The Attacks of 26/11: Policemen to watch RGV film

Dino Morea at Italia Gala Dinner Ram Gopal Varma, the director of ‘The Attacks on 26/11’, is inviting Mumbai policemen and a few survivors from the terrorist attack to watch a 15 minute sequence from the film this Friday.

“We are showing a 15-minute sequence of the opening which will clearly establish the purpose and the intent why a film on this subject was made.¬†Also, a trailer (of the film). We are also inviting some policemen who were involved in those attacks and the immediate survivors for the launch.” RGV said.

The event was announced after Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Amir Kasab was hanged to death in Pune today.

Talking about the cast of the film, RGV said “The cast is completely new along with some known actors (Nana Patekar) but the known actors were taken for their acting credentials rather than their existing image. ” he said.

“Never in the history of the world were there more terrifying attacks than those that happened on 9/11 in New York… But in the sheer audacity of their execution, I felt the attack on Mumbai was far more shocking.¬†Many of us know of the attacks which happened in Mumbai but very few of us know how they happened and that is exactly what we felt should be known to everyone in the world.” he said.



  • Kasab finally hanged! Justice for more than 1.2 billion on this holy land is finally done! Well that porkistan’s SOB should have been hanged after he was captured and not after such a long time. Kasab sa*le,ma**ch*d, ALLAH(PBUH) tujhe sabse bada punishment dega ‘the hell’ mei. Rest in the hell!

  • Ram Gopal Verma is a good director. He gave us dirfefent type of good films. Unluckily his films Aag, and Darling are flop. But I hope that the film Sarkar Raj will get good position in box office.I am impatiently waiting for the date 6 of june.

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