The Attacks of 26/11: Shooting complete

Ram Gopal VarmaRam Gopal Varma has just finished shooting for his upcoming movie ‘The Attacks of 26/11’, based on one of deadliest terrorist attacks on India.

“Just took the last shot of the massacre at CST station and with this, the film is completely done. Kasab and his fellow terrorist Ismail had killed nearly 65 people at the CST station and injured hundreds more” Ram Gopal Varma tweeted.

The film, he says, has changed him as a person.

“If the reel horror was looking so gruesome while I was shooting, I can’t even begin to imagine how gruesome the real horror was. The 26/11 film has changed me as a person in terms of my changed understanding of both human nobilities and also their evils” he updated.



  • The day after attack. RGV was there and was taking pictures when media expose him ..he defense and said he was not taking pictures…and again media asked him why he was their he said ‘it was co-incident that he was on his way for his own stuff ..then he met Ritesh and came with him to see the casualty not to make sceens and he had no intense to make movie …now you prove that you were there for your interest to make film n for your career ( coz film will be hit for sure)but not to express your sympathy…shame on you man…

  • disguisting. pathetic. corny. stupid. dumb. tacky….

    were my words after seeing its first teaser. it should really be 2 hrs made-for-TV movie just how it was shot amateurishly.

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