Stars visit Hrithik Roshan at Hinduja Hospital: Photos

Bollywood stars were spotted outside the Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai, where Krrish 3 star Hrithik Roshan underwent a minor brain surgery for Subdural Hematoma.

An hour or so after the 45 minute long surgery, which took place at around 2:45PM IST on Sunday, Hrithik’s father Rakesh Roshan was seen outside the hospital visibly happy after a successful surgery.

With Shahrukh Khan in Macau for the IIFA Awards, his wife Gauri came to see Hrithik. The actor’s best friend Uday Chopra, filmmaker Karan Johar and Karan Malhotra and actor Rajpal Yadav were also seen outside the hospital.

According to Rakesh Roshan, Hrithik will be discharged in two days. Many more celebrities are expected to visit the superstar on Monday, once they return from the IIFA Awards in Macau.

Gauri KhanGauri Khan

Uday Chopra visits Hrithik Roshan post his surgery at Hinduja HospitalUday Chopra visits Hrithik Roshan at Hinduja Hospital

Rajpal Yadav visits Hrithik Roshan post his surgery at Hinduja HospitalRajpal Yadav visits Hrithik Roshan at Hinduja Hospital

Abhishek Kapoor visits Hrithik Roshan post his surgery at Hinduja HospitalAbhishek Kapoor visits Hrithik Roshan at Hinduja Hospital

Karan Johar visits Hrithik Roshan post his surgery at Hinduja HospitalKaran Johar and Karan Malhotra visit Hrithik Roshan at Hinduja Hospital

Maheep kapoor, Gauri Khan and Sanjay KapoorMaheep Kapoor, Gauri Khan and Sanjay Kapoor

Sunaina RoshanSunaina Roshan

Rakesh RoshanRakesh Roshan at Hinduja Hospital

Sussanne RoshanSussanne Roshan

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  • @Indicine Don’t worry, your superhero will be alright soon. :)

    Except Akshay, every actor is seen undergoing some operation after finishing an action film, eg
    Aamir (Dhoom 3), SRK (CE) and now Hrithik (Krrish 3).

    Akki is a real tough man!!

  • I always pray for hrithik’s best.he is fine now.hrithik,u really rockzz.
    @belle:this is not a article of akshay.this is related to hrithik.

  • @Belle, you must know the truth before commenting, hrithik got this clot due to injury in brain during bang bang shoot where he was required to jump from about 300 feet into water but the first jump was not comfortable one and he fell in a wrong position and injured his brain. each and every actor is a human, all can get injuries.

  • guari-hritik special bond appear here also hmmm btw as everyone witnessed at agneepath sucess bash…srk keep an eye man…:P

  • @Belle Should have humanity like a human being even romance express is behaving fine whats wrong with you do you think akki is greater than hrithik

    @abhi you are sick man and having a bad imagination try to remove or else itwill kill your personal life also

    Firstofall know the difference between entertainer and performer while akki is just entertainer hrithik is a combination of entertainer and performer
    he is just a senior but not a top class stunt performer he will potray multi skills which was lacked by akki like hrithik in coming genrations hrithik stunts were remebered more than akki once again if u do such nonsense i will make you a joker

    If you want to laud akki there is noproblem if you compare akki and degrade our hrithik then getready for some potshots

    @Akki fans i have no hatred on him its just an answer to belle thats all

  • Duggu please take care of yourself. Best wishes to you. Love you…

    @shekhar suman He is still alive and will live for many more years!

    @belle and abhi Get your SRK and Akki out of this thread! This is about Hrithik only! And Abhi try to behave like a grown up!

  • @indicine:post my last you have posted shekhar suman’s comment,you should post my reply to him.

  • @shekhar suman, you are such an idiot , man really you crossed your limits by making such cruel statement. atleast during this kind of situation, show some respect to the stars who work hard only for us to be entertained. he could have used a body double but he risked himself by doing the stunts. respect to hrithik for his dedication.

  • Thirteen years after he made one of Bollywood’s most sensational debuts, ‘Duggu’ Roshan has chiselled his very own special niche in showbiz.
    A compelling performer with those-oh-so-fabulous looks, breathtaking body, nimble dancing skills and an intensity that can pretty much burn anything on screen, whether he is playing an idiot savant or an emperor, war hero or terrorist, loverboy or a careerist averse to love.
    Hrithik Roshan is The Package, folks!
    Sukanya Verma maps 38 high points in Hrithik’s life.
    1. Hrithik made an appearance as a child actor in films like Asha and Aap Ke Deewane, made by his maternal grandpa J Om Prakash, and had a full-fledged role as Rajnikanth’s adopted son in Bhagwan Dada, co-starring Sridevi, made by his pa Raakesh Roshan.
    2. Assisting daddy on movies like Karan Arjun and Koyla turned out to be fruitful for the lanky young man as he learned the ropes of production while hobnobbing with the likes of Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Kajol.
    3. Making his debut the same year as Abhishek Bachchan and Kareena Kapoor, Hrithik emerged the clear winner with the smashing response to Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai.
    His electric moves in the chartbuster, Ek Pal Ka Jeena regale to date.
    4. Three days after Kaho Naa…’s release, Hrithik, already a sensation, made his way to’s office to chat with his fans.
    Despite the adulation, he remains a composition in humility, even after 13 years of superstardom.
    5. It didn’t take long before the Hrithik Roshan fever got out of hand, likening his rise to the Kumar Gaurav phenomenon and prompting this writer to compose a diary on the same.
    6. KNPH’s blockbuster stature and Hrithik’s popularity earned him both the Best Actor and Newcomer trophies at the Filmfare Awwards.
    7. After a long courtship, Hrithik, who fell in love with Sussanne at first sight when he laid eyes on Sanjay Khan’s attractive daughter at a traffic light, got married at an elaborate ceremony in Bangalore.
    8. Hrithik has supported his wife on numerous occasions, including giving her interior decorator shops in Mumbai able backing.
    9. While most stars would enter repeat mode after a super successful debut to cash on the image that made them famous, Hrithik’s second and third release, Khalid Mohamad’s Fiza and Vidhu Vinod Chodra’s Mission Kashmir saw him get into the dark, radical psyche of a terrorist.
    His performances reiterated his mettle though the box office wasn’t as generous.
    10. Even during his lowest phase when all his movies crashed, Hrithik continued to mesmerise.
    Especially rocking and talked about was his chemistry with Kareena Kapoor, his co-star of Yaadein, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham and Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon.
    There’s much leather and love to be found as the duo burn up the floor sashaying to the zingy beats of K3G’s You Are My Soniya.
    11. Even if Subhash Ghai’s Yaadein was panned by Indian critics, Hrithik’s face-making skills, inspired by Jim Carrey in Me, Myself & Irene, didn’t go unnoticed by a certain smitten critic of the Chicago Tribune.
    12. The trend of flops was put to an end the moment Hrithik as the adorable man-child of Koi…Mil Gaya announced his newfound computer skills to his disdainful teacher, ‘Main apne Papa se seekh kar aaya hoon.’
    The sci-fi flick, along the lines of E.T., despite its evident flaws had enough heart and Hrithik to go wrong. And it didn’t.
    Rogert Ebert
    13. You can expect nothing short of magic when two of the best dancers in the business collaborate on a song.
    For Lakshya’s Main Aisa Kyon Hoon, director Farhan Akhtar roped in dancing sensation Prabhudeva to choreograph Hrithik.
    The latter’s rubbery jig was so well-received it earned Prabhudeva a National Award for the same.
    14. Never too shy to convey passion on big screen, his sexy lip lock with Aishwarya Rai in Dhoom 2 ranks among the most sensual ones of Bollywood.
    Though it created quite a stir, Duggu as he’s fondly called, didn’t hold back in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara for the kiss he shared with Katrina Kaif.
    15. He may not have played a daddy in the movies, but in real life, Hrithik is father to two very sweet looking boys, Hrehaan and Hridhaan.
    16. Although it was little more than an extended cameo, Hrithik’s narcissistic yet insecure superstar in Zoya Akhtar’s Luck By Chance gives yet another glimpse of the adventurous artist within.
    17. By far the most popular and successful super hero of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish left no stone unturned to dole out some fancy merchandise.
    Among them the Krrish doll caught most kids’ attention, including his eldest son. The actor once expressed his amusement on discovering Hrehaan playing with a doll modeled after his father.
    18. Considering both his paternal grandfather (Roshan) and uncle (Rajesh Roshan) are accomplished composers, the actor always had musical leanings.
    And that explains his charming, even if amateurish debut, as a singer with Kites In The Sky(Kites).
    HR returned to wield the microphone yet again with Farhan and Abhay Deol in tow to croon Senorita in ZNMD.
    19. A great honour for any celebrity is to be immortalised in wax.
    Hrithik joins the ranks of Amitabh Bachchan, Ash, SRK and Salman with his wax statue, a reproduction of his look in Dhoom 2, at Madame Tussauds in London.
    20. For someone who struggled with a speech disorder all through his young life, Hrithik is a picture of eloquence as he makes grand speeches or displays a regal attitude as the Great Mughal in Ashutosh Gowariker’s lavishly scaled, Jodhaa Akbar.
    21.Quite early in his career, Hrithik stood his own against established actors like Big B, Jaya Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt and SRK.
    What with his on screen face-offs often turning into the highlight or USP of the film.
    22. And while Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish opened to mixed reviews, his performance as a quadriplegic pleading for euthanasia was applauded by the harshest of critics.
    23. His smouldering good looks earn him titles like Sexiest Man Alive all the time.
    2011 saw him win the accolade back to back from People magazine and Eastern Eye.
    24. With great power comes great responsibility, Hrithik endorses this belief wholeheartedly and often volunteers to lend a hand in charitable causes, whether it’s donating a school bus or lending aid to heart patients.
    25. The actor took his time before jumping onto the television bandwagon.
    Being one of the best dancers in Bollywood, it’s only fair he should play judge on Star Plus’ talent-based reality show, Just Dance along with Farah Khan and Vaibhavi Merchant.
    Hrithik’s magic worked just fine since Just Dance garnered the highest opening, TRP 4.7, of 2011.
    26. On that note, here’s a look at his five popular dances: Ek Pal Ka Jeena, Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai: That recurring hand movement. Awesome, right?
    27. Main Aisa Kyun Hoon, Lakshya: Prabhudeva’s soul, Hrithik’s body. Perfection.
    28. Idhar Chala, Koi…Mil Gaya: A breezy tribute to Gene Kelly in Singin’ in the Rain.
    29. Dhoom again, Dhoom 2: Bollywood’s hot-stepper validates his reputation as one with those oh-so rubbery moves.
    30. Title song, Krazzy Four: Hrithik in MJ mode? Win-win.
    31. Comedy, action, drama, the man has aced them all.
    A look at his Top Five performances:
    Guzaarish: Whether he’s smiling in sarcasm or sobbing in pain, Hrithik gives his heart and soul to make sense of this Bhansali blend of sentimentality.
    32. Koi…Mil Gaya: One minute, he’s a bumbling boy. Another, he’s a blustering young man. Bottomline: always convincing, absolutely entertaining.
    33. Jodhaa Akbar: Understated, nuanced, elegant, Hrithik conveys the grandeur, grace and grit of a historical figure with aplomb.
    34. Lakshya: While most would have drowned this coming-of-age character in unnecessary drama, Hrithik’s makeover from apathetic to determined is most believable.
    35. Luck By Chance: How to make a lasting impact in five scenes? Watch, learn.
    36. Hrithik’s three most memorable looks:
    Krrish: From Catwoman to Underworld, Hrithik’s superhero costume is hopelessly inspired but does he work it or what?
    37. Akbar: Brocade, turban, moustache, pearls and diamonds, Hrithik makes one heck of an Emperor.
    38. The numerous get-ups of Dhoom 2: From elegant Queen to elderly janitor, Hrithik dons it all.

  • Duas & Love to Hrithik Roshan.My kids & I adore you & wish you a super-speedy recovery!To your wife, kids, parents & sister & loved ones,
    Allah chose to bless ur’ll with this great man & soul.
    Hrithik,u had us from ur first movie,No need to go to any lengths.You have it,boxoffice or not.We just want to see you act for generations to come.You are the Amitabh of our generation,you dont need anything just your A-game,no stunts,be there for your wife & kids & parents & sister & relatives,& ofcourse us ur fans & above all, just nurture ur God-given talent! Stuntman not a need,(cannot live without)its just a want,u(can do without)!Grace us all with just being simple.We want to enjoy Indian Cinema,simply,u’v built ur name.Chill,couple easy movies,we’d love that,No extremes needed,just you Please.Jazakallah!Alhamdulillah you doing gr8! Duas, Love & Speedy Well Wishes!Love,Duas & Salaams..
    Samira & Family

  • Abhi, (8 July2013) Oops! I meant a zillion & infinite,Thumbs down for Gauri-Hrithik comment.They’r good friends,some maturity & broadmindedness,Please!
    Especially at a time like this!
    If u hav nothin nice to say,say nothin at all!We love Hrithik & should feel motivated & inspired to have had the opportunity to have had the grace,honour & priviledge of being witness & testament to such a talented individual & artist,on vast varieties,on this grand scale,& tricky industry,he doesnt fail to deliver,he goes above & beyond his own limits, goals, experiences,& challenges! “Just love him selflessly, as he loves us all, that way too!”Dont give up ur day job,if u have one that is, just give up ur bad habits,its evident u not comfortable with urself,so u find urself looking for faults with others!He’s flawless!Hrithik is a selfmade man,who becomes more popular by the second.He cud do exceptional at Hollywood if he wanted.His larger than life persona is appreciated by all colour & creed,imagine that!He’s globally recognised.Advice to u,’Negativity is like a drop in the ocean of positivity!’ So u r on ur own buddy!Long life,Good Health,Abundance of Love,Duas & Blessings to Hrithik Roshan,from “the rainbow nation,(South Africa)”.To Hrithik,We all hope Allah keeps u Healthy,Wealthy & Wise,Everything of the best in this world & the hereafter! Samira,Family & Friends (S.A)

  • yes akshay is the man to do action but what he couldn’t do is acting …he tries to act but still fails..pathetic he is

    HRITHIK GET WELL SOON and show this idiots what r u made of

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