That people thought my performance was as good as SRK’s in Darr is an award for me: Deshmukh

On cloud nine after the success of his recently released film ‘Ek Villain’, Riteish Deshmukh was all smiles during the success party of his film. The actor also considers comparisons with Shahrukh Khan’s brilliant performance in Darr as an award in itself.

“The very fact that someone thought my role was as good as Shahrukh Khan’s character in Darr is an award for me. If anyone even thought that I was anything even relatively close to that, it’s an award enough for me.” the actor said.

Riteish, who is expecting his first child with wife Genelia D’Souza, has impressed both the critics and the audience with his award-deserving performance.



  • Ritesh is a good actor. Hope he’ll get the due credit for this film. Congrats Ek Villain team!

  • All of a sudden RITESH has become a bankable star…..So in the top of the tree we have the KHANS……2ndly we have HR and RK…..3rdly AKKI and AJAY…..4thly EMMI and RITESH.(though RITESH holds a edge over EMMI).

  • SRK is an role model for any in negative role…..His act in DAAR,ANJAM,BAZIGAAR,DON 2 had been amazing……though am not sure about DON….all the best KING KHAN for HNY where he will be playing another negative charecter/charecter with grey shades….Also heard that SRK’s character, called ad Charlie in HNY, is “clever, emotional , dynamic, desperate and of course romantic.”…and also SRK has choreographed the action sequences of the film….and also heard that he will be a psychic villain this time……CAN’TTTTT WAITTTTTTTT…………..BRING IT ON……

  • About darr, i dont think so any actor will ever match srk, i mean srk in darr connect with the audience so well, that it still have affect on audience mind, he plays it so well, that no one wants sunny to when the battle in it, believe me when ever i hear that song jadu teri nazar, then tears in my eyes. but i feel that he was brilliant too, but it should be compared with baazigar or anjam.
    any way he was atleast close, so its reward for him.

  • SRK IS THE EPITOME OF ACTING……..for the past 15 years or so each and every new actor is compared to SRK……and he has redefined the Villain roles with his films Darr,Baazigar & Anjaam…..COMPARING TO SRK ITSELF IS A BIG ACHIEVEMENT FOR ACTORS….WHAT ELSE RITEISH WANTS……??…..i don’t know when the haters will understand this…..

  • A talented actor can respect a hardworking talented actor, ritesh did a fab job in ek villen n it will become game changer for him like daar for srk

  • after giving performances in past like baazigar, darr, in other 1 or 2 good act with shivering, and madly stammering like goat he got success but today his haklawing is call as overact, and worse. He is overactor king now. Not in the list of best actor, he shud learn to do memeh with extraordinary performance..

  • No doubt ritesh will sweep all awards for best villen catagory dis year N either shahid for haidar or ranbir for bomby velvet will win best actor popular award

  • Undisputed King of Romance and Undisputed King of Negative Roles

    and there is one Undisputed King of Remakes also in Bollywood.

  • his negative roles can be compared with legends like Amrish Puri and Gabbar Singh

    his Romance can be compared with legend like Rajesh Khanna

    his tragedy scenes can be compared with legend like Dilip Kumar

    his style can be compared with legend like Big B

  • @ What ever aka anand or bulli, but still i really dont know why he have more critically acclaimed performances then aamir.
    highly acclaimed performances –
    baazigar,darr,anjam,kabhi haan kabhi naa,ddlj,pardes,mohabbatien,devdas,kal ho na ho, veer zaara,swades,cdi and mnik – 13
    critically acclaimed – dil se,paheli,dil to pagal hai,yes boss,hey raam,k3g and more.

  • i personally dnt lyk dis movie even as much aashiqui2, sngs r gud bt story is not that much gud, 4 me still holiday is best movie of the year till date, i like even fugly more than ek villain.. Its just 1 tym mvie, but ritesh and sid both rocks in their performance… Nothing so gud else…. Sid gives shocking performance as compare to his prev. Movies.. Riteish Is best in whole movie…… Sid is nt gud in action fi8 scene..

  • @ bulli

    lol for your observation.

    but bro srk takes away everything from our macho man sunny paji who is still repent of doing darr..

    Well it is true that srk completely outshine everybody in the movie but you have to give a little bit credit to mr yash raj who portray rahul’s role as sympathetic thats why youth connect with rahul.

  • Till I didn’t saw the darr movie, i wasn’t aware of the fact that sunny deol is also present in movie and he is hero..

    This is, for me,the best ever performance of shahrukh khan while this role was turned down by ajay devgn and amir khan.

  • @darky and @js when ritesh himself is saying that SRK is the best then who the hell are you guys?

  • Riteish said THE TRUTH whoever even closer to SRK in terms of acting that’s a dream comes true for him.because no one could closer to THAT LEGEND OF LEGENDS,A GREAT SALUTE TO KING KHAN FOR INSPIRING COMMON MAN LIKE US LIKE 3.7BILLION PEOPLE.

  • @Arjan, Thank you for the video.
    One punch, mouth full of blood! Fragile king!
    Nice to see paglapur’s sarkar gets beaten like a straydog. Sunnypaji beat the sarkar on the set of the film as well. That sarkar would not have survived in the industry after the rift with Sunnypaji had there not been a Khan family to back him up. Which Khan family is it? Of course, Salim Khan’s. Yet, when he has achieved name and fame, he has turned to become backstabber and made holes in the plate on which he had once eaten food. His fans are more thankless nuts.

    From that film onward, anyone that gets beaten black and blue by the main hero is compared with the anti-hero sarkar. He has exposed his back for fame, he gets beaten by Madhuri for fame, Shameless, male version of Sunny Leone!!!

  • @babaji ka thullu shouldn’t dissapoint for what one of his/her favourite Riteish said about KING KHAN besides 60cr club actor because some days before he gave long speech about negative role,now he should realize who is THE BEST non other than KING SRK.

  • everybody takes inspiration from king. so nothing new in that. king Khan himself big institution for each and every actor. where is our Amar prem ki ghanta kahani. our bhojapuri salgay never in his dream also can’t play this kind of role. crap copy paste master of south films.

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