Star Screen Awards – Ashutosh Gowariker’s request!

The Ashutosh – Sajid spat during the Nokia Star Screen awards has become the topic of discussion at every Bollywood destination on the internet. Are the award show anchors crossing the line? Is just one question amongst many.

Ashutosh Gowariker, the man who first decided to stand up and ask the host to “shut up”, is not happy with the way the television channel (Star) has marketed the show and has requested the channel to air all the 19 minutes of his argument with Sajid, so as the audience would know exactly what happened.

A source close to Ashutosh says ” He has requested the channel to keep all the 19 minutes of his argument with Sajid. Ashutosh’s protest about what he feels to be the public ridicule of distinguished film personalities would serve no purpose if it didn’t reach the public at large. He has felt for too long the need to stand up and protest against the entertainment at the industry’s expense provided at awards functions by the anchors. Now that he has belled the cat Ashutosh wants the message to go out loudly and clearly. So he personally requested the channel to not cut any of his protest.”

Lets wait and watch if Star accepts Ashutosh’s request, or go ahead with the edited version. Nokia Star screen awards will be aired Sunday (today) on Star Plus at 8PM Indian Standard Time.



  • Ashutosh is very correct. I totally agree with Ashutosh. Its very stupidity of Sajid. I begin an audience give damn to Sajid & agreely tell him to ” Shut up”

  • Hey Sajid: What is wrong with you. Are you stupid, idiot and are you badly brought up.

    you donĀ“t know how to behave in an award show. Sajid , you have to take flak on yourself.

  • i have to agree with the masses. i watch the awards for the speeches and the dance shows and a little bit of background on the stars not the ridicule that they are put through. The writers of these shows need to realize that they are dealing with a mature audience at large.

  • sajid is right. all the personality presents at that function seem to be enjoying.even ashutosh was laughing an enjoying.the biggest joke was done to john abraham but he did not have any problem so what is ashutosh problem. film industry is a family, if he can’t socialise i think he should stay at home.

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