Stop calling the film London Ishq – Yashraj Films

Yashraj Films have made an official announcement – for the second time in less than a week – that London Ishq is not the title of film. They have also requested us and the entire media to stop referring to the film as London Ishq.

Yashraj Films: Despite repeated confirmations that Yash Chopra’s film still remains untitled, large sections of the media continue to call it London Ishq. This is completely baseless, inaccurate and detrimental to the film. Unfortunately, several individual denials on our part have also gone unheeded.

However, we would like to acknowledge and thank those who have responsibly put out the true status after checking with us while requesting those who haven’t, to please stop calling it by this name.

Henceforth, we will refer to the film as SRK-Yashji next.



  • It is good news that the name of the movie is not “London Ishq”. That name sounds just average;not unique. But calling it as “SRK-YRF untitled” is too long & too cumbersome. So until they give a tiltle to the movie, I’ll refer to this as “London Ishq”.

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