Tevar Saturday (Day 2) Box Office Collections

TevarThe first release of 2015 has bombed at the domestic box office, as Arjun Kapoor’s Tevar has failed to show the growth it needed on Saturday. The film was below-the-mark at both mass centres and multiplexes in cities where the response has been incredibly poor.

The costs were on the higher side and Tevar needed a opening of around 9-10 crore to have any chance at the box office. However, when the opening numbers were poor, the film had to show 25-30% growth on Saturday. Unfortunately, while a few centres did show decent growth, others that opened reasonably well on Friday were down on Saturday.

After films like Jai Ho, Dishkiyaaoon, Kochadaiiyaan, Lekar Hum Deewana Dil, Happy Ending, Purani Jeans, Lingaa and Action Jackson, Eros International is set to lose atleast Rs 20 crore on Tevar. The film had to collect around Rs 75-80 crore net for Eros to break-even, but looking at the Saturday trends, Tevar might finish below the 50 crore mark.

Tevar Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 7.05 crore
  • Saturday – 7.5 crore (approx)
  • Total – 14.5 crore (approx)


  • Iam feeling sorry for eros they had a terrible year.Its amazing how this guys think they purchased the almost 50cr that is too much on a film staring a youngster.

  • very bad news for Eros, and also for arjun kapoor hope after this he never do any remake south film and choose good script and do good and original movies.

  • Disappointing figures…
    Can’t understand why the costs are so high!!
    Why did Eros invested so much for Tevar??
    75-80crs just for break was always going to struggle at the box office.
    Masala films generally carry mixed wom plus mixed critics reviews..also the craze for these films have ended now..
    Also sonakshi is can be a reason why public is’nt coming,they don’t want to see this actress in the same roles.

  • Never felt the film looked GOOD from Day One and I just dont know how the costs ended up being so damn high- utterly ridiculous that they thought investing that much on a masala film was justifiable when in recent times masala films starring mass stars wont exactly huge profitable ventures….!

    Time for Arjun to pack his bag n head south to Kollywood- he will become the next Shakti Kapoor- Super Villain….

  • Nothing against Arjun kapoor but i wish everyupcoming senseless masal movies fates will be like this in future…then fulm makers makes good movies so we could enjoy

  • Its a slap of audience on those who think they can earn easy money..
    by simple formula
    1-Ghar ka hero
    2-A fat heroin whose roal in all her films is to act as showpiece in big star movies..
    3-south remake on platform of Up it will collect good
    in mass centres..
    4-Superman song on bhai to use his superstardom
    5-hot item song with cheap lyrics

  • Lifetime below 30cr.Arjun kapoor is actor because of kapoor surname.Same of ranbir kapoor.These 2 are actor due to kapoor surname,media and affair news with deepika,sonakshi,katrina.
    Tevar all time disaster.I am sure roy,bombay velvet,jagga,tamasha also disaster.

  • Since diwali 2011 Eros has only losses incurred.
    hope people now aware that if its Eros movie they will skip to watch the film

  • 3 reason for failure:
    1. people are not interested to watch masala genre any more…
    2. people already spent money on pk…now they are waiting for baby…
    3. sonkashi….how many times she is going to do the same role again and again…

  • Agreed with @babaji masala movies carry mix WOM only starpower can make a masala movie big success.

  • This is not any loss for Arjun kapoor.
    If any actor promates his film for 2month, he gets all pablicity through promotion of film.
    And their stardum always increase by promotion.
    Producers/distributers get loss of their investment.
    An actor never gets loss by any flop film.

  • I already said arjun is flop actor of youngistan and ranveer singh too.Ranveer is big flop without deepika. Lootera flop. ladies vs ricky behl flop. kill dil flop.

  • Those who have seen Okkadu(Telugu) & Ghilli (tamil), released more than 10 years ago know very well why Tevar fails to excite, it’s one of the most loose remakes like ‘Jai ho’… Movie lacks the sheer USP of the previous films which was constant thrill of twist and turns.

    The second half is very poor and boring. Manoj Bajpayee & Raj Babbar are the saving grace.

    They tried too hard too shift from the original that they lost the essence of the story by changing the twists of the original.

    It should have been a well made film. Anyways !!!

  • I simply don’t even watch such movies on DVD. Same old story ….same action where goons fly around…. Bollywood big stars keep doing nonsense movies and studios like EROS flatter them by investing in such movies. EROS needs to read scripts before approving such projects.

  • Bang bang …… Tevar ka gang bang ho gaya!! Don’t blame sonakshi for that! Sonakshi has given 11-12 cr openings in action jackson which was poor. Audience is not fool to watch an elephant doing action.

  • @arjun kapoor fan, heard that you are planning to leave indicine, Chill Out ! ignore the one’s who condemn and criticise you, like everyone else, you too are entitled to your own point of view, no one stops you from doing that.

  • It is a good action masala movie. It failed because it failed to crate a controversy and failed to make fun of religion

  • This genre is dying. The only way it can sustain is if it has high production values and big superstars like salman or SRK. Even Ajay/Akshay’s masala movies don’t work anymore.

  • Honestly i din expect movie to earn more than 10 crs in first two days, hence 14 cr is a good return..Problem here distributors over estimated the movie and paid exorbitant sum for an Arjun starrer..

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