Sultan Teaser 2 Introducing Aarfa – Anushka Sharma

After a power-packed teaser of Haryana ka Sher Sultan, it’s now time to get a glimpse of Sultan ki Jaan – AARFA!

“Wrestling is not a sport. It’s about fighting what lies within” – SULTAN

“Iss desh ki jaan na, iss desh ki ladies hai. Baat kuch alag si hai inki. Jitni komal ye laage hai na, usse kahi zyaada thakat inki bajuo mein hai. Hum mard maane ya na maane, par sach yahi hai”

Presenting “Haryana ki sherni aur Sultan Ki Jaan.. AARFA”

Teaser was released on the day Anushka turns 28. Watch!



  • As compared to the first teaser this one is better . But still Anushka is not looking convincing as a wrestler . Her body language is not looking like a sportsperson . But it looks like Anushka will have an important role to play in Sultan . Because Salman’s movies are only about Salman . In this decade there were only 2 movies of Salman where the actress had a substantial role to play – Kareena in Bodyguard and Katrina in ETT . By the way it was a sweet gesture by YRF and Ali Abbas Zafar to launch the 2nd teaser of Sultan on Anushka’s 28th Birthday . HBD Anushka I hope you will give a solid performance in Sultan just like RNBDJ, BBB and NH10 . I have not seen NH10 but most of the critics said it is the Best Performance of Anushka till date .

  • Sultan vs Raees should happen because sultan will not harm much to raees or raees will not harm much to Sultan

    so clash should happen

  • Casted Anushka as a wrestler ( while Sonakshi was more suited for the role ) that shows how talented Ali Abbas Zafar is, a counterfeit teaser.

  • Yo se Haryana ki Serni,Sultan ki Jaan.. Aarpha….
    Awesome,Salman’s haryanavi Accent is to the Point… The Body Weight Technique Used by Anushka is 100% to the Point….

    Befor People Start Barking,In Local Dangals Women and Men do Fight so if u are Ignorant to it,Dont say its Unrealistic…
    Before People Say Anushka is Too Skinny let me Tell you that She has Perfect Weight and Perfect Body To Contest for this Sport…

    Oh and Yeah. GOOOOSEBUMPS…

  • Loved it !!!!!! Anushka rocks !!!!!!!!

    Glad that she was chosen for this role and not some one like Kat or Jacqueline.

    As impactful as the first teaser which is amazing really coz the first teaser had the dashing entry of Salman Khan. So Anushka has matched up with him quite well.

    The first teaser had the nice hummable Mitti song in background and here Salman i guess in haryani accent. Salmans voice in back ground really lifts the teaser.

    Both teasers have been really cool.

    Now waiting for the trailer.

  • Raees tu toh Gaya… Biggest blockbuster SULTAN ke samane koi tik nhi payega..
    Biggest blockbuster is coming as SULTAN
    Lifetime time for SULTAN = 275cr on good

  • Action scenes look fake. How can someone cast Anushka as a wrestler . Just look at her legs and
    arms widths .No wrestler who has been training can have such small arms, thighs and legs . They should have casted Sonakshi , Kareena or some other muscular female for this role .

  • As compared to the first teaser this one is better but still Anushka is not looking convincing as a wrestler . Her body language and physique is not resembling a wrestler . I still don’t have a clear idea as what to expect from Sultan as both the teasers were ok . So I will wait for the theatrical trailer then we will have a clear idea about the movie . According to me the focus should be more on the wrestling sequences rather than love story between Salman and Anushka . Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow an actress got her own teaser,Anushka looks naturally beautiful and Salman’s ascent nailed it,simply amaizing.

  • So the story will proceed as follows :

    Sultana Ali khan is basically a woman and she was quite interested in wrestling from the very beginning and she decides to opt that as her career. But as we all know, even today, there are hundreds of restrictions being imposed on girls of Haryana. So as expected, once she expresses her desire in front of her parents, they took no time to curb her interests (of wrestling).
    But since Sultana(the movie) is all about women empowerment, the woman inside Sultana listens to her heart and decides to continue with her career choice.
    As a workaround, she starts using the get up of a male (played by our very own non-actor) and she participates in various wrestling completions as a male with the name Sultan Ali Khan.

    As it was her lifelong desire, she excells in wrestling and does really well in all the competitions which she participated into. But the actual twist arrives, when another girl “Aarfa” (played by Anushka Sharma) comes into the picture.
    She too, is damn good in wrestling and she starts challenging the monopoly of Sultan Ali Khan (oops Sultana Ali Khan) . But unlike Sultana, she starts wrestling with her own identity (I.e. Aarfa) unlike Sultana.

    Soon, Sultana (Salman) starts getting envy about Aarfa (Anushka) as Aarfa wins all the appreciation from audiences as they hail her for choosing the profession of wrestling despite of being a Haryanvi girl.
    That brings discomfort inside Sultana as she too is a girl and she also excels in wrestling, but she can’t show the world that even she is capable of wrestling being a girl as she is hiding behind the name “Sultan Ali Khan”.

    Sultana’s jealousy reaches a different level altogether and it creates a lot of interesting sequences, and those sequences are the bread and butter of ” Sultana the movie”.
    In the climax, Aarfa will face Sultana in the finale and that’s the actual twist of the movie.
    Will Sultana go for fight in her own get up and reveals her identity (that she is a girl and not a guy) or she will continue her journey as “Sultan Ali Khan”.
    Well, to know the answer, you will have to watch the movie, as I can’t reveal the climax here.

    So , its almost confirmed that Sultana is going to be the toughest role in non-actor career, as he has to portray both male and female roles in the movie.

    Finally a challenging movie for non-actor khan. Yayy.

  • If this kinda movie can connect audience then it will become one of the great movie otherwise inside the dustbin within a week.

  • Raees tu toh Gaya… Biggest blockbuster SULTAN ke samane koi tik nhi payega..
    Biggest blockbuster is coming as SULTAN
    Lifetime time for SULTAN = 275cr on good.

  • Its ok,not spectacular,every time i expect something mindblowing from salman movies,everytime it fails…exception,BB

  • so far nothing is impressive from sultan i mean what was this why would one watch this kushti at theater, this movie strictly belong to salman khan fans

  • Good but not Great……..

    Was Expecting much more………

    But its Ok type………..

    1St Teaser Feathering Sultan Salman was better than this Prosthetic 2nd Teaser……

    Action From Anushka looking Fake…….

    Anushka’s Arms are soo Thin & Sexy not looking a Wrestler’s Arms………

    One thing I can’t understand why always Director choose this type of Dubli Patli ladki for A Film based on Wrestling.

    I think On that matter Amir is much more Realistic & That’s why he Chooses Actresses according to the Script.

  • Raees tu toh Gaya… Biggest blockbuster SULTAN ke samane koi tik nhi payega..
    Biggest blockbuster is coming as SULTAN
    Lifetime time for SULTAN = 275cr on good..

  • The wrestling scene look really fake, it seems the Man is forcibly throwing himself down rather than Anushka throwing him down.
    Seems like the movie will be also be fake like the posters & teasers.
    Get set for Chota Bheem rip off.
    Chutki-Chota Bheem 😍

  • Those who Talking about Fight Scenes looking Fake.These are Not “Fight Scene”,This is Wrestling which is played with Certain Technique and Filmmakers have Consulted Expert Professionals and that Exactly is the Technique in which it is done in True Form.
    To people who is Saying Why is She Wearing Hair Clip,She is only Wearing it in 1st Scene and That Scene take place in Local Dangal and Local Dangal dont Follow Olympic Rules…
    To People who is Saying She is Skinny,She has Perfect weight and Body Type to Qualify for Contests.

  • well average
    Anushka wearing hair clips while wrestling with her opponent.
    wrestlers are not allowed to wear or carry any pointed object during a match. It is one of the ground rules of the sport. We even checked with a few real-life wrestlers who stated the same.

  • Salman’s Voiceover made it much more Powerful.. For Initial few veiwings i cudn’t evenn Recognize that its Salman himself is Speaking…

  • Salman what have you done to make god happy on are shit man in acting & all,but still you are no 1 today & how i dont know

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