The Attacks Of 26/11 Box Office Collection

Ram Gopal Varma has yet another failure, as ‘The Attacks Of 26/11’ was a non-starter at the box office on Friday. The opening was in the 10-15% range at multiplexes and it looked like the film would finish it’s first day with less than Rs 1 crore.

The Attacks Of 26/11 did pick up slightly for the evening/night shows, but Day 1 business of Rs 1.5 crore is dismal.

At few multiplexes the occupancy was so bad that quite a few shows had to be cancelled. Today (Saturday), there are reports that the number of shows at multiplexes have already been reduced.

The response from the critics for ‘The Attacks Of 26/11’ has been better than most Ram Gopal Varma films in the last 4 or 5 years. But that hasn’t translated into good box office collections.



  • 5 years ago people use to go in the theatres only bcoz of Ram Gopal Varma and today people don’t go in the theatres only bcoz of Ram Gopal

  • RGV said that the profit from The Attacks of 26/11 will go to the actual attack victims. Lol, it’s hard for the film to recover even it’s budget.

  • This rgv will never ever change!
    Ram gopal varma is to direction what crapstar srk is to acting & bollywood industry: the worst of all time in their respective fields, the most overly over-rated individuals in everything, useless & unnecessary burdens to bollywood, no substance but all nonsense and more importantly the biggest sources of headaches & heart attacks in india and hence have the distinction of being the most hated director and the most hated actor of all time in the glorious bollywood history. Wonder when will this deadliest combination will make a movie together and if so what could be their movie’s name? Probably “tu mere jaisa aur mei tere jaisa” or “RGV ki RA.tu….tu…..tu” or probably a biopic titled “why srk did the greatest ever movie in bollywood history- the maya memsaab?”

  • @NVS. SRK is the most loved superstar ever in bollywood history. srk is hated by most just coz he is compared with almost all stars like hrithik, amitabh, akshay, aamir, salman etc. So each of der star fans started hating him coz of jealousy. But other star doesnt have dat oppurtunity. When aamir gave gajini and 3 idiots. He was touted as no.1 but where is he now ?. Now salman gave 4 crap movies in the name of entertainment. so he is compared with sharukh. When aamir called sharukh a dog thinking he have lot haters so dey will support him. U all know what happend even aamir khan fans got upset abt dat. So these hatred r just of jealousy. Salmans fans r ahead in terms of jealousy.

  • @soroop. Salman was and is still hated by many, even the great aamir has his haters, hrithik & akki are not as much hated as they are loved but srk was hated, is being hated and will be hated by so many people, that these sheer numbers make him the most hated actor of all time in bollywood history. Come on Dude you must have know the truth, that the dog was actually named ‘shahrukh’ by the caretakers of the house that was bought by aamir at that time, so it has nothing to do with aamir. Aamir is not only the greatest actor of our generation but he is also the bollywood’s best gentleman.

  • Aamir , salman, akshay rocks.but SRK is huge flop. SRK is going down with each passing day. He was ok as a lover boy of Bollywood in the past, but not any more he is almost 50 years old. And I am sure he will disappear from Bollywood soon. His godfather yash chora is also no more to help him

  • Ppl foget one thing alwaezzz…
    D person having maximum no of haters izz d most successful person ..

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