Thackeray – Bachchan controversy : Sonali Bendre speaks

Sonali Bendre is close to both Raj Thackeray and the Bachchans. She was present at the most written about music launch in recent times, that of Abhishek Bachchan’s Drona.

Drona is directed by the close friend of Bachchan’s and Sonali’s husband Goldie Behl. So now after Raj Thackeray has accepted by public apology of the Bachchan’s Sonali talks about the controversy and what exactly happened at the music launch.

Over to Sonali Bendre.

Question : You are close to the Bachchans as well as to Raj Thackeray. Why then weren’t you a mediator in the clash between them?

Sonali : Jaya Bachchan spoke in front of me. I was present there. And I could see that she did not mean anything like that. But yes, people have been hurt.

Mr and Mrs Bachchan have apologised and in the end, that is what matters. They said that if somebody was hurt, then we need to apologise. They are such senior people, with a body of work behind them. They are icons for me. And they are humans. They have been gracious and have apologised. We should be gracious and should accept it.

Question : But why didn’t you meet Raj Thackeray?

Sonali : I do not understand politics. Plus, I am much smaller not only in age but in everything else too. There is no need for me to speak.

Question : As a Maharashtrian youself, were you hurt by what Jaya Bachchan said?

Sonali : It was an off-the-cuff remark, and was not meant to hurt. She is a wonderful person. She is like a mother to me, and has given me a lot of affection. I am not saying this because I am married to Goldie Behl, who is like a son to her. I am talking about a time when I was working with ABCL (Amitabh Bachchan’s production house), which produced Major Saab. They were always like family. Knowing her, it will be difficult to believe that she could ever have malicious intentions.

Question : After the Drona function, did you feel that her statement would get such a reaction?

Sonali : No. We were all emotional, as Jayaji who has been very close to Goldie’s father dedicated the event to him. In fact, she was reprimanding my husband, who was talking in English. She was saying that we are making a Hindi film, and you are speaking in English. It actually took off from there, and this remark got blown out of proportion.

Question : Did you meet Abhishek after this event?

Sonali : No I haven’t, as he is busy shooting.

The function was very emotional but it did not go well. I would like to believe that there were good moments in the function instead of this controversy.



  • You have started the article with Sonali Kulkarni, while the article is about Sonali Bendre.

    Be careful next time…:)

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  • sonali bendre is a kalank or marathi people….thank god she is’nt a maharashtrian now…i hope she settles down somewhere in the north…

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