Tasveer Box office collections

UPDATE: Tasveer collections over the first weekend is a poor 5 crores in India

UPDATE: Tasveer has crashed badly on Monday

UPDATE: Tasveer collections showed no improvement on Tuesday and Wednesday

UPDATE: Tasveer is a Disaster!

UPDATE: Tasveer has done poor business over the weekend in US and UK.

Akshay Kumar’s much awaited 8×10 Tasveer has opened to a very poor response at the box-office. With one of the biggest stars in the country headlining the Nagesh Kukunoor film, the opening was expected to be good, although not spectacular due to the poor pre-release hype.

Tasveer opened to 15 – 20% collections at the boxoffice on Friday and picked up slightly for the evening and night shows. The Day 1 (Friday) collections was a disappointing 2 crores.

On Saturday, the expected spike in collections didn’t happen, which clearly shows the audience have rejected the film.

The negative reviews and poor word-of-mouth could prove to be disastrous for Tasveer, which is the only release before the multiplex revenue share issue is resolved.

Not to mention, a huge setback for Akshay Kumar who after a great 2006 – 2008, has two back-to-back disasters!



  • I feel the movie will pick up bcoz the movie is not at al bad, if the movie is outright rejected then I wud say directors will stop taking risk and go ahead wit usual masala flicks…
    and Indicine i dont find ur review for the movie…is it that u dont find the movie worth reviewed.
    i have seen the movie and i find it good though the climax cud hav been better but its much much better than usual flicks..n i dont understand with the bad reviews by critics..
    IMDB user rating is 7.3/10
    Yahoo user rating is 4/5
    Bollywoodhungama user rating 3.4/5

    every other site user rating is >= 3.5/5

    really makes me wonder.

    But heres my review for Tasveer:

    The movie starts wit a bang and u will not find a finer action scene in any other bollywood movie…the first half is gripping all ur calculations go haywire by the time interval strikes.
    the secong half is not great with climax but other aspects of the movie r just perfect…
    grt8 cinematography, stunts, locales the only thing Nagesh lacked was a good motive for the killer…

    Acting department i wud say one of the best natural performance frm Akshay. Javed is good wit his comic timing rest of the actors hav done justice to thr character.

    Rating : 7.5/10 n not 10/10 just bcoz of not having a good climax

    I wud say to plp jus dont follow the critics the movie is worth a watch…rest is left to u bcoz im sure only time wil make u reach the theatre for the movie…

  • Hello Aryan: I agree with you and I also asked Indicine the same question: Where’s the review for the movie?!
    The movie is quite good, I already submitted my comments under some other pages, but the end.. the ending is stupid.. ruined it all!!!!!

    Can’t mention the reason only after sometimes, after all the readers watched it and posted their comments.

  • This is indeed a good movie and as far as the reviews are concerned….its all bullshit.
    The film is a quality one and i do agree it does have few glitches but can be ignored as it manages to keep engaged with the movie. Overall i would personally rate this at 3.5 and worth a watch.

    Finally, i would love to see Mr. Rajeev Masand directing a movie in future [reviewer from CNN IBN who needs to be reviewed from soemone badly]. Long time back Mr. Kunal Kohli used to be like this and Rajeev is just trying to immitate him, being centric to few set of actors.

  • i was big fan of akshay but this film is big letdown.his performance is ok like thumbs up advertisement nothing new and and not matching the expectation of the thriller.remember all thriller and suspense movies are based o the climax because here it gives the complete motives and resons from each charecter. see the ghajini movie how well hte climax was told.

    in this movie akki is below average and javed jaffry is the star performer.so in this movie best work is from javed and lately javed is outdonning the other commercial background cinema actors like akki.

    akki stop bashing other actors for cheap publicity and dont cut other peoples role it wont take you any where. in entire movie he looks like doing thumbs-up advertisement and give all the same expression.and nothing new from other movies learn acting from amir khan,srk.

    i think amir,shahrukh and rithik are the serious actor from commercial background cinema.

  • So far whatever Nagesh directed I cant say tat bad…but abt this Tasveer I had doubt frm early promo…
    I wish Akshay not to ruin his career frm this point of success. Lets see wat happens next in both Nagesh n Akshay’s career…

  • average film. does not suit akshay. the film has no chance at the box office. dont think akshays box office power has diminshed. i feel it was a bad time to release the film. it is a bad period at present. for some reason the audience dont feel like going to the cinemas. every film released since the start of this year has failed in a big way. pundits have predicted that this is the worst start to a year in bollywood history. even shah rukhs billu, and hrithiks luck by chance failed miserably. people are staying away for some reason. look for things to pick up and improve. when they do, akshays film will start turning into hits again.
    its just a question of time, once this bad phase is over. when people start getting interested in attending cinemas again. at the moment no one wants to go to the cinemas. in my opinion two factors may have contributed to this:
    1. worldwide credit crunch. people are too concerned with saving money and supporting themselves.
    2. 90% of india has spent most of thier cinema money at the end of last year on the two films rab ne, and ghajini. and they now dont have enough interest to go to the cinema.

  • excellent acting done by akshay kumar…but……story was not up to the mark……akshay ki jagh srk hota to duniya ki sabse badi flop hoti

  • the film is really a good one. People dint like it becoz u have to use ur brain. If this film would have been made in hollywood it could have done a business like ghajhini.

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