SRK’s Happy New Year poster to be out January 2nd

The first poster of Shah Rukh Khan starrer “Happy New Year” will be launched Jan 2 on the film’s social media pages – Twitter and Facebook.

The poster will be first sent to all fans and fan clubs on the social media sites as a gratification for their support, said a statement.

The action-musical-comedy, also starring Deepika Padukone, Boman Irani, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah, is being directed by Farah Khan and produced by Red Chillies Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

The film’s social media platforms have been very active and their first topic ‘wacky wishes’ has been trending on Twitter.

A huge social media campaign has been set around the launch of the first poster of the film and the lead actors are actively participating in the campaign for the first poster launch.



  • Eagerly looking forward to this film. I expect an entertaining film. And to everyone out there, please no fights here like SRK is king, Salman is king, Aamir, Akshay, Hrithik blah blah blah……. All actors are good in their own way. All this fan camps started only from the moment SRK-Salman had their infamous fight in 2008. Till then nobody cared about records and had no problems with other stars. But now it is a battlefield on all film sites. No one is going to get anything for making their favourite star look good and trolling rival stars. It is a waste of time and energy. It is better for everyone to live in harmony and appreciate cinema.

  • hny poster hasn’t released yet, i saw a poster of HNY in today’s newspaper in Jaipur, i thought they released last night probably, lets see what srk has in store, good luck.

  • GLOBAL SUPERSTAR SRK IS COMING WITH A BANG!!!!!! SRK-FARAH COMBO (success rate 100%) SRK-DEEPIKA COMBO(success rate 100%) SRK-DEEPIKA-FARAH (IT SHOULD BE 100%)………….CRAZE HAS ALREADY STARTED in social networking sites!!! ATBB in process

  • @nipun surely because they have to break every existing record of any movie which stand highest before Diwali’2014, so at least can achieve easily by Manipulating that time:

    By the way as Srk Movie name “Happy New Year” to all Indicine teams, users, Aamir fans and also anti Aamir fans too, please start to respect other achievements and efforts in next year.

  • Thank God this poster will not be releasing tonight…! ;-)

    Great news for once Srkcine/ Indicine…! :-)
    The last thing we want on New Years Eve is a spooky depressing pic off Thakur Of Sholay…. Atleast it will be a Happy New Year for everyone and people can quietly enjoy Dhoom, fireworks, festivities before the Grim Reaper that is Sarkar of Paglapur ruins the New Year Celebrations on second day….

  • @Navin : I reallly really belive dude and from the bottom of my heart that you are the biggest fan of SRK I mean all your comments shows how much u care for srk and what he does even what he looks like
    Dude , hhhhhhhhhhhhh this is really stupid but grow up not you or your idol will be like SRK
    Take it from non indian , apart from Taj mahal , the only thing known about india is SRK so at least u should be pround of him the way he introduced your country and your film industry to us ( the rest of the world)
    well I hope he will leave that country of rape and criminals to somewhere that really appreciate his immense talent
    I hate that bloody INDIA for not be thankful to have someone like SRK and btw who the hell are sal man and a amir ?? because whenever I look for SRK I read their names ?? R they producers or actors??
    PLZ tell me

  • @X,best comment,thank you.till yet posters are not released,but see the hopelessness of lallu and tingu’s fans.for tingu fans,though d3 earns little more than CE by getting huge screens and free running days,but most searched bollywood film on earth is CE.if you say people who doesn’t know they tried to know about it,then my answer to that question will be although films like man of steel,iron man 3 also known by you morons understand what is difference between GLOBAL SUPERSTAR SRK and desi stars lallu,tingu.
    SRK and salman has equal star power in India,but in overseas only SRK rules.amir has a star power equal to or less than akshay kumar.also amir known by his films 3idiots,d3.where SRK and salman are brands.amir fans fight alone with out the help of salman,that’s why tingu is always depends upon sallu,who promotes tingu’s film.such a amazing creature is this mental midget tingu.
    presented by one SRK fan.
    d3’s record will remain for some few months.haters cry as much as you can.baap aa gaya hai.

  • MAMA: AA ! AA ! AAILA ! OH TERI ! who is that actor looks so handsome and charming near deepika.

    BHANJA: again you are behaving like mental.he is the GLOBAL SUPERSTAR SRK.

    MAMA: sorry a syndrome repeatedly attacks me time to time after release of CE.

    BHANJA: this syndrome is called SHARUKH PHOBIA.really mamu,this time YRF and franchise d3 saved you.and previous time CHETAN BHAGAT’s stolen story.but (laughing) now your talash2 period begins.

    MAMA: which film of SRK will relese and with whom.

    BHANJA: film’s name HAPPY NEW YEAR with director farah and actress deepika.

    MAMA: OH TERI(feeling pain) ! again with farah and also deepika.I can’t bear that simple comedy film which smashed my great I’m gone.

    BHANJA: don’t worry mamu,lallu uncle will promote for us.

    MAMA: no lallu is a selfish he will again claim that in return I and you must have to say he is the big star.

    BHANJA: of course mamu SRK and lallu uncle are brand names,films runs after their doubt you are a good actor than lallu uncle but you can’t compete in acting with KING there is only one way to join with lallu uncle otherwise make again 1st bollywood’s south dubbing like ghajini that may save your carrier like lallu uncle who always takes help from south dubbing.

    MAMA: AA ! AA ! AAILA ! OH TERI !yeah that is the right way.I’ll try that next.but this time my gay look might save me in my next film peegay.what you say ?

    BHANJA: you are right mamu (THINKING,bis sall to lallu uncle aur tingu milke KING ka kuch ukhad nahi paye,abhi kya khak ukhadoge,mamu lallu uncle is better than lest he has a large crap film least which is greater than your small crap film list.neither in acting you got award,nor in hits both of you are morons,kash main KING KHAN ka bhanja hota waise meri bhi acting lallu se better nahi hai lekin agar SRK ka bhanja hota to kamse kam thoda acting to develop ho pata aur 1 award to mil jata,jaisa overrated mamu waisa hi bhanja.)

  • @nipun what hritik fans are still doing…
    243 crs and acc to boi its only 180crs…
    Are you ready to accept it you fool..

    When ce did well you mentioned as srk as your 2nd fav..
    after d3 you were with amir fans..
    and finally after jai ho you will regard salman as your 2nd fav.

    One thing is confirm dude thad roshans copied the concept of kaya from you(i mean changing colour)….
    Best of luck and keep it up..
    And finally a grand HAPPY NEW YEAR..

  • Nobody have interested to looking the another crap of year 2014 … The highly buzz entertainers of 2014 are PK , Kick , Singham2 and Bang Bang . Even Ranbir kapoors next movie most awaited than HNY ..

  • Love him or hate him…you will be watching his movie. SRK will be the second have two movies in the 200 crore club. That’s if it doesn’t creat a 300 crore club as it doesn’t seem like Dhoom will. Dhoom is gassing out of the cinemas. Monday witnessed a 60% drop and it’s down hill from now. Had CE didn’t have competition in its second week from Akshay ..CE total would’ve been 270 at least and still the biggest grosser of all time.

  • Their online marketing campaign is unique. Sending the poster to fans and fan groups is a first. Secondly creaating discussion topics like wacky wishes is also unique and that’s trending now. By the time this movie is released it will be the hights trending topic on Twitter! CE was trending like crazy and it’s in the top 10 trending topics of 2013..beating Argo and Les Mis. Records and acheievemnts that cannot be broken.

  • Power of Aamir- Founder of
    100 crore club
    200 crore club
    300 crore club (possible)
    Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, 1 Oscar nomination, 1 Bafta nimination, 2 National awards, and many more

  • @indian super zero weather it,s aamir,hrithik(even in k3),salman,akshy or even big b all of them have overacted in their movie,s speacially aamir and salman watch aamir khan movies before 2000 he have overacted in his every single comedy movie and salman is baap of overacting your talking about headache then please watch aamir khan movies before 2000 or d3 or every salman khan movie or hrithik roshan crap movies like yaadien,main prem ki deewani hoon(total overacting) or mujhse dosti karogi and srk have most number of classic movies even more than aamir.
    to be honest i don,t have any problem with overacting because it happens when actor want to have more effort in his role so what. actors are here to entertain us if their overacting entertain us so don,t care about it

  • @nipun. yes we ll follow producers figures. but I am sure they won’t manipulate 60 CRORES. lol.
    @navin. wow pathetic crying . I meant vining. u are back.
    @aks. poor u. u are doing so good by slipping and sliding every where. coz akshay even with 100 CRORE manipulation can’t give 200 CRORE movie. good for u. keep doing that
    @Indian super . oops sorry it should have been Indian manipulating hero. wow. that sounds super cool.

  • No interest in HNY or others. Eagerly waiting #JaiHo ….. btw happy new year @indicine & @all readers….. my best wishes with u.

  • @nipun even aamir,hrithik,ajay and akshy fans were following boi at times of ce so what about them and even @aks was also following boi at times of ce

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