Support Marathi films, not Chennai Express says MNS

Chennai ExpressThe Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) Wednesday threatened to disrupt the release of the Shah Rukh Khan-Deepika Padukone starrer ‘Chennai Express’.

The party’s film unit is upset over reports that the Rohit Shetty-directed movie has demanded prime slots in single cinemas across the state at the expense of some Marathi movies that are being screened.

“If the producers of ‘Chennai Express’ attempt to dislodge any of the ongoing or forthcoming Marathi movies, we shall not tolerate it and deal with it in MNS style,” warned Maharashtra Navnirman Chitrapat Karmachari Sena (film wing) chief Amey Khopkar.

He specifically referred to the hit Marathi movie ‘Duniyadari’, running to full houses since July 19 in single screen cinemas in non-metro cities and small towns.

Khopkar said his party had written to owners of all single cinema halls and other cinemas seeking a commitment they would not take out ‘Duniyadari’ from their screens to accommodate ‘Chennai Express’.

“If the ‘Chennai Express’ producers attempt to do this, we shall not let the movie be exhibited in cinemas of the state. We shall also remove their publicity posters from Thursday,” Khopkar declared.

Based on the best-selling novel of the same title by the late Suhas Shirvalkar, ‘Duniyadari’ has been a major commercial success with critical acclaim.

With Swapnil Joshi and Urmila Kanitkar in the lead roles, it shows the journey of a modern affluent youngster’s life.



  • Controversy create buzz, but the buzz of ce is already 100% after ra1 and ett. So don’t need the controversy for ce but ouatimd will need this as the buzz of ouatmd is less than 50% which is very low.

  • i dont think it will be a big problem for ce.
    Romance Express:
    why r u worrying so much about ouatimd.
    as u said ouatimd promotion is not started yet.
    now akshay is all set to promote the movie in all the tv shows.

  • SRK is the king of bollywood n CE definately break all the box office record. Goli maar do sab MNS walo ko.

  • This is pathetic!!! Don’t know when will those politicians do something that makes sense! I guess Maharashtra has many other problems which deserve attention than CE or any other movie!

  • but today mns conform that they will not disturb to relese chennai express. utv team ,rohit shetty and Duniyadari team met today 12.30pm to raj thakrey. and they solve the issue and misunderstaining. so now there is not any problem for CHENNAI EXPRESS.

  • Duniyadari is set to become highest grossing marathi movie of all time
    In 14 days all the shows of the film is going housefull in entire maharashtra and it will create history…………………..
    best movie of the year

  • @boss, romance express is not worried about ouatimd, indeed he is frightened of ouatimd. After praise from audience, and now from the godfather al pacino all haters are frightened that ouatimd may got hude wom and may washout ce completely.

  • Just drama created by MNS.
    No one want to support Marathi films,MNS did that drama for CE promotion.

    But realy Duniya Dari is best marathi film till date.

    Now maharashtrian have to decide ,don’t depend on these political parties.

  • Lol’s MSN style!! I think srk and rohit shetty should pity those losers and leave one or two single screens ;p

  • mns and ss have been exploiting the marathi people for decades now with these bullsh#t agendas…tell me one single good work done by mns and ss for marathi people?

  • duniyadari is the best film till date!!…i hope it remains in theatres after CE arrives…yesterday watched it!..infact was housefull and had to watch in 2nd row from front!

  • those who are bashing mns…just google “tik tik vajate dokyat”…and listen to that song….its way better than all chennai express crap songs!

  • I do not support un-democratic process. This nuisance by MNS needs to be stopped. They think that they are fathers and god fathers of Mumbai.

  • So, does it mean afterall CE is fighting with Duniyadari?

    All the best to Duniyadari then.

    I have been a fan of old marathi films, and thankfully the new gen directors are getting back to good old marathi movie telling.

  • Those people who want to see Classic nd Quality Movies…..please go And watch DuniyaDari……..

    I bet u guys will fEll in Love with this movie………

    Even if ur not Maharashtrian,u don’t understan marathi still u will love this movie……it will remind u ur own days….

    Best Movie of the Year for me….Followed By Balak Palak…..

    Goldan Days for Marathi Cinama’s r Back………

    Must go nd Watch Duniyadari……

  • DuniyaDari Rocks…..I don’t think so Theater owner will Take Down Duniyadari from their Theaters Becoz this Movie is going housfull all over MAHARASHTRA right from it’s release……….

  • Duniyadari set to be highest grossing movie in maharashtra ,and will be years biggest hit in maharashtra beating bollywood films after couple of weeks.
    Duniyadari 15 days- all shows house full in entire maharashtra(i have seen the movie twice and i wanted to watch it third time but i cant get tickets from last 6 days)
    Duniyadari will thrash Ce also

  • D bloody activists of mns..
    Wat dey think of demselves…
    D line dey said’we wil do it our own way’
    Wat does dat mean…???
    Dey r utter crap ppl.dey shd b hanged for disturbing n creating nuisance in our indian society.

  • Now srk haters r supporting duniyadari. Even they don’t understand Marathi still they recommend prole to watch it and skip ce. Wah!!!

  • MNS was all praise for Rohit Shetty’s Singham but are creating noise now. Hypocrites!
    They are just regionalist fanatics and need an excuse to protest films that star Muslim actors (especially SRK) and have traces of other language, region or culture.
    Instead of promoting nationalism they exploit regionalism.
    Films are easiest scapegoats to use for dirty politics. So here they go again!

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