Talaash Music Review

The first music review of Talaash by Abhishek Sharma

Well, the wait is finally over! The music of “Talaash” is a mega release for several reasons. An Aamir Khan movie is nothing short of an event. Things simply reach dizzying heights considering the fact that, Talaash is his first release in 3 years (3 Idiots released in December 2009). This time he’s paired opposite the newlywed Kareena Kapoor and the talented veteran Rani Mukerji.

Music Director Ram Sampath made little impact with his initial soundtracks (Khakee, Family, Luv Ka The End..) but he got recognition with the musical success of Delhi Belly. Since then he seems to have become an Aamir Khan regular as he impressed with some soulful compositions in the TV series ‘Satyamev Jayate’.

However, Talaash is the biggest film of his career and he is aided by the legendary lyricist Javed Akhtar. It’s with humongous expectations that we explore, rather look forward to savoring the music album of this Excel Entertainment’s dream production.

Talaash Music Review

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1) Muskaanein Jhooti Hai: This opening number of the album is instantly catchy. The video promo is already out and reminds one of the Madhubala’s evergreen classic ‘Aaiye Meherbaa’. Remember the husky voice behind the song ‘Khoya Khoya Chand’ in Anurag Kashyap’s Shaitaan? Suman Sridhar has utilized this huge opportunity to the fullest as she sounds effortless in the song. This is not the kind of song that makes one head for that dance floor in the discotheque. However, when seen on screen it can well be expected to be a live wire. (3/5)

2) Jee Le Zaraa : The album enters into terrains of contemporary Bollywood’s mushy moods in “Jee le Zaraa”. Vishal Dadlani’s soft crooning vocals delivered in streams of light-hearted soft-rock ballad orchestrations. Ram Sampath produces a gem as his composition gets steam from the impressive poetically descriptive wordings by Javed Akhtar. The song grows on you on repeated hearings. (3.5/5)

3) Jiya Lage Na: When the man (Ram Sampath) is at the helm of the music, his better half can’t be far behind; Sona Mohapatra makes an entry with a classy number, Jiya Lage Na. She caught everyone’s attention with her stupendous singing in ‘Mujhe Kya Bechega Rupaiya’ from Satyamev Jayate. ‘Jiya Lage Na’ is essentially a fusion, classical with a slightly western touch having soulful lyrics. Samsung-[v] Super Singer Contest winner Ravindra Upadhyay is totally convincing in his sultry rendition. (3.5/5)

4) Hona Hai Kya : This is a highly situational song as the wording reflects the Suspense and Thriller genre of the movie. It is an erotically charged solo sung with gusto by Ram Sampath himself. The tempo sees a gradual and soft transition from fast to slow. (2.5/5)

5) Lakh Duniya Kahe : Sampath again, but this time it’s a rank high-quality gripping soft song. If you are looking for music that is more for your mood rather than to make you move, then ‘Lakh Duniya Kahe’ is for you. Feelings and emotions are felt and this is where the song tries to reach. Deep meanings in the lyrics of Javed Akhtar beautify the piece. The background chorus is sweet and magnifies the feel of the song. (3.5/5)

The music of Talaash is neither too commercial nor too serious. It is not catchy, too melodious or instantly likeable but it amazingly keeps the momentum within a particular genre. The musical compositions do carry themselves well and leaves one satisfied to a certain extent. To add to that, Javed Akhtar does stay on the top with non redundant lyrics.

The soundtrack of Talaash is based on situational events of the script and will be better received, when watched on screen.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

The music album is out on YouTube. Do let us know which your favorite track in the movie is. Vote now!

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  • @dear atul,srk fans are not at all more than even salman fans,forget about combined fans.the reason behind so many dislikes is that you srk g a y fans have 50-60 accounts per head to dislike other movies videos,but at that time you guys forget that youtube likes,dislikes,views doesn’t even 0.00000000001% matters at box office.agar tum logo ke paas thoda sa bhi brain hota to itni cheapness na dikhate.cheapstures.

  • @rowdy i remember ra.1 and don-2 had huge promotion ended less thn wat an offbeat film barfi did..and number of likes and dislikes doesnt matter..for past 5 years only trailer which gives to kick to watch on screen is only dabangg

  • The reviewer is highly exaggerating when he compares Kareena’s Muskanein number to Madhubala’s Aaye Meherbaan! Madhubala was iconic! Kareena or her act in this song are nowhere close to what Madhubala did in the Howrah Bridge song!

    Coming to music, songs are slow & not instantly likeable but it’s not bad either. Maybe they’ll become popular after the film’s release like 3I songs did.

    Javed Akhtar’s lyrics are wonderful. Choice of singers is not right. They should’ve gone for established voices to make album more palatable to listeners.

  • average songs. Not too gud not too bad. Don’t compare jthj songs to talaash’s songs. Jthj is absolutely better than talaash

  • salman needs catchy songs for his film to work not aamir.he doesn’t compromise on story.i’m sure songs of talaash will be part of the story and will rock.

  • haters gonna hate.. m giving it 4.5/5.. n d muvi is also awesum.. those who say its bad.. they never actually understood d muvi.. sumthng called brains..guyz ;) :P
    well on d whole d muvi deserves 4-4.5 stars..

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