Suicide after watching Sach Ka Samna?

A shopping mall security advisor, Rajkumar, has allegedly committed suicide after playing a game of Star Plus’ controversial reality show Sach Ka Samna with his wife in Greater Noida..

According to a report in Times of India, the couple watched an episode of the show on TV and decided to play the game themselves. On thursday night his wife, quite reluctantly, revealed having physical relationship with a man before marriage. The very next day, on returning from office, Rajkumar ended his life.

Police officials, however, have denied the same “The suicide had little to do with the game show. Our investigation revealed his wife left him for some other reason and that he was staying alone at the house. Also, we don’t think he watched the said show. He did not even possess a television”

The locals though, disagree with the police and claim it was the Sach Ka Samna game between the couple that lead to the extreme step taken by the man to end his life!



  • Sach Ka Samna is revealing truths that aint suposed to be unfolded…no doubt it lifts a gr8 load off sum1z chest…but the outcomes not so pretty in almost every case….people have to keep smiling even though dy r fuming within becoz d cameras on….and Sach ka Samna is giving every household a gossip talk….hey did u know dat guys wife not a saint c looks….!!!c having extra marital affairs….
    can any couple really have a happy go life after admitting sum truths not ment to be revealed?
    i watched 2-3 episodes of Sach Ka Samna but it doesnt make sense to me….ur ruining some1s marriage for gods sake….wats d pleasure…?unless pple r in it for d money…bt i dint think moneys gona give u dat happiness dat ur family does….its just material happiness…
    newe no grudges….t.c…

  • This program is not revealing the truth but is disclosing people’s personal family life and bring those secrets to public which are not supposed to be publicised. Any wise person in his / her right mind will join this program and make him / herself a target of public. The producers of this program should think twice about the rules of this program and bring necessary changes to the program so it is not embarrassing to any one. Make it a lesson learning rather than to make people ashamed, disgusted and reach to a point to commit suicide.

  • i rly like this show cuz u get to no the truth and u no that there is nothin to hide about soo i find that this show is doing the right thing cuz ur learning the real truth thatw as kept hidden from u for who now years

  • This show doesn’t gel with the Indian system. Its not about truth. There are some truths that are better not to be told. Confessing truth, that are so personal, in front of whole world is not satisfaction or contentment. Its just display of mere foolishness, and the show yearns to earn TRPs. If they seriously feel like confessing, they could have done it at their home.

    Personally, i don’t like the concept of show. Some questions [read all the question reaching high level] are inappropriate. It just to lend a hand for hurting someone for no reason, bringing troubles in somebody’s life and triggering a dispute thats not worth.

    And in the end, what they say “Past is always a past”

  • I believe this show is the best thing on tv. Indians are being hypocrites by saying this show is not good. Why? Because keeping secrets and lying to their families are their part of life. These contestants who come forward have guts. Kiddos to them for telling the truth. God bless them.

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