Success is not fame or money, but being the best version of yourself: Hrithik

Hrithik Roshan has gone through a life filled with extreme lows and incredible highs. For a man who was told at the age of 21 that he could never act or dance, due to a spine condition called scoliosis, Hrithik has emerged victorious in every struggle that life has thrown at him.

However, the superstar says, success to him doesn’t mean money or fame.

“Success to me doesn’t mean fame, doesn’t mean money. Success to me is becoming the best version of yourself” Hrithik told IANS.

“If you’re able to connect with people, if you’re certain enough to say ‘I can do this’, if you manage to have enough variety in your life, if you’re not stuck in a monotonous everyday journey, that to me is success. It’s not about the money or the fame, not about working hard, that’s all great but it should come as a consequence of being the best version of yourself,” he added.

The actor, who recently divorced his wife Sussanne Khan, is currently busy with his upcoming film ‘Mohenjo Daro’ which is scheduled to release in August 2016 – almost two years after his last film ‘Bang Bang’. The Ashutosh Gowariker film also stars Pooja Hegde in the lead.



  • One of the biggest success stories…He really gives his 110% in whatever he does!
    So much to learn from him and get inspired!!

    Hope you deliver an epic film in Mohenjodaro..All the Best Hrithik-The Inspirer!

  • completey agree with hrithik.
    this is exactly the reason y I luv to read or watch every interview hrithik bcz he is always so inspiring and positive towards every given situation

  • I like his attitude .
    The way he was silent during his divorce with Sussanne , takes immense composure . He was like , ‘ Okay , my heart is broken , and I am in pain . But I’ll never let you know .’
    Keep it up ! Best of luck !!
    … from SRK fan .

  • And at 35 he told that he had only a year to walk on his legs but he fought his way and did hectic action films like Krrish 3 and Bang Bang!

  • We Bhai-fans don’t agree with Hrithik .
    According to us , driving on footpath and hunting blackbuck is success !!!

  • Waiting for mohenjo daro.if Fan release in 2016 then there will be competition in different awards but best actor award in Filmfare will be go to srk for FAN.but we want FAN on this diwali.

  • I just love the words of Hrithik . He is a great inspiration for everyone . This man is extremely philosophical in real life and that is a huge reason i love him . He always talks about Hope, Health, Hardwork, Success, Failures and Fears . I not only love his acting and personality i also love his attitude . He is an inspiration for me . His success proves that if a person wants to be successful he will be successful one day if he continues the hardwork and struggle . His life has not been easy . But the way he handles his problems and moves ahead is incredible . When he underwent a Brain Surgery he took 6 months break then once when he started shooting he did alk his stunts by himself with extreme care and perfection . When he went through Divorce he continued to do movies so that his work can make him move forward . His life is an inspiration . Everyday i read something about Hrithik and that is a factor that motivates me . God Bless you Hrithik . You are a Rockstar and you are a Superhero not only in reel life but also in real life . Belated Happy Birthday to Hrehaan Roshan . I wish you also become successful and earn respect just like your Dad . Hrithik to commence shooting of Mohenjo Daro in Bhuj today . Hrithik celebrated the birthday of his son in a resort of Lonavala . ####### Super Dad !!!!!!!!!!!!! ######### Super Human Being !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The synomym of Inspiration. These words can change some one’s life. These quotes reallt motivates me.

  • I agree.
    Being Best version of yourself is the true success because it provides you a mental piece as well as satisfaction. You feel the best when you guess you have the capability of doing something in your life.

  • Hrithik could have become a good writer too. You can see it from his wonderful quotes.
    He is a multitalented guy. B’town should be proud of such people!

  • So truly said by hrithik..
    It’s not about money or fame..Success is all about being the best version of yourself,never give up by saying you can’t do this.feel yourself and listen to ur heart and you will find ur answer..
    Hrithik always remain my inspiration..Well said..

  • very interesting thought – best version of yourself……so many times we wanna emulate others, subconsciously……

    thats a brialliant thought, respect!

  • He tried remaking Amit jis classic Agneepath a success with his Agont Path but failed….

    He tried remaking Cruises Knight n Day a success with Bong Bong but failed miserably….

    All said n done he should just stick to Papas homemade cartoon movies and make right the wrong they committed with Jadoo 3 by making Jadoo 4 into a legitimate 200cr grosser…!

  • Great Personality – Check
    Great Looks – Check
    Great Dancing Skills – Check
    Great Acting Skills – Check
    Great Success – Check
    Huge Fan Following – Check
    Loads of Money – Check

    I still can’t figure out why his wife left him ? Many girls/ladies/women would kill each other to take his ‘wife spot’. Anyways, Hrithik is the pride of India. We love him very much.

  • Hrithik is poor actor and shaking guy who manipulates. Only salman and aamir rocks. Waiting for bb, prdp, shuddhi and dangal.

  • Our wannabe director and krks apprentice takes great comfort from ritiks words but in reality he does the opposite…. To him being a better person is to become ‘taylor swift’ or ‘jilu’ or ‘anupana chopra fanboy’ etc etc

    Not sure what the kindergartener is hinting at with all his female centric aliases but Im guessing theres a big girls blouse wanting to break free within him…!

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