Tevar poster and stills – Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha

A few promotional posters and movie stills from Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha’s upcoming action-masala entertainer is out. The film also stars Manoj Bajpayee.

The response to the trailer has been good within the trade. The film is expected to open well in mass-centres and the rights will fetch a good price in Central circuits.

Tevar is the first big release of 2015.

Tevar poster

Tevar poster

Tevar new poster - Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha

Tevar new poster – Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha

Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha - Tevar

Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha – Tevar

Arjun Kapoor still from Tevar

Arjun Kapoor still from Tevar

Sonakshi Sinha still from Tevar

Sonakshi Sinha still from Tevar

Arjun Kapoor - Tevar

Arjun Kapoor – Tevar



  • Lets see how it fares.
    After ishaqzaade n aurangzeb I thought arjun is a massive power house of acting… but 2 states was a huge let down foh me.. he ruined the movie… n he ruined the novel.
    xpecting least from tevar.. january will see a superhit from Akshay kumar foh sure In sha Allah.. hope baby is as good as special 26

  • trailer already cross 1.5 million viewers in 24 hr which is record for yangistan. even hny takes 2/3 days.
    okkadu was best movie. yes waiting for movie.
    manoj bajpai is always entertaining man.
    tevar only.
    then baby….

  • Oh No! SRK is giving Hit Super hit BB in his bad phase
    Our Bhaijan Used give Flop, disaster in his bad phase
    But Still Bhaijan Rocks

  • We are Salman Fans We will talk about domestic collection only
    We don’t know what is Worldwide collection
    Like Ra.One collected 240 cr in 2011
    And bodyguard collected 228 cr but still we will consider bodyguard is highest grosser of the year

    Why They release movies out of india ??
    please don’t release bhaijan can’t perform worldwide
    please don’t consider worldwide collection
    Bhaijan Rocks

  • Oh Yes ! my bro Bhai Ka Fan has already spoken the truth this time before me.
    now bhai counterparts please don’t drink drive & kill us with your rickshaw.

  • if Bhaijan’s movie becomes blockbuster we will give credit to bhaijan only
    Not South remakes, Music, Heroine, Villain, Eid Holidays, Masala action genre
    it’s just because of bhaijan
    bhaijan Rocks

    But When SRK movie Becomes BB
    We will give Credit to Rohit Shetty, Dipeeka padukone, Rajnikant, Honey sing, spot boys Vanity van Driver, Chain wala,
    SRK is smaller than Chunky pandey

  • ohh no! salman, aamir, amitabh, hrithik already swipe many streets for swacha bharat. so we want our king swipe pakistani streets for swacha pakistan.
    plz srk fan like my comment. I want more likes.
    plz Salman fans don’t hate my comment. plz plz.

  • For us Movies Like Bodyguard, Dabbang, Ready Dabangg2, Kick are classics

    But Movies like Chak de, Swades, MNIK
    Are craps Coz they collected only few crs

    We forget about quality when bhaijan Movie Releases

    But suddenly we started talking about quality when SRK movie releases

  • First We used To talk about collections not YouTube views and likes
    we used bash Jab tak hai jaan for views and likes

    But When kick became most liked trailer on YouTube we started Talking about YouTube views and likes
    HNY is flop on YouTube

  • @Indicine team, last week, i ask a question into your question box but still didn’t reply that answer. I hope you publish that article soon. Thanks…
    Tever will be first huge of 2015, second huge is BABY. I like arjun kapoor but not like chamelone kapoor oops regularly commentator arjun kid kapoor.

  • @Sani D, hahahahah..that is @arjun kapoor.
    His problem is he is scared to get bashed by Salman Khan fans if he admit that he is die hard fan of SRK that’s why he is pretending youngistan fan. I think he has a paranoid personality problem.
    Listen @arjun most of Salman khans or other fans are not bad people and they won’t bash you with out a reason so come out of that youngistan mask and admit that you are srkian.
    P S. Sorry mate if I hurt you. I really dont hate you but please change ur attitude.

  • Even if Our Bhaijan Farts in a movie for 2 hours
    We will make it blockbuster
    Woowww what a fart Bhaijan
    Did u have Chinkara Last Night bhaijan??
    Bhaijan You Rock Bhaijan
    SRK can Never Fart like you Bhaijan

  • from looking at so many comment section at various sites, I can say baby will be huge coz I have seen so many Khan fans looking forward to it. I hope neeraj baby doesn’t fail this time coz most directors biggest tests are their third movies.

  • as I hd said previously,tevar is set to get a blockbuster opening despite jan release.power of arjun Kapoor.
    @Sani d stop insulting youngistaan in every cmnt.abhi bhi waqt hai sudhar jao warna u will b suffering from heavy guilt f

  • come on haters start abusing arjun and youngistaan.I nvr passed any offensive cmnt against anyone and even when I criticise others its in a polite manner.but the youngistaan haters r always passing pathetic remarks against us.but v don’t care wat u ppl say.more u abuse more u reveal about ur insecurity from plz abuse us

  • @ shaggy

    before commenting on any global superstar watch marigold, veer, dhobi ghat, jaan-e-mann, mela, mangal pandey

  • If the movie is projected as the first big release of 2015 then the screen count will definitely be more than 2500 screens..but will it open that big and become a real big grosser is the question over here

  • Srk released hny in manipulationpur too still it is struggeling to go past k3’s 178cr mark…..power of king!!

  • Watched The Tevar Trailer For 3 Times

    But Yet Not Understanding What is the Theme that the Tevar Trailer says to Audiences.

    Not At All Awesome
    Some Scene Looks Like Copies Of South Indian Movies
    Dont Fight Here My Reviews

    Proud Of Being Human @ India

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