Talaash Box Office Expectations

Part 2 of the weekly special ‘Ask Joginder’. Film critic and trade analyst Joginder Tuteja answers 5 more questions from Indicine readers.

What are the expectations from Aamir Khan’s ‘Talaash’? Will it break few records here and there? Is it possible for ‘Talaash’ to cross 150 crores mark? – Jan

  • From the content perspective, there are very good expectations from ‘Talaash’ since the storyline looks intriguing. There is good audience awareness as well that will make it the most talked film around its release. It would be seen with a keen interest as well. However from audience footfalls, neither is the film looking at breaking any records nor is it’s marketing on those lines. 150 crores would be a stretch for the film due to its genre.

Will ‘Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola’ be a 100 cr grosser? – Rajnish Singh Rajawat

  • It is always a question of ‘can’ v/s ‘will’ when it comes to predictions and possibilities. So yes, ‘Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola’ can cross the 100 crore mark. However that would be quite a task since Imran’s biggest grossers (Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa) had ended their run in the 60 crores range while Vishal Bhardwaj’s biggest grossers have been ‘Kaminey’ and ‘Omkara’ which were in 40 crores range. With ‘Matru..’, we are hunting for the possibility of Imran taking around 70% jump and Vishal around 125%. The movie has to be really fantastic to allow that.

What do you think about Asin’s position in Bollywood? Do you think directors are not using her talent? Has she signed any film after ‘Khiladi786?’ – Sajith Karanavar

  • Asin is doing good for herself in Bollywood and is closing in quickly into the Top 5. Yes, directors are not using her talent to the fullest as she has done some real good work down South. However Asin too is taking the right call by not being very particular about hardcore performance oriented roles and instead keeping it all chugging all well for her by making right choices in picking potential commercial successes. There is no official announcement yet on any newer films of hers.

Many called Emraan Hashmi the next superstar after Hrithik Roshan, especially after ‘Raaz 3’ but his next solo release ‘Rush’ failed miserably at the box office. Not only that, the main expectation from star power i.e. to pull audience was also belied when only 60 lakhs were collected on the first day. What are your thoughts? – Suman

  • ‘Rush’ was always in trouble ever since it got stalled three years back. Once a film is stuck, you can’t expect it to do well just because your lead hero is hot in the market. Emraan is not alone as before him, other superstars have gone through the same cycle as well. Salman’s ‘Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya’, Shahrukh’s ‘Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke’, Akshay’s ‘Meri Biwi Ka Jawaab Nahi’, Ajay’s ‘Mehbooba’ and Sanjay Dutt’s ‘Chatur Singh Two Star’ – each of these films could well have worked had a superstar’s presence been good enough to pull crowds. However they didn’t. A dated film is a dated film. Period.

Is it true that ‘Chennai Express’ and ‘Happy New Year’ are blocked for Eid 2013 and Christmas 2013, respectively? – Gaurav Patel

  • No

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  • Talaash will easily do 150 crs nett in India. more than just the box-office performance, it’ll also be a great movie.

  • It will cross 100cr but will stop at 120cr nett.
    WEEK 1 55-65cr
    WEEK 2 30-35cr
    WEEK 3 10-15cr
    WEEK 4 3-5cr
    REST 2-3cr
    TOTAL: 100-120cr

  • Talash Sos Khiladi786 JTHJ all will close below 120cr…bcoz of too much competition…Dabangg2 looks 165cr sure shot…My prediction…

  • Many people say movies of such type dont work,but remember gajni which was suspence thriller was blockbuster, amir wil deliver again.

  • k786will be clear winner infront of manupulator. showing off actor aamir khan
    dabangg2 155cr
    jthj 140cr
    k786 155-170cr
    talaash 50-55cr .(only emraan hashi can make these type of films hit) or u can watch crime patrol instead of it

  • Dear Aamir fans,Talaash will not go beyond 150 crores & Akshay fans, Khiladi 786 will do business less than Talaash.But never mind. Akshay & Aamir will rock 2013 & Special Chabbis,OUATIM 2, D:3 & PK will be sureshot hits.If everything goes well, special Chabbis will be second blockbuster of 2013 after Race 2

  • @Baburao,your Aamir himself told that suspense thrillers are not made in India for last 20 years. But most of the films of Abbas- Mustan are suspense thrillers. Then with due respect to Aamir & his fans, Talaash will not go beyond 150 crores. It is not compulsory that quality films will do bumper business at box office. If so films like Mangal Pandey the rising,Dil Se,Swades,Lakshya,Rocket Singh & Ajnabee wo uld had never flopped in India.

  • k786 luks lik a flop.
    n for those who say talash wont reach 150cr.
    who invented 100cr n 200 cr. its the cmebck of amir sure will be a blockbuster.
    aamir khan is nt a name its a brand of good films

  • Those haters who says Talaash will not cross 150 crore, for your kind information Talaash will be the biggest blockbuster INSHAALLAH and will break many records INSHAALLAH… Just wait and watch ok

  • I was a famous figure on INDICINE…coz that time their were healthy debates..bw SRK and non srk fans..
    now days..stupid comments…..for people film crossing 100cr is everything..New boxoffice buffs…

  • the trailer is not encouraging and I don’t think that it will do more than 60 or 70 crores.. we watch these police stuff always in Indian films, nothing would be new in this film too.

  • One should never underestimate Aamir Khan! He’s the one who started the 100 cr & 200 cr clubs when these benchmarks were unheard of! Talaash will be the toast of the nation when it releases & people will keep discussing its storyline & rave about actors’ performances! Aamir doesn’t make mindless films like Khiladi or love stories. He knows his name alone is enough to ensure good content & great BO returns!

    150 cr is minimum for Talaash, there’s no fixed upper limit! WOM matters & Talaash being an AK film is bound to have great WOM & fabulous trending!

    Only publicity or marketing isn’t everything. Last year also some big films were crazily marketed but they achieved NOTHING.

  • Talash will not gross 100 crore that’s for sure because nowadayonly action masala work. And khilda 786 will gross 100 crore but stuck between 130 -150 crore

  • Hindi cinema is going through a strange phase..On one hand It is sad to cinema deteriorating with loud masala entertainers coming to the forefront..on other hand good films like Kahaani,Paan Singh Tomar,Wasseypur,Vicky Donor,Barfi are getting accepted by audience.. While it is clear that film does great business due to star power and collection from single screen centers, there is a new segment of young plex audience who are open to good cinema thanks to their exposure to foreign films..
    Going by last 5-6 years Aamir Khan is the only star,i repeat ONLY STAR who has made quality films in recent past that have done good business… Going by the promos Talaash seems to be an interesting suspense drama with c0-actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui,Raj Kumar Yadav one can expect a great film on the lines of Kahaani.. I sincerely hope that Talaash crosses 150cr but going by the taste of Indian audience let’s see… One thing I can assure Talaash will be remembered in the long run as a quality cinema just like RDB,DCH,TZP (and i speciafically mentioned this 3 films as all were great cinema and they did good business too) :)
    [I am sure in terms of business D:3 will do more but that won’t be a quality cinema]

  • abe! Khiladi 786 jaisa nakli action dekhne to mar jane se bhi nahin dekhna hai. Sala promo mein action dekh ke to ulti aati hai.

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