Tevar Weekend Collections

Tevar has shown decent growth on Sunday, as business at most centres escalated by around 10-20%. Some centres which had opened poorly, showed good growth of 30-35% from Saturday.

As per early estimates, the Arjun Kapoor starrer has collected around 8 – 8.5 crore on Sunday. The weekend business of Rs 22 crore is still on the lower side, but the film has a chance of being a fairly decent grosser if it can hold to around the 5 crore mark on Monday.

Multiplex in cities continued to under-perform on Sunday, but single-screens showed good growth, due to which the film has managed to put up reasonably good numbers. However, considering the costs, the level of business on Sunday is where the film should have opened at on Friday.

Tevar Weekend Collections

  • Friday – 7.05 cr
  • Saturday – 7.12 cr
  • Sunday – 8 to 8.5 cr (early estimate, actuals in the morning)
  • Weekend Total Collections – 22.5 crore (approx)


  • Poor collections for a poor film or is it good collections for a poor film….? IMO it didnt even deserve a 20cr weekend…

  • Quite unfortunate since it was the first time Arjun was working with his father..But I seriously can’t tolerate Sonakshi anymore.I don’t know why producers still show faith in her she’s so annoying.

  • Last year started with Yaariyan(a commorcial success) and Dedh Ishqiya(critical success)
    dis year started with a critical as well as commercial failure in the form of Tevar.

  • I would have been shocked if Tevar made more than 23 cr on the weekend.
    Tevar destined to be flop.
    Arjun Kapoor is mediocre actor. he needs to prove his acting skills and establish him self otherwise he will be new Zayed Khan.

  • dnt know but i feel arjun is better actor than ranveer, sid. he experimenting hope he will get his target soon. all the best to salman ka fan in upcoming movies.

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  • @Chalaa : Completely agree with your take on Sonakshi. Seriously,Now onwards, I will start skipping those movies in which Sonakshi is being casted – A so called “Heroine” with pathetic physique and irritating voice. I don’t know why actors are spoiling themselves by working with this non-actor :-(

  • @indicine please answer me why BABY theatrical rights sold to 38 crore because in terms of production value and starcast its production budget would be around 60 crore.

  • arjun kapoor is crap, useless actor. his only movie I loved was 2 states. now he is just on akshay, ajay’s way of doing mindless masala crap movies. tevar sucks as hell. hope it bombs and PK gets back the screens it deserves, at least PK was keeping distributors to look above but this shit masala movie tevar is again making them to hide their face under shame.

  • now I am waiting for BABY only because of it’s new concept story and brilliant director neeraj pandey (A Wednesday, Special 26).

  • only Home production and Good contacts with big banner are saving these unnecessary fellows in Bollywood .He is complete waste nothing good in personality nor in good physique nor good acting skills .Only They are survived due to they are star kids .
    Bollywood has such big waste in form of
    arjun kapoor
    Tiger shroff
    Varun dhawan (biggest overactor in this new commer era)
    sdid malhothra (wooden face actor /but good looking must be survive due to girly needs )

    there are good new commers such as
    Ayushman (good comic timing and energy is full on)
    Sushant Singh rajput (he is good in serious roles)

    Bollywood has only few starkids who makes their marks in Bollywood such as
    Aamir khan
    amitabh bachhan
    Salman khan
    Hritik roshan
    ranbir kapoor

  • Sona Ma’m shud not do Tevar type movie ,, she should do Lootera 2, everytime I watch Lootera I cry,, Sona Ma’m shud get Oscar for Lootera.

  • I said arjun ranveer are flop pieces of youngistan.Arjun has not a solo hit.Same for ranveer.Ranveer iss like deepika’s servant.Flop widout him like flop lutera,kill dil,ladies ricky behaal.Ranbir is actor due to kapoor SURNAME and indian media. Only varun dhawan is good actor.

  • PK eructed the dreams of Tevar whereas Tevar good movie different story not similar to R… Rajkumar or any other Masala type story, Arjun did brilliant act, style, dialogue and action, Manoj Bajpai was also good, except sonakshi everything in the movie was good.

    According to an article by it is difficult to say to movie will recover its average too.
    I think lifetime arround 40-45 crore.

  • success and failure is part of the game but wat I want to see from tevar is fight till the end.tevar is nlt at all a bad film and I still think it will go distance at the bo
    to all those who r saying arjun carrer over after fanny and tevar failure and arjun will bcm the next zayed khan I want to ask u about performance of first 10films of ur fav star.v all know wat akki and ajay were up to in the 90s.they were highly inconsistent and exxept few hits they were only seen in crap films.infact ajay and akki despite becoming a superstar r still seen in 1 crap film every year like aj,joker,entertainment,himmatwala,bewafaa etc so first look at urself bfr pointing fingers at others

  • @some buddha mukherjee

    The 90s was a whole different era you imbecile- back then actors just worked non stop on consecutive films n hopped between differents sets numerous times even on the same day…. They didnt give much thought to what they were doing- granted at times Ajay may not look like he gives much thought when he signs a particular film n Akki Sir has never seen a script before shooting starts as hes more interested in seeing an actual cheque but Arjun has no such excuses…. Hes a rich kid- probably sent to privileged private schools so he should be able to differentiate between good n crap scripts like Varun, Sid and Sushant are doing… They are all signing intriguing films but Arjun is signing crap after crap….

  • @Sambuddha

    Stop this!! Will you? Constantly calling Ajay and Akshay a crap wont change the fact that Arjun’s career is sinking. He doesnt have a strong line up of films. No fan following. His highly successful films gave him no stardom because Aalia, Bhagat, Deepika, Ranveer walked away with accolades.

    I wish Arjun all the best for his future. He might bounce back. But mind you Ajay and Akshay during their initial days had hits where they were the “leads” No support. Khiladi was Akshay Kumar show all the way. Same with Zakhm. They had no support of strong producer or powerful author with huge fan-following. They made it big all by themselves! Dont take that credit away from them.

  • @ indicine, in my opinion sonakshi sinha’s career will be same as amisha patel, amisha had also given three blockbusters initially: kaho na pyaar hai, gadar and humraaz, then afterwards people started avoiding her films, i dont have any prejudices againt sonaksi but she seems to do the same acting in each movie and is now quite irritating to watch

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