‘Student Of The Year’ will break 3 Idiots record says RGV

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma continues his love-hate relationship with Karan Johar with his tongue-in-cheek comment on the latter’s forthcoming film “Student Of The Year”.

Varma, who has often made snide comments on Johar’s cinema, took to Twitter to share his feedback on the trailers of SOTY, which marks the acting debut of Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt and Siddharth Malhotra.
“‘Student Of The Year’ truly, really and honestly looks like it’s the best film of Karan Johar and the bestest film of Indian cinema ever. I love the sheer, never-before-seen imagery and the extraordinary originality and even more extraordinary directorial brilliance.

“I don’t know about ‘Student Of The Year’, but I would want to be a student for life of Karan Johar’s cinema,” added the maker of movies like “Bhoot” and “Sarkar”.

He went on to compare Johar’s work with that of Hindi film industry stalwarts.

“I rate Karan Johar far far more higher than Mehboob Khan, V. Shantaram, Raj Kapoor, Guru Dutt and Bimal Roy. Kudos to Karan Johar for making Varun Dhawan make me forget Shah Rukh Khan

“‘Kuch Kuch ho gaya mujhe ‘Student Of The Year’ trailer dekhte dekhte’. I strongly feel ‘Student Of The Year’ will break the records of ‘3 Idiots’,” he further wrote.

While SOTY releases Oct 19, Varma’s “Bhoot Returns”, the sequel to the 2003 movie “Bhoot”, is set to hit screens on October 19th.




  • Lossess of movies like ram gopal verma ki aag,isn’t love story,department,phoonk1,2 etc.diffintly effect on mind yaaarrr…ramu before tweet please take ur madicine on time….if not than from ur tweet people can undestand ur mentally ill…….

  • did i see the same that u guys saw???what did he say???Student of the year will cross 3 idiots record???? haha…..he told once amitabh bachhan is a kutta…he had Abused amitabh during the release of bhtb……………HAHA Lolz………..ram gopal verma thought 3 idiots did a business of 5 crores..that’s why he was saying all these crap……….if even student of the year has master script ,it won’t be able to surpass gangs of wasseypur’s record,,he said all that because his bhoot returns is releasing..all he would need is publicity so that it would help his movie get a better money………..even ek tha tiger with 32 crores opening day couldnot surpass 3 idiots,,Ram gopal verma needs medical treatment….

  • i think ramu is very disturb becouse urmila left him alone in his flat when news comes on air about her bikinies left in ramu’s flat….. you know about that… so just ignore him.. karan is very talented director, ramu also but he is some time slips….

  • he’s on medicine. indicine…you are wasting your time and expenditure for this article on homepage by including his comment. anyways…the movie is going to FLOP BIG TIME. even if its not..i want it to be a flop..just because i hate karan johar to the core. he’s the most partial director/producer in bollywood who has ruined the industry.i’ll go any extent to make this movie a flop…just wait.

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