Taare Zameen Par – First Look

Aamir Khan’s first directorial venture ‘Taare Zameen Par’ is the second venture of Aamir Khan’s Production house after Laagan. Aamir is know to be creatively involved in his earlier films like Lagaan, Dil Chata Hai and Rang De Basanti. The wait to see how creative is he behind the camera’s will soon come to an end as his film Taare Zaamen Par will hit the cinemas on December 21, 2007.

The film is a sensitive story of a child and his teacher with music by the trio, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and lyrics by Prasoon Joshi. Scroll to check the first look of Taare Zameen Par.

Taare Zameen Par – First Look

(Click on the image below for a larger First look)

Taare Zameen Par - First Look



  • assalam u alaikum :* I am amin huda from karachi and EID MUBARAK to AAMIR KHAN i am waiting for your picture tare zameen par as soon it will release in karachi is it possible that tare zameen par will be released in karachi ? thank you khuda haafiz bye

  • good evening amir bhai ,basically iam working with ngo called smita patil theatre ,we work with street childerns n sex workers i have a script in which only two person can do justice with the character , one is kamal hasan n the other is yourself ,most of the pople said that u r very reserve kind of a person ,but even though iam mailing u if u need any kind of our help we will b always there for u .thanks n best wishes for tzp
    khuda hafiz
    may god bless u

  • hi amir bhai jaan,
    first of all i wud like to say that i am a huge fan of urs of course bcoz of ur acting but also of ur intellectuality.the way u present urself i dunno much bout u but can guess a lot bout u say for an example.u r very reserve,u like to be aloof from partying,u dont bother bout anybodies praises like how u act or what kinda actor u are and u dont believe in awards only thing u believe which makes u satisfy, and also u dont hurt anybodies emotion purposely..aur aap kisi award ya kisi ke tareef ke mohtaj nahi hai.and there are so many things which i can guess.bcoz my friends tells me that my nature similar somewhat like urs. i may be wrong what i wrote above but still i really like u as an actor and also as an human being. u are just different and sophisticated frm others.in bollywood no one can touch ur work,be it anybody.
    khuda hafiz.

  • There is no doube that Aamir
    There is no doube that Aamir Khan is the Best of Bollywood Stars. He is so special to me that I anxiously wait for his films to come. I haven’t missed a single film of Aamir. The most special thing about Aamir is that he entirely dissolves himself into his acting. I hardly remember Aamir repeating himself. He never copies other nor he mimics other. He comes with a new and novice looks in every film. While watching his films I sometimes forget his real identity. He is simply great and no one is comparable with him. My hero the Ace Hero AAMIR.
    Best wishes for Tare Zameen Par.
    Love Hyder

  • hi…i jus saw the movie yesterday….i think its a brilliant movie and rocks bigg time!!!! Its a very emotional movie and the kid has acted brilliantly…. Hats off to Amir and his whole team!!!! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

  • hiiii, amir,
    i guess tare zameen pe is a world class movie……..u hav delivered a lotz of messages through this baeutiful work.im not joking when i say that it should be definately nominated for the oscars.
    its a brilliant emotional framework that u hav tried to put forward.
    i saw the movie today and i think its one of the best movies that i have ever seen, and one more thing, i would like to accolade the works of the child artists, they have done a gr8 job.
    god bless u!!!!!!

  • thank u amir very much for giving this type of movie to our country .
    i think today really our country wants this type of movie.

    this movie has motivated me very much to do something for my country & his children.
    in this rushed country we all r forgetting about those children who r not able to run in this fast stream

    thank u amir for showing my target

    god bless u

  • This movie is a master-piece and is surely worth an oscar.Darsheel is brilliant and so is amir’s direction.
    The entire audience in d hall clapped after the movie and nobody’s eyes were dry.
    Congrats to the entire team,we want more such movies.

  • hi AAmir Khan

    Such a wonderfull movie given by you , i think you are the only MASTER OF BOLLYWOOD, in every department you are realy genious, like direction, production, acting in every department you are NO ONE in bollywood

    sharukh khan is nothing in the comparison of you (aamir)

  • I’m not really an Indian movie buff… but one thing I can say is that this movie is one of the best I have ever seen… be it a movie from Hollywood, Bollywood or Lollywood!!! Simply a fantastic effort!!!

  • hats off MR KHAN HATS OFF
    wonderful movie. some movies u appreciate
    , some u recommend to others, while some move u, and very rare affect u and may change u to make a better person..

    with TZP, it does all….

  • Amir Khan’s TZP is a movie par excelance. The best I could communicate to my dysclexia son. I and my husband kept weeping while watching the movie, while out son kept laughing all the while. We were able to make such healthy discussions.
    All I can say, Thanks a million Amir Khan. This is a ‘must watch” movie.

  • i really dont know how to express my feelings to you…u have given a real masterpiece….u are very intelligent,selfless and a damn hard worker…..hats off to u aamir……

  • The movie is superb, I like very much, I take the incident which sometimes I do with my children, I learn so much from that movie, thank you very much Amir Bhai.

  • hi sir ram shankar nikum
    U r just amez.and u r student Eshaan is a gem he acted in this movie without words that was brilliant and that is the hero .I saw this movie till 35 times still i am not boring .I also had this kind of problem but in less amount. INDIA needs this kind of promoting films . I think so, Ram shankar ,Eshaan and Asutosh govarikar together must make movie like same kind or different topic and story by another amol gupte.any movie promoting INDIA peoples I am always with that movie .best of luck for other movies

  • hands off to you aamir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Aamir,

    I want to meet you for taare zameen par Part–2. I have a story in my mind. Really i am dame series!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Chhabra

  • Dear Mr. Amir Khan,

    I have watched all your movies since I was young and have two kids of my own now and the movies that you have begun to produce and direct glorifies, as well as changes the Indian subcontinents view from the Pre-British rule. I love every aspect of your movies from Lagaan to Taare Zameen Par. I hope that for the sake of the changing world and evolving world for the people of the Indian subcontinent and no matter where we live shows and brings our heart and soul. I hope that you will continue to make such movies that fills our hearts.
    Thank you for making and letting us see a movie which is beyond description.

  • The movie is a masterpiece.

    I am proud that our movies at make to the OSCAR this time. The last one was Gandhi … This time it could be TZP. (I may be wrong on the last Indian film making to OSCAR even Gandhi was Briitish made).

    I think what makes this movie special is that we have seen ourself in the place of the chiild in the film sometime in our life. We have seen others meeting the same kind of treatment.

    We need to know its the teached who makes the difference in the child. If a teacher can make such a difference with a slow student, how much could our teachers could make make it with normal children.

    Its the teacher finally. Its never the student fails.

  • I will just say, this move is one of the BEST move India ever produce, I salute Amir Khan and this small kid for their wonderful performance, I bet this film will bring OSCAR for Amir Khan, everybody must watch it, U all will see yourself in this move,, wt a performance lil start, really Love U.

  • Hello Aamir Bhai oh! sorry Ram Nikhum sir,

    Hello Ram Nikhum sir TZP is great movie. Not only Great ur film also ur r great Keep it Up!

    Best of Luck of Your’s Great “Gajini”

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