SRK’s short film with R Balki to release on Women’s day

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan and ‘Paa’ director R Balki have joined hands to produce a short film, which is scheduled to release in cinemas on March 8th 2013.

Mumbai Mirror quotes a source close to R Balki as saying “Balki met SRK some time back in Mumbai and discussed the subject. The script is a very sensitive one, and he wanted Shahrukh Khan to be the face of the project. This was followed by a string of meetings, which were kept under wraps to avoid unnecessary speculation, till such time the director managed to convince the actor.”

While not much has been revealed about the project, it’s likely to be women-centric, as the film releases in theatres on Women’s Day.

Shahrukh has already shot his part and Balki is currently editing the short film.

Some pictures of SRK and R Balki who are working together for the first time. Have a look!

Shahrukh Khan with R Balki

Shahrukh Khan with R Balki

SRK and Balki working together

SRK and Balki working together



  • Waaww…another great social cause…
    Shahrukh izz lukin damn gud in d pic
    Waitin for womens day….
    N foh haters too bcozz shahrukh izz involved naa….

  • Srk always follows Amitabh so looks like if Balki makes Paa 2 then he will cast Srk.It will be biggest fun to see Srk in Paa

  • This proves that SRK is real actor and only loves acting
    unlike salman who only loves money and do crap films for money

  • Balki is good director and this is women centric movie but i wonder presence of Srk may not lead audience to head ache torture. . We dnt want a good movie to face problem or head ache Bcoz of supporting actor Srk Hope Srk has limited screen time in this . .

  • Feeling proud after commencement of this project.Really we did a lot about women empowerment, but still a long way is to be covered.At this stage, we require superstars like SRK from various fields like art,cinema,sports,politics to promote it.Really, R. Balki and SRK deserve a lots of admiration and appreciation for their initiatives.

    @sachin11 and selfish.It’s a short film,not a movie.And it is going to be shot for a social cause.So please,keep away your hatred comments from this page.It’s a request.

  • @indicine. I m not abusive.
    Kai po che budget 30 cr. It earn 33 cr.hows it hit? It hasn’t double busines

  • balki is intelligent in choosing srk

    i think this movie will deal with voilence against women esp gangrape incident

  • @xzone AMAZING NEWS.
    xzone in phone conversation with himself aka ‘star’:-
    “Yes bro, Finally we the srkian loyalists get what we have always wanted. That is ofcourse to only see SRK in a small titsy bitsy cameo role in an even smaller film as opposed to a 3 hour torturous tormenting masala entertainer with OTT acting and shouting where speaking softly would suffice. Yippee I cant wait for Friday, to watch a SRK short film when his presence will only be for a minute or two is the stuff of dreams. All of us loyal devoted patriotic srkians can view a SRK film in theatres this friday safe in the knowledge that Kings presence is very very limited like blink and you miss him..! Happy days are here for all SRKians worldwide too so we can all put away our ear plugs and watch the film in peace and more importantly in packed theatres like when bhai jaans film releases in its first week, every show to packed houses…! Im so excited ‘star’, see you on friday first show ok. Bye”

  • @Damnnn…! Well spotted bro, SRK in the first picture looking back at the director with a gormless confused look on his face.
    “I thought you said this was a women centric film but where are all the bikini clad half naked dancers my wife Gauri booked from LA for my pleasure and where are Priyanka, Deepika and Anushka with whom I was supposed to have a love quadrangle with???”
    “Sorry Sir, theres none of that involved in this picture. Im really sorry if you misunderstood what Womens day wad all about!!!”
    :-( :-( :-(

  • @IMAM : You love salman so much that you cant write a sentence for srk without mentioning Salman in it, great going bro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

  • Sachin11 bro if balki cast Srk in paa 2 then make up cost wil be reduced Bcoz Srk doesnt need make up to look like auro Haha

  • Balki is doing the dangerous mistake by joining hand with Sharukh as Sharukh is the great manipulator in the Cine Industry. He has no contribution towards Indian Cinema.

  • look
    to the extent of the hatred these ppl have become
    a one hour movie by srk made u write more words that are in its script this shows

    how much insecure you are

  • good choice of balki…but i ll recommend u (balki) that when u ll start making a film on the conditions of a street beggar , then plz take that “bald” actor as a villain….bcoz he knows better how to crush pedestrians….:P
    @indicine….i have posted it at 9:56 pm…but u didn’t publish it…may i know the reason?
    @navin….u r going more insane day-by-day….now, u got this new disease…in which a person talks with himself….seriously….take a treatment soon…orherwise a number of other diseases ll also caught u…

  • @xzone hahaha You may not have noticed but Indicine for awhile now have to verify the contents of your ridiculous slanderous comments with their Legal department incase of potential libel lawsuits.
    You dont proof read the nonsense you spout out but somebody else has to do that so that users dont get enraged by your sadistic outlook of the world. :-P

  • @Navin,i understand your mental condition.please meet your doctor.your ragpicker crapstar and future golden kela award winner lallu still rocks in the garbage dumps of Mumbai.

  • @xzone: dont forget ur king had stayed n had food at same person’s home when srk was unknown. N now u n ur idol has forgot all those days. BTw were u on spot or r u an eye witness to salman’s Accident? I tell u what, srk fans has accepted that srk will Never break salman’s box office records n popularity hence they keep braggin about 10 or 15 yrs old incidents. Shame on ur idol n his fans.

  • ‘Salman Khan is most natural actor, there is no fakeness or overacting n he relates every scene like real life scenario which connects instantly with audiences’ – Kajol

  • The king khan coming this eid with chennai express,trailor of the film release 28 march. Srk will do to break 3 idiots record after releasing chennai express in eid where salman did’t broke the record by back to back eid release.

  • @hritik….ohk…so we r talking abt that 10-15 yr old incident ..then it’s a sin…but ur talking abt 20 yrs old incident (when srk used to stay at sallu’s home) is fair…this is called “double standard”…which is clearly visible from ur comment…grow up…nd for ur information…if salman has feeded srk..then srk also did a lot for him…go nd watch the filmfare awards of 1999…when srk was announced as best actor …he called salman on stage and gave him that trophy….but u blinds have no eyes to watch that…
    @navin…don’t bother abt me…go nd save “japanese”..:P

  • I want see those faces who are saying salman is king of box office
    MNIK overseas 122 cr.
    Beat that self proclaimed box office king salman and after then told your immature fans to talk about box office

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