Talaash Release Date – Pushed to November!

Aamir Khan’s Talaash is one of the most awaited releases of 2012. Unfortunately, the film has been postponed once again. Fans of the actor have now been waiting for more than 2 years, after the release of 3 Idiots (December 2009).

When the trailers released, Talaash was confirmed for release on 1st June. But now, the makers have mutually decides to push the film to November, after the release of Shahrukh Khan’s London Ishq during Diwali.

The reason? Well, Aamir Khan is currently busy with his ambitious television show and doesn’t have enough time to promote Talaash. Industry insiders say, the actor prefers to take his own time and wants to carefully plan the marketing strategy for Talaash.

Talaash Release Date – November 30th 2012.



  • indicine i agree with you but aamir khan movies works for 1 or 1.5 months atleast for example. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander,Raja Hindustani and in the recent past 3 Idiots,Ghajini .then it must be big loss to shahrukh khan movie london ishq.

    • @Sagar, why so? London Ishq is releasing ‘before’ Talaash. And regarding those older films, it was completely different back then. These days, most of the money is recovered in the first week itself.

  • Ghajini was released after 2 weeks of Rabne Banadi Jodi…and we all know how it affected SRK”s movie….What I think is if Ghajini was released 1 month later, possibly RBNJ would have been first movie to hit 100 cr. net…..In my view, London Ishq will be affected by Talaash directly or
    indirectly….and may be even Dabanng 2 because Aamir’s movies usually have tremendous repeat value and carry magnificient word of mouth……TZP,Ghajini,3 idiots…..But feeling really sad that it has been posponded 6 months later….

  • @Raj: I admire your love for Aamir khan and your belief that Talaash is already a perfect movie with tremendous repeat value.. How can you be so sure that history will repeat itself ? Hav u ever considered the possibility that London Ishq cud b better movie than Talaash ? Nooooo…. Aamir Khan fans talk like they know the future very well and only Aamir makes good movies… Why do you worship him and hate his rivals so much?
    Rise above hate guys…

  • Ya Ghajini affected RNBDJ and 3 idiots also affected Salman’s VEER even though VEER was released one month after 3 idiots.

  • @Atul Rise Above Hate huh.So you are that fruitty pebble John Cena’s fan.lolz.Cena always sucks.And you see Rock’s concert was better than Cena’s rap on Raw.

  • @the awesome one: Did cena invent it ? Thanx for the info… And do you still watch wrestling? God I hope you r not 14.. And if you are not then I can guess you like Nicholas Cage’s and Jason Statham’s recent movies too..

  • @Atul Am not a movie fan,and I’m a die hard wrestling fan and you are wrong buddy am 19 not 14.And what do you want to say about wrestling?

  • @Amit: Touche Bud.. At start I suspected that he is a little dude.. I mean look at his name the awesome one.. @the awesome one: change it to the aweful one..

  • The real truth is that aamir was frightened by the response for ROWDY RATHORE which was releasing just 2 weeks after talaash.Thats why he postponed TALAASH.

  • Talaash is inspired from the hollywood movie ‘Identity – The Secret lies within’ and the Tamil movie ‘Anniyan’. All deals with multiple personality disorder.

  • Is ka matlab bakri ki film 100 cr cross nahi karegi.ye to fix hai.dabangg 2 is salman movie .film ko promote bhi nahi kiya tab bhi film 200 cr cross karegi.i am fan of salman .i also watch talash on sunday.

  • Raj, RBNBJ wouldn’t have crossed 100 crores even without the release of Ghajini. Dabangg 2 won’t be affected, because it releases 22 days after Talaash and most would have already watched it by then. If it turns out to be incredibly good, it might continue to do well, but on limited number of shows.

  • I feel..RNBDJ..could have had done 94-98cr if not 100cr..RNBDJ was amazing film..with a good WOM..
    and Good films run 4-5 weeks..and RNBDJ had Monster Ghajini as a big hurdle from 2nd Week..onwards..

    and..I guess..competition from..Rowdy Rathore..which any day looks better than Talaash is the reason too..

    Well…Aamir khan is beyond understandable…first he doesnt show his face in public..but as his film approaches..he is like..some other thing roaming here and there gettting friendly cutting hair…….Toooo FAKE..!!

  • the other thing that i forget in my previous comment is that aamir khan knows that he can’t make crap movies like ready , BG etc hits coz his fans are only 10% to the salman and srk fans.

  • TALAASH is surely flop………… Also some members in excell entertainment like farhan akhtar is avoiding to be part of the movie.

  • pushing back the release date of a movie is not a good sign not at all. but then its amir khan so the movie will be a hit no matter what. how ever i don`t see this movie doing 100 crore. it will barely touch 90 crore.

  • Hi, to give a neutral comment, Amir Khan has decent fan base, if the film is good, it will work, might cross 100 crores marks, as the movie is releasing after 3 years from 3 idiots, so he has successful created a vacuum and the audience will love to fill the vacuum if the film is good.

  • Talaash was postponed 4rm 26th january,agneepath seized d chance nd did close to 120cr,talaash which was nw supposed to release on 1st june has again being postponed,rowdy rothore seized the opportunity nd preponed deir film to 1st june to 15th june.. Nw talaash got postponed to nov 30,wen race 2 nd raaz 3 was planned to release,they wil also run away nd pick a week later but later talaash wil get finally postponed to 26th january 2013.. Nd race 2 nd raaz 3 wil run back to their former position.. So aamir is trying to make his film complete a cycle of a year 4rm 26th jan 2012 to jan 26th 2013 b4 finally releasing d film.. Weldone Aamir,dis wil also b a record 4 d perfectionist.. First actor to make his film complete a cycle of dates b4 releasing.. 1 clap 4 d perfectionist.. But to break dis,race 2 nd raaz 3 to neva get scared nd release their film with talaash,then i can assure u that then,talaash wil flop.. Thank u

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