Neither he posess good looks nor his acting is upto the mark. Yes SRK is the real king of Bollywood and he has proved with his films over the decades. Akshay can never become a king with the name of movie Singh is King. What a bullshit movie it was. And if you don’t believe then just remember the first scene where the actor jumps from the building with the parachute. Come on nobody wheres a parachute in a party. The other scene is so irritating where they went to Egypt instead of Australia. Such things can never happy. And if people believe this the they should go to mental hospital.

    Finally I am not a SRK fan. I like Amir Khan so don’t think that being a SRK fan i am writing this. But SRK is the Badshah of Bollywood.

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