Tanu Weds Manu Box Office Prediction

Tanu Weds Manu opens at theaters tomorrow and the trailers of the Madhavan – Kangna Ranaut film seems to have created a decent amount of buzz all over. Lots of people are looking forward to watching it this weekend mainly because the trailers look interesting and the songs are also very good.

The film has no big stars and Madhavan, one of the most talented actors we have, is sadly very underrated. His Ramji Londonwaley in 2005, one of the funniest movies last decade, failed at the box office. But over the last few years, with Rang De Basanti and 3 Idiots, Madhavan now has a much stronger fan-following than ever before.

If the film is liked and the word of mouth is strong, the business could be somewhere between 15 – 20 crores in Week 1. The world cup match between India and England on Sunday should affect its Sunday evening and night shows to an extent.



  • Nice to See Indicine…. Back in action….

    And Tanu Weds manu doing unexpectedly well at the box office. It is quite a achievement to collect more collection then biggies like NOKJ & 7KM in the first day. The movie may cross 20cr mark in its life time run.

  • I just opened this site after a long time as the last I knew about this site was that this site is almost dead.
    But, nice to see it back in action.

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