Sushant Singh Rajput and Katrina Kaif in Half Girlfriend?

The never ending speculations for the highly anticipated 2016 release, Half Girlfriend, are now almost over. The movie, which will be directed by Mohit Suri, is based on Chetan Bhagat’s bestselling novel of the same name.

The announcement for the film was made as soon as the book was released but the lead cast kept changing.

Initially, Kriti Sanon was considered for the role. Then Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan were approached to play the leads, but they refused and signed Karan Johar’s Shhuddhi.

After that Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor were also considered, but the makers couldn’t get them onboard.

Finally, now it seems that Ekta has finally got her pair. According to reports, Sushant Singh Rajput and Katrina Kaif have been signed for the film. We await the official announcement for the same.



  • Sushant is a very good actor, that could be an interesting pairing… And they were supposed to come together in Fitoor before Aditya was roped in.

  • I guess i will have to read the novel first.Sushant is a great actor, to bad DBB ruined his impressive box office run.
    Looking foward for it’s album coz Mohit’s films usually has good songs

  • Seems Katrina learnt a lot from one of present the A list actors. Just keep on signing movies whether it has content or not and fill in your bank accounts whether masses like the movie or not. The most overrated actress of recent times if not all rime. Fitoor with who? Half girlfriend with who now? No disrespect to Sushant fantastic young actor.

  • Acc to the characters in the novel its the best possible cast
    Protogonist is a basketball player frm bihar which i believe will be easily essayed by ssr
    and katrina again will hav a simple role to play. She has to luk rich and gud(sumthing which she is) and has to learn to play basketball.
    But half gf is nt a vry popular would be intreating to see how mohit will adapt it. There has to be comedy sumthing which he doesn’t masters

  • For God’s sake don’t remake that trashy book..if they want to make a movie based on the novel they will have to make drastic changes.I used to read that novel every night it and it never failed to put me to sleep:):)

  • and now i will never watch half girlfriend because it has most overrated actress in the of bollywood katrina kaif.

    go to hell

  • millions of great novels..great subjects n they choose this garbeg. .
    hey bhagwan film industry me educated or visionary log kab ayenge…
    this falru ekta will do anthing to eatn money bt nthing fr cinema

  • how can people say half girlfriend is a trash???
    i loved it.
    yeah but i do agree revolution 20 20 is his best work

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