SRK’s Mannat Birthday Celebrations with the media (Photos)

Like every other year, Shahrukh Khan celebrated his 47th birthday with the media at Mannat, his Bandra residence in Mumbai. He also waved to thousands of fans who had gathered outside his house.

All the pictures below. Have a look!

Shahrukh Khan out side his home MannatPis from Mannat: SRK waves at the media and his fans from Mannat

Shahrukh Khan celebrates his birthday with fansMannat Pics: Shahrukh Khan celebrates his birthday with fans

SRK out side his home MannatSRK out side his home Mannat

SRK out side his home MannatShahrukh outside his house waving to fans

Fans wish Shahrukh Khan on his 47th birthdayFans wish Shahrukh Khan on his 47th birthday

SRK's birthday press meet at MannatSRK’s birthday press meet at Mannat

SRK's birthday press meet at MannatShahrukh’s birthday press meet at Mannat

SRK cuts his 47th birthday cake with media and fansSRK cuts his 47th birthday cake with media and fans

Shahrukh Khan - 47th birthdayShahrukh Khan – 47th birthday

Shahrukh Khan with media on his birthday at MannatShahrukh Khan with media on his birthday at Mannat

Shahrukh Khan with his fan made sketchesShahrukh Khan with his fan made sketches

Click Here for more pictures from SRK’s birthday press meet at Mannat

SRK waves at the media and his fans from Mannat



  • I dont know whats SRK fans’ problem. Salman was know across world as 7th handsome
    man in world … SRK fans were singing about his
    hits in India saying ‘we live in India and should
    consider only India’s records’. Now Salman is no. 1 in India, they talk about
    overseas saying ‘SRK is hit across world’. One more : ‘Ek that Tiger’ trailer broke fastest views (including
    Ra.One and Don2) on YouTube they declared ETT as
    flop. Now ETT is ATBB and they are singing about
    youtube records…

    SRK FANS : First, be sure what records u expect
    from your hero to break

    Second : Do not keep changing as SRK’s popularity
    as it has been roller coaster for him in last 3 years. Last : I challenge your SRK to do the mindless
    movies which Salman has done and break those

    Peace !!!!!!!!!

  • @Blockbuster , oh come on , if you want to compare srk with salman in worldwide status then I have to say salman is nothing in front of srk in this fact ,forget overseas collection , recently BBC showed the result of ONLINE POLL OF STARDOM POPULARITY where srk is standing on top , tom cruise expresed his wish to work with king khan , you ullu fans can only bringup the domestic collection and thats what you guys do all the time, but my friend accept the truth , salman is local star while srk is global star , the world knows sallu fans uses to abuse srk in every article , every point . that shows the real class of you guys …. if it was birth day salman , I would definetly wish him unlike u guys who started abusing srk
    Come on man , grow up . atleast learn to wish someone in his birthday . .

  • @sRK
    salman is local nd srk is global star????? someday u’ll say..Johnny depp is local nd srk is global star..
    nd u talking abt BBC ha…let me tell u ..BBC inspired by salman’s status…his success..his worldwide popularity..nd r making his documentry..k…
    …salman fans abuse srk in every article????
    jus check the comments first..most of the comments r abusive towards they dont delete tht comments..they only delete comments tht abuse srk..wht the hell is this??????
    Jus check the worlwide collections fisrt nd then comment here..k…..wht abt u guys..ha..u always talking abt views, likes, dislikes..ha…thats why theaters were empty since 2008…only 10% ppl in india use fb,youtube stuff etc…nd u cheap guys ..judge him according to likes,view..hahaha…grow up guys….
    one que for u so called srk fan…..
    Will u ever get out of this word “overseas”????????

  • Wht d hell srk fans talking abt overseas,only 2 bolly movies above 300 cr…3 idiots n ett,n u r saying he is more popular dan brad pitt,johny depp ohh please

  • All SRK fans : The day SRK movie breaks Avatar records or beats Tom Cruise’s popularity i will agree with u guys… n I know that day will never come….. Keep calling him global star n dreaming…

  • @sRK : I didnt use a single abusive word against SRK… N guys r abusing Salman… It shows ur class as well as our class… I just showed the real facts… U grow up n accept SRK time is not same as before… Learn to accept reality instead of keep dreaming…

  • @lil ,
    look , I dont want to start argument with u here about that BBC ONLINE POLL , BBC and TOI has cleared the fact that ,in worldwide popularity , SRK has overcame the popularity of Tom cruise , Amgelina jullie on that poll standing of top . when salman and amir is no where near of top 50 , I know u guys cant accept the truth , now you are giving some lame excuse telling “Only 10% of india use internet”
    OK ,for a while, i accept the fact , then what should I say about salman fans, are most of the salman fans illiterate , RIKSHAWALA , THURKI .unable to use INTERNET who cant give vote for salman. thats the other side of your fact my friend. it shows how salman made hits making 3rd class ,cheap , masala type films and his illiterate fans just liked it. they dont prefer any quality film,besides the poll was notonly counted in india, it has been counted worldwidely . it clearly shows the star power of srk ,how can you deny that he is not a global star ,i know still u’re unble to accept the truth, forget it

  • If any matter comes , I can see most of the salman fans just brings up about boxoffice , thats the only fact they have . can u guys ever get out of this BOXOFFICE COLLECTION , money does not means every thing about a movie , it prefers quality , which u never count .

  • If you truely mean for BOXOFFICE COLLECTION , then i say , just let another superstar have a EID release , and watch . salman always uses the advantage of eid festive to make money .

  • so what SRK is doing? His most of the movies had released on Diwali or Christmas.

    Ready (released during non festive season) all India collection is more than Don2 (released last Christmas).

    Check facts before u talk.

    Last thing: do u carry a citizenship of all the countries or Only India?
    We r Indians n reside in India so consider only BO India records.. :p


  • @ Arun : your SRK has come to that level after staying n eating @ Salman’s home… Warna us ki aauqaat hi kya…

  • @Blockbuster , i was hoping that you would give the example of READY . OK , I can give example of ROWDY RATHOR , It made even more than READY making 130+ crore in non holyday season …. but that does not make Aksay kumar bigger than salman or SRK , when recently he gave joker disaster …. I hope you got the point my friend ,. Rowdi rathor was hit because it was pure masala , tamil remake film like every salman film ….. when AK gave something different like joker, it fall down …

  • @sRK..
    tht Rikshawala,third class,cheap category members belongs to ur family..nd tht Riskhawala should be ur Baap..
    wht kind of quality cinema u like ha….Maya memsaab???..plz check the quality of the nu de scene betwn deepa sahi and srk..hahahahaha
    Raam jane…3rd class movie ever made..even spotboys wud hv acted better than srk..
    Guddu…did u heard abt it????? hahahahaha
    srk more popular than Angelina Jolie by BBC…..hahahahahahah….
    srk is the most popular actor..tom cruise cnt even stand…by BBC…another rumour…hahahahahaha

    Thurki, ur Baap….bcs of him u r commenting here… guys like u always count likes,dislikes,views…etc…hahhahahaha
    its my advice to u…….

  • @sRK: Haan bhai, SRK kuch bhi kare toh chamatkar baaqi sab kare to baladkar… I think u got a piece of ur own mind by lil Wayne, he gave u some terrific examples of SRK so called quality movies… Hahaha…

  • @BLockbuster , why you guys never want to consider outside country fan following of SRK ,….. Because that shows the real star power of SRK which your salman will never able to get , yes he has tremendus fan following only in India ,.. thats why I called him a local star ,… but my friend it is SRK , who has more than 700 millions on fan following over the worldwide ,.. dont deal with him ..
    @lil , bro cant stop loughing seeing you comment , atlast you guys showed your real catagory , real behavior ,.. thats the real fact I TOLD in my 1st comment , you guys only know to berk , abusing , using slangs , however I dont wana berk with u here , I am leaving ,.. Cause do you know why …… when roadside dog berks , we just ignore them…

  • @sRK : just last question…. If SRK has 700 million fans across the globe then why he has less fans/followers on Facebook than Salman fans ?? Please answer this.

  • @Blockbuster , if salman has more fan following in facebook then SRK has more fan following in twitter , but that does not make a scense , nOW u are judging popularity with facebook , when I GAVE you unconversal scorce of that BBC ONLINE POLL and lil told me only 10% of india uses internet , thats not acceptable , blah blah , now you are giving me Facebook cause which is related to internet … . lol
    Dont turn aside from your fact bro , GOOD LUCK , SEE YOU ….

  • @sRK
    the fact is salman has more popular than u.Dnt give BBC update…bcoz according to BBC tom cruise less popular than srk..oh come on..u gotta kill me..
    Try to tell this non sense to ur kiddish frnzz..

  • Now BBC is wrong cause salman’s position is no where near of top 50 in that poll … seriously man , cant stop loughing seeing the madness of ballu fans …. lol
    The poll was started in 2011 and it has counted online vote from 51 countries including India …. yes TOM CRUISE was extremly popular in western countries , but SRK was unbeatable in middle east , he has got huge responce from Germani , UK and US , He has got good responce even in Russiya, and dont forget about his huge fan following in India …thats how he is NO 1 now , unbeatable …
    So ullu fans, pls stop shouting, I know u guys cant accept the truth but atleast stay down …

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