‘Thank God, am not considered No 1″ – Akshay Kumar

A brilliant Akshay Kumar interview. Read it!

Q: With this flop, itís being said your golden spell is over…
Akshay: But my so-called flop has generated Rs 45 crore in the first weekend… itís the fourth highest, three-day box office collection in the history of Bollywood. Besides, I never said this was the greatest film ever made. I told everyone, ĎItís a senseless film, leave your brains at home.í I accept it for what it is, I love it for what it is, and I will stand by it and say thatís the film we wanted to make and we made. I pray you like it, and Iím sorry if you donít. But I didnít break my back doing it to have my own fraternity later stab me from behind…

Q: But youíre hugely successful, you had the opportunity to choose … did you make the right choice?
Akshay: I accept failure, no problem; failing isnít the scary part, reading newpapers is what brings me out in a cold sweat! Mistakes I can live with, but regret is one thing I can do without. I did my best, Iím not Superman, if I never fall how will I pick myself up to climb again!

Q: Shekhar Suman says you ought to apologise for CC2C…
Akshay: Bollywood is a family, if you have a problem come to my house and discuss it with me over tea, donít poison the minds of our public. Have you ever heard me hurt anyone? But Shekar Sumanís not the only one. His sonís film releases tomorrow and I wish him the very best. I hope no one ever talks about Shekharís son the same way he spoke about me.

Q: Where does CC2C leave you?
Akshay: Thank God Iím not considered number one or anything of the sort. Iím happy being the underdog that has to struggle. Itís what Iím used to doing and itís where Iím happiest. I can get on with being the dude who just wants to make films. Wish me luck …

Q: What is the road ahead like?
Akshay: Bumpy, full of pot-holes, but Iíll reach my destination … I work hard, I do good things with my money, and all I want to do at the end of the day is go home and play with my innocent son. No film, no money and no amount of success is more precious than that. Iím lucky, every month my sonís dying to see another one of my films!

Q: People say youíve lost your trademark modesty with success…
Akshay: No one can ever take away my modesty. I havenít changed since the day I started, in fact Iím even more mellow now than I used to be. People are dying to pull me down. I understand why. But I wonít become too big for my boots. Have I ever thrown my weight around or abused my position in the industry? Why do you think after all the flops I am still here!

Q: You gave away your Best Actor award in the Popular category to Aamir Khan. People claim that magnanimity was not the reason behind your grand gesture…
Akshay: Of course they will, you only hear crap about me around release time; they did it to me before Singh Is Kinng and are doing it again now. I gave my award to Aamir because I felt he deserved it. Just because he doesnít turn up for awards doesnít mean I can pretend it doesnít belong to him. I was honoured to be given the award and, to be honest, it took a lot for me to give it away. Aamir knows why I did what I did, he understands me, why canít people? Everybodyís not corrupt.



  • Akshay is better than all other crap people like SRK…….AKki best of luck for ur next two films eight by ten and kambat ishq

  • Akshay you are trully king of bollywood .
    don’t think about some cheep people coments .this is the difrent between you and others .
    you become king of bollywood on your own shoulder .and they become on others shoulder or media made them big .and we all know they don’t desrve it .don’t think about the result of CC2C.just keep working hard .I am sure you will be winer

  • akshay is indeed an honest man…..like we all know.

    hope he can re-invent himself and get back on track. hope kambakht ishk is a hit. but i have a feeling it would be in the same format as cctc and a flop. i hope it isn’t, for akshay’s sake.

  • After reading this interview and actually listening to what he’s got to say. I have change my views about Akshay. Looks like there is a secret group who want him to fail and seem like the media is part of that group.

  • Akshay – what can i say, ur rite! dnt let it get u down cos u no wat, Singh Is Kinng is one ov da best films ive ever seen (note ma surname) No seriously – u r a million tyms betta den dose people hu do crappy acting just for money or da publicity. Dnt Eva give up acting cos den u would take da bolly out ov bollywood!

  • why you people always compares SRK with Akshay or Amir with Akshay or Amir with SRK.
    SRK, Amir khan and Akshay all three have a different style of acting , if u dont like SRK or Amir then dont say they are bad,just dont go to watch their movies , and everyone knows that SRK and Amir are the top two actors of bollywood and they both are far ahead from akshay.
    Akshay is no doubt a very good actor and he is very famous, but his acting is same in every movie even,and Chandni Chowk is flop but still everyone likes Akshay acting in the movie and some people are saying it is not Akshay Fault and the movie also earn more than 40 crores ,so if u like some one do appreciate him but if u dont like someone then dont say bad about them.

  • Malik, hahahahaha. And SRK is different in his movies? If there is anyone who is known to act the same way its SRK. He has been the same in all roles.

    Akshay has been repeating himself from his last few films, SRK has been doing it from 1995!!!!

    Akshay rocks!

  • You are right Ashok.sharuk doing same kind of rool again and again .his all movie looks like alike .
    there is some people they don’t want to agree .but they will except this fact .akshay is 100 times better than haklu khan .becouse akshay reached this position on his own shoulder he is not depend on Yash raj or Karan Johar. if we tack all Yash raj movies from Sharuk’s carier than sharuk is Big Zero .
    that’s way akshay is self made super star

  • aksay is a great man bcs he dedicated his popular award for amir last night i have seen.

    he is turely dominet the bollywood bcs he doing maximum 10 – 12 films present time but srk and amir doing only two or three films.

    last 18 years srk was bollywood king still now and amir was indian king but i think next aksay will be boxoffice king.

    recent bbiz show taran said “srk badsha thi badsha hai” but aksay do like cctc film,he will be out of field like salman and govindo.so aksay becareful.

    recent zeenews show “katrema khilari”but i think he has great fan following.

  • I love akshay, in everything I do from now on I will look at how he would handle it.

    He is the man and I really look up to him. No movie can show me different.

    CC2C is not a flop, it’s actually a good movie. I enjoyed watching that movie very much. I love Akshays role and I love Deepikas role as well. Bollywood rocks. So stop hating and congratulate Akshay for all his accomplishments.

    There is a reason why he’s still standing……

  • Akshay is the TRUE king of bollywood. There are lot of people who wants him to fail but they will fail in do so. CC2C is not a flop, it made over 45 cr. over its first weekend so how in the hell is it a flop? People his next few movies are going to be super hits, BLUE, Kambuqt Ishq, just to name a few. Please need to stop hateing on him, his is the best. Malik just shut up ok man you are part of the group who dont like akshay and wants him to fail. srk been acting same forever and he is helped by Yash Raj and that fag Karan Johar. Akshay became the KING on his own. So just dont say anything if you dont have anything nice to say about akshay!

  • Akshay Kumar the big King of Bollywood rocksssssssssssssssss. Akki is the best in this entire whole world. Akki rocksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss again and again .

  • Nobody expected Hrithik’s first movie to beat Mohabatein in 2001. Who was this actor who came from nowhere that took the industry by storm. everything was done to pull him down. he was also mocked at film award functions by SRK and troupe. he perservered. no one can touch him now. they don’t have the youth to do it. the same was done to Anil Kapoor – remember the time when Jackie Shroff was chosen over him for the movie Parinda etc. for film awards. look who is on top now. the same is being done to Akshay – the top banners have noticed him. who is jealous of his success….i wonder who is trying to pull him down.

  • shani

    you are absolutely right and spot on !
    i remember the anil kapoor era. the media and certain members of the public tried to pull him down. but he rose above that and became the king of bollywood. remember, before shah rukh khan, anil was no.1. remember all the superhits he gave….karma, tezaab, ram lakhan, beta, kishen khanaiyya, etc ?

    this always happens .when an actor rises above the rest in a short period of time and is very talented and good looking with a very strong and irrepressable personality. people in general are jealous of such strong successful personalities who have everything going for them, and people feel a need to pull them down because that makes them feel good, simply because that person is way too good and above all the rest, and people secretly dont like that.

    such personalities are awesome individuals and people dont like that. they feel a need to pull them down. its jealousy and low class behaviour from people. they dont like people who are a threat to thier own little fake world.
    unfortunately thats the nature of the majority of people that live in this world. they are just trashy people despite having a family and children of thier own.

    i can never understand that sort of behaviour from people though, because i could never ever be jealous of someone who is very talented or try and pull someone down under any circumstances. it just isn’t in me.

  • how u compare srk with aksay,its disgusting now.

    srk is the woner of 1500 crores,akki only 800 crores.

    srk has won 13 film fare(best actor 7 time)award.akki only 2(best actor 0)

    srk is the undispurated king of overseas,ranking like 1-5.

    srk has ipl cricket team and number 1 brand ambassador.

    srk has 40 brand but akki below 10.

    srk has ddlj,kkhh,oso,rab ne like all time blockbuster,akki has no.

  • Why is he pretending to b a nice person????Now a days he is trying to Butter up Amir khan,just to team up against srk…

  • ”jay matadi”Namste akshay bhaiya. Me apko apna bada bhai manta hu. Me bhi apki trah action hero banna chahta hu. Give me chance.

  • No doubt that Sharukh khan is still no1 in bollywood. But one thing we all should think is, why there is a fight between..
    Sharukh & Aamir
    Sharukh & Amithab bachchAn
    Sharukh & Salman khan
    Sharukh & Aishwarya rai
    Sharukh & Hrithik roshan

    He has some problem. Insecurity .. Inferiority complex that came from superiority complex. He is very gealous and greedy person for No 1 position. How can he compare with a legend like Amithab bachchan? there is one generation difference between them, but still our sharukh khan is gealous about Amithab..

  • Stshreeakaal! first of all I wana say Akshay is a pro. and improved his skills in last 10 years. As compared to other actors like Ajay, SRK, Amir, akshay khanna, Sanjay dutt and hrithik I can tell u the one and only difference between Akki is he performs only for the best of his best and knows how to entertain the viewers. though he was well known for action hero, Akki give ur best shot and shut the peoples mouth by giving another block buster.

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