Tashan Movie Review

Tashan has been in news for a long time now. The movie stars Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Anil Kapoor in the lead. Akshay Kumar seems to be unstoppable with 4 back-to-back successes in 2007. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are on an all time high after the super success of Race and Jab We Met. Anil Kapoor’s last two movies have been blockbusters (Welcome and Race). The curiosity around Tashan has built up steadily over the past few weeks, major credit of which should go to the star cast. Does it live upto the enormous expectations? Will Kareena sport a bikini? Is it a out-n-out Akshay Kumar movie or does Saif Ali Khan have some part to play? What about the chemistry between Saif and Kareena?

Before the review, let me introduce the characters of Tashan.

Lakhan Singh urf Bhaiyyaji (Anil Kapoor) is a trigger-happy gangster who enjoys gunning down people and speaking English in his own inimitable style.

Pooja Singh (Kareena Kapoor) is a girl whom you just can’t trust. She doesn’t mind playing with anyone’s feeling to achieve her goal. She uses her beauty and jawani as her main tool to make others dance to her tunes.

Jimmy Cliff (Saif Ali Khan) works at a call center but his main job is to flirt with girls. He is not a bad guy but doesn’t mind turning to one just to survive. He is more like a chameleon in his characters. He changes his side just to escape out safe and sound.

Bachchan Pande (Akshay Kumar) is an electricity stealer. He can climb, jump and fly with the support of just about anything. He can break all bones of the body and the result will always be 100%.

Bhaiyyaji is hoping to sign a big project with some foreign delegates. But just then Pooja with the help of Jimmy steals his money. Pooja abandons Jimmy and runs away with the money. Just then Bachchan Pande comes into the scene. He is appointed by Bhaiyaaji to catch hold of Pooja and get him his money back. In search of money they all go on an adventurous journey across spectacular India that changes the course of their life altogether.

Tashan Review

Tashan is yet another Yashraj movie with a wafer thin and nonsensical storyline. A few stupid twists and turns make the characters look like fools!

Vijay Krishna Acharya, add another name to the long list of below average directors in the Yashraj camp! The first half drags endlessly, its honestly tough to sit through it. Comparatively, the second half is slightly better, thanks mainly to the scenes involving Akshay Kumar.

At most times the change of sets and locations is totally absurd. How can someone travel from extreme North to extreme south of India in just seven days by lorry, jeep, boat or on elephants? Also our characters have traveled from North to South and again back to North in what seems like minutes.

The same goes with the fight scenes too. Although the action sequences are interesting at times, why make it so unrealistic? When will Bollywood learn to create action sequences that look realistic? The strength and flexibility that our Bachchan Pandey possesses and his power to turn even the hardest object into spring to help him jump high, is something that may not even have crossed the minds of Hollywood directors. And seriously how can a normal freaking human being survive, without a single expression on his face, after being electrocuted? Also, the camera angle during most part of the fight scenes is inexcusable; it gives away the magnetism that is usually seen in Akshay Kumar’s stunts.

The placement of songs is bad and they act as speed breakers. Dialogues are bad at most times, Anil Kapoor’s Hinglish is hilarious in the beginning but later it tends to get monotonous and even difficult to understand at times. Music by Vishal-Sekhar is just average. Dil Haara and Chaliya stand out.

Tashan Performances:

Akshay Kumar is the only saving grace of Tashan. He delivers a power packed performance and manages to entertain like he always does. Anil Kapoor is equally good.

Now, what is an actor of Saif Ali Khan’s caliber doing in a movie like Tashan? He has absolutely nothing to offer. Very disappointing!

Kareena Kapoor too has no scope for histrionics. She looks smoking hot in a bikini, although probably a bit too skinny. The chemistry between Kareena – Akshay is better compared to the Kareena – Saif Jodi.

Overall, Tashan is weak in content and quality. The movie is high on Tashan (style), glamour and action but the content is sorely lacking.

At the box-office, the hype and Akshay Kumar’s star power will ensure a huge opening. But there are quite a few things that could go against the movie in the crucial first weekend. The lack of promotion by the makers, Indian Premiere League being the talk of the nation, negative word-of-mouth and the fact that the movie hasn’t released in any multiplex in India..

All said and done, a good movie would succeed against all obstacles, unfortunately Tashan is a major disappointment from Yashraj. This could just go the Jhoom Barabar Jhoom way!

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ Avoid!



  • Tashan is an absolute crapper. Strict warning to Akshay and Saif: You guys are doing good now..please dont go to those stupid era of Tu Chor main sipahi days

    Tashan is highly avoidable

  • Tashan is the most horrible hindi movie i’ve seen in recent times. hey guys did you notice akshay kumar gets a bullet on his left shoulder in one scene and in the next scene he dint even have a bandage scar or wound. Good healing power yeah?
    In the last scene when Anil kapoor gets jabbed by a sword, the sword enters the body some where in lower chest, and comes out absolutely parallel but a foot below the entry wound!! C’mon bollywood High school plays are much better done!

  • tashan written here… its is a good paisa vasool movie.. must watch… so dont get misguided by dese comments.. it is a total entertainer

  • I just saw the movie, its a crap, yash raj seems to be making worst films one after the other, his TARA RAM PUN, KABHI ALVIDA NA KEHNA and this nonsense TASHAN are most brain dead films off late, apart from one or two scenes in movie where kareena shows off her ***** nothing much in the movie, please don’t watch such a crap.

  • Because of having successful actors the movie will go but its really an average movie.
    oh ! one thing i want to add aswell that its a total crap by yashraj films

  • hopeless movie

    dont watch movie it is, this is my first comment on any movie because after watching this movie i could not able to bare it horrible one guys….

  • total crap man…………i mean who makes such films dese days……..dont understand why saif took dis film……..guys plz plz do watch dis film because i really want u all to hate it as much as i do…….my tashan is better dan dem!!!!!

  • Its an absolute crappy movie, don’t even think of watching it….what a waste of time and money…..disappointing performance by all the actors….the action sequence defies all the laws of nature!!!! I would rate it in the same league of RGV ki aag if not worse…I is difficult to understand how can someone even think of making such a movie….or the actors even signing for such a movie is unimaginable given the talent Anil Kapoor Akshay Kumar and Saif Ail have got …..

  • shit movie……..pls go n watch…he he now kareen kapoor needs to eat something sh is overly lean… saif bechho bhaens( buffalo) akshay kumar never do any movies with these actors again.
    bogus movie…..even on t.v u should avoid it

  • it ni bekaar movie, ke kya battaon…….sabki acting sadi…….. acting thee ke moongfaali chabaa rahee thei…….tashan tha kee koi nala tha……poorey paisey barbaad ho gaye…. i would watch jodha akabr 10 more times but not spend a single mintue watching this movie……….. krazzy 4 is 10 times better than this movie..

    kaash koi loog is movie ko ban kar do..:)

    kay bekar movie thi yarron..maat dekhana ..i think the movie ..jaaney tooo ya janney naa…would be great cozi like the promos………lets watch that movie

  • Tararampum was a good movie, a full entertaining package for families specially for kids. Tararampum did well at the box office in Gulf Arabia, kids loved the movie, girls loved the songs and the kids scenes, boys loved the race and cars, adults loved the message in the movie and the ups and downs in marriage life and how should couples overcome and support each other) A new story which we havent seen before.

    So would u please explain what u didn’t like about the movie? Don’t tell me minor things e.g. Rani was wearing a weg or u didn’t like her hairstyle?!

  • Hey ppl , itni bhi zyada bad movie nahi thi . Kareena is looking awesome . She is looking too hot . Paisa vasool . Akshay is as usual The Best in comedy . I liked the most his entry as Ravan .

  • guys….anyone who lasted watching the whole movie deserves an award..!!!

    this movie is total crap…only thing atleast of little worth is akshay…although after the initial scenes..evn he cant save the movie…
    only god knows wat the rest of the actors were doing in the movie….ya sure, the movie’s got “tashan”…it sucks withe style..!!and the stunts looked like out of a rajnikant movie..!!totally against the laws of physics…

    avoid this movie…..and spend it on other things

  • It was Ok sort of thing… only akshay was worth watching and rest was as bad as it could be… But one thing was Gud… Tashan…We have got a new name for the movie….. **********

  • I was planning to watch it this week although I had a feeling that it’s not a great movie, not as good as Race, but now and after reading all these comments, I’ve changed my mind. I don’t think I’ll waste my time on it as I don’t like meaningless movies which have no subject, no message, no benefit and a cheap comedy such as “Welcome” which was a total crap.

  • tashan is horrible, sick, pathetic, bakwaas, nonsensical, absurd. Except kareena, nothing is watchable. but kareena is worth it. So go and watch till the bikini scene and then move.

    Akshay s okie. Saif does not get an opportunity to do anything anyways. Kareena is the hero and the heroine. Anil is the good bad guy.

    Even if someone pays for your movie and buys u free popcorns, then also one might want to reconsider his decision. I feel like filing a PIL against Yash Raj Banner…

  • who da hell r dese ppl who say its a good movie…..balls n 1 other dum female says its good….entertainer….my ass is more freakin entertainin u freaks…its da dumbest sickest movie ever…watch it if u wanna want a breakup wid ur gf ……i really ave no words 4 dish shit……pls take away movies like taare zameen par frm dis stupid industry…..

  • What a shity movie.i cnt believ i sat n wasted my time wtching it.i liked d songs esp dil hara.saif luked hot,so did kareena.bt akshay was d best.although God knws how d hel he did those fake action scenes. Comon man,what bulsht.pls avoid doin such movies pls,ur gud actors.. i absolutely hated ths movie..pls dnt wtch it.

  • i havent seen the movie. i dont want to see this movie.

    why shud i even comment about this movie??? if download the movie online, it would be a total waste of time and bandwidth. so i wont.

    i like good movies, not bollywood trash. i think we should watch bosnian films, they are better these days, so i have heard. who is yashraj?

    i want to see movies which are good, and have a good story line and concept. in 2005 i watched an iranian movie which was good. it wasnt tashan, but i forget the name of the movie. am trying to remember it but.

    p.s. sorry guys, i cant help myself when i find space on the net to leave comments.

  • I dont know what happened to u all guys! It is very hard to believe that u all guys watched Tashan with eyes!? i watched the movie yesterday I like the movie.Definitely the movie is a good entertainer with some good acting,action,songs and some hot scenes of kareena(in Bikini).It is a fact that OSO was a BlockBuster .i liked TASHAN More than OSO. OSO was simply stupid!

  • Bockaisafriend: I always watch foreigh language movies, most of them are serious, watch the following if you didnt:
    Fateless ( about Hollocaust, a hungarian movie)
    Twin sisters ( a dutch, best movie about twin sisters ever, a must watch)
    Racheeda ( Algerian 1st movie)
    Best Iranian movie is : the colour of paradise, a touching story.
    American : watch Rendition, a new movie & (2 weeks) for Sally Field & (Not without my daughter) based on true story and Bollywood already copied this movie.
    These which I remembered now, enjoy watching them

  • I dont know y saif and akshay and anil are doing these type of moives when they are good at BOXOFFICE recent dyas

  • this is the worst movie ever..its just hyped too much. there is no stor ..no nothing ! dnt atse yr time watchin crap…Tashan(style) ..nobdy has any tasahn in d movie its sickkkkto the core .

  • i totally agree with shiva… movies are just for time pass… just watch it… cant spend money by goin to theatres then plzz stop watchin movies…

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