SRK’s Fan is the first film to be shot at Madame Tussauds

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan has become the first to get access to shoot at Madame Tussauds in London, where his wax statue is a major attraction.

Khan took to Twitter to thank the officials for letting him shoot his upcoming film ‘Fan’, where he plays the role of both the superstar and his fan.

“Thanx Madame Tussauds. Allowing us to shoot Fan with all aur’ stars & our star Maneesh. Very gracious of u. 1st film to shot at ur premises” SRK tweeted on Thursday.

Bollywood Stars In Madame Tussauds

Bollywood Stars In Madame Tussauds

The Bollywood attractions at Madame Tussauds are Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Katrina Kaif, Madhuri Dixit Nene and Shahrukh Khan himself. Katrina’s wax statue was unveiled last week.



  • Ultorn : you must be talking about jai ho, Veer or 48 other flops of Salman’s?

    jai ho being a remake blockbuster Masala movie. being a multi-starrer still failed… no one could saved it ( not even Salman’s driver )

  • So….SRK got to be the first actor to shoot there, Should we give him an award now? They are filming a movie and they can film where ever they want. That is not news nor is it an accomplishment!!!

  • JS : SRK is bigger, bitter and way more famous star than Tom cruise. Tom even posted his movie because of SRK’s Movies many times.. even in 2007 SRK movie did more business than Tom’s movie.. Takla/Ganja/Salman’s jai ho failed to beat 8 years old SRK’s movie gross in 2014.. ( even his driver couldn’t help him )

    Even now Varun and Sid’s movies do more business internationally than Salman’s movie, as they are more famous than Bajpuri actor.. Varun, Sid >> Salman..

  • btw Indicine how is Salman’s Criminal cases going where he killed innocent people? I heard if he lost the case he can spend 10 years in jail? I wish this happens soon at least people will be saved from watching crap, headache movies. Salman and his movies are damaging, insulting B’wood. and hope once he will go to jail they will remove his statue as well.

  • One way or another he makes his movie a multistarrer

    srk playing both superstar and his fan so its billu 2(flop) and the concept is so cheap

  • @ultron nothing can this film? really ? dont forget, we SRK fans have been supporting and saving his films since 1992 unlike 2008 and 2010 stars.

  • SRK’s ”FAN” is The 1st Movie To Be Shoot In Madame Tussauds Stadium even Salman is not even allowed to go to abroad. this is the difference.

  • @romance fake fan, if you don’t know the fact than please don’t come with garbage.
    The 15cr weekend was Given by Aamir with Fanaa as far as I read.
    First 25 cr weekend was achieved by Akki with Singh is king after breaking OSO 23cr record.
    First 50cr weekend achieved by Salman with bodyguard in 2011.
    First 100 cr weekend collected by Aamir with dhoom 3, CE 3 day producer figure is 93cr, pp never counted in weekend figures.
    So srk not got these record first, he only followed them.Lol.

  • SRK became the fisr actor to shot in NASA
    SRK became the first actor to Shot in Madam Taussads museum .
    And then there are some actors/criminals who dont even get passport to shoot outside India coz of their criminal cases . And becharoon ko lagane padte hain court kaceri k chakkar

  • @sareewala 5:41pm

    Whats ‘gener’…? Is this a new phenomenon like ‘content’ which is only associated with Kings crapgiri movies…?

  • @psychotic javed

    Give it a rest you illiterate- nobody is interested in watching the clash of two illiterates doing some English Spelling test…! You and Complan Boy may think its an epic clash but its so sad that you two clowns are wasting your time trying to misspell when you should be more focused on improving your grasp of the english language…!

    PS it should be:- “I cannot wait for Billu Fan release announcement” and not “I wait in lungi for Billu Fan date to wear my lungi 40 times outside theatre hall in cold weather…”

  • im nt srk fan bt im happy that finally he is doing gud movies happy that his fans will finally get smthing wat they deserve ofter B grade films like CE and HNY… but many people lost faith in his films that might affect it…. best luck..

  • @js,televisions channels are not available in every regions.but what happened to mega project jai ho released in 4200 screens after bhai gave 5 blockbusters returned after 1 year still can’t give a hit to his brother and ruined his career and gave a disaster,truly heart brokened TRUTH.

    those fellows whose stars are giving flop films ,they should only have to talk about TV shows which KING KHAN had given back before 20 years ago while other papa’s boy are debuting in films with the help of their papas like amir,sallu,ajay etc etc.

    they said about airport incidents of US but they xouldn’tbsay about RUSSIA,GERMANY,FRANCE,MEXICO presidents/pm invited KING KJAN incidents,because they are feeling too much shame.

    @vijay,are you about to create any jokes by keeping those papa’s boy above KING KHAN,ROFL.

  • Some stupid moron is saying even tom cruise is not allowed there to shoot on jerk why tom cruise need to shoot there ..ur queen shoot there because of his script demands ..jus use ur brain ..?? Dont became fully blind n stick ur lip on srk back

  • No Deepika so chapter closed for anything above 121 crores. I feel so sorry for Shah rukh and Ajay movies releasing bcos Gabbar is back lead actor will show both self proclaimed King and over rated superstar Srk and AJ wat acting and talent is all about.

  • @IamAKN : Your various comments about Salman shows how insecure and jealous you are from his success. Article is about SRK and you have mentioned Salman’s name more than Srk. Now dont say Salman fans also do the same. If you say that then your IQ is worst than them (According you Salman fans have low IQ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @javed : I think either you are living in Paglapur planet or hallucinating clashes. Please consult a doctor !!!!!!!!!

  • @Rao : Still could not change ‘Hit’ verdict on Srk filmography. Swades, superhit in overseas and Flop / average in India – Listed as Flop / Average in Srk filmography. So what difference the overseas collections makes to it (apart from money) ?? It cant even change the verdict. Domestic verdict matters !!!!!!!!!!!

  • @sss : You also talk about Jai Ho and Salman flops but never recognized that he has :

    * Maximum Highest grosser for a year
    * 2 Movies in highest grosser of a decade
    * 7 Movies in 100 crores
    * 5 consecutive Blockbusters.
    * 4 of his movies in 1999 among top grosser of that year !!!!

    So starting respecting everyone work. Learn to give respect to earn the same.

  • @Chain smoker : Stop spreading false news like srk PR. Tom Cruise never approached for shoot in Madame Tussauds. So there is no question of denying him !!!!!!!!!

  • @Navin,hrithik. look at these cryback boys!
    most kindly stop crying baby..
    fan will come on this eid 2015 to dent lallu’s collectio.
    btw, why ur so insecure the clash has not happened yet. what if it happens for real.
    i cannot wait to see our lallu gives to back to back huge disappointment.
    bb: after its three days it will swim left and right to reach to 200 crore club…. it will fail to reach to 200 crore , ofcourse without clash. with clash it will struggle to reach 140 crore.. now swallow the sour truth.
    do not worry about prdp!
    it will automatically sink.

  • @sss and his fellow 1 rupee fans. People are not willing to watch Srk’s irritating presence thats the reason his 5 Tv shows were absolute disasters. Trying to give excuse that Tv channels are not available LOL. Then why was Panchvi Pass a disaster, it was launched on popular channel. Srk is too irritating to give a blockbuster film or show on his own.
    And again Jai Ho did 115 crore on pure Salman power as I proved while inspite of having Kajol+KJo+great music MNIK failed with just 72 crore.

  • @hrithik,then should have also talk about salman is having

    No acting skills..

    Inert for more than a decade

    3 all time flopbusters(disasters)

    2nd most flop giving actor

    not having a single offbeat class movie other than 90’s family dramas

    Also have 3 multiactor highest grosser of the year having 5 of his own due to south remake also about which you’re talking about

    leave everything he reborn after south remakes so don’t shout about his stardom,lol.

    I don’t know from which way we should respect your non actor?

    not a single big honour being a big star!

    telling about 5 bb from last 5 years remained the same couldn’t even crops that only due to south remakes.

    KING KHAN has 11 CONSECUTIVE HITS eith 3 back to back blockbusters with 1ATBB.

    2 movies highest grosser which KING KHAN has 2 times 2004 and 2007.

    he has 7 100cr movie and 2 200 cr movie and 1 50cr overseas movie.while KING KHAN has 5 100cr movie,2 200cr movie,10+ 50cr movies.

    Moreover salman has 3 200 ww grosser while KING KHAN has maximum 6 200CR ww grosser.

    So it’s a kindly don’t talk about BO,who is hiding behind small desi bb status,lol.

  • All Time Blockbuster: 18

  • Salman Khan number one in domestic market

    Aamir Khan Number one in Overseas Market

    SRK number one in Wankhede Stadium

  • @hrithik, better if you see @js, comment before @iamAKN. Why he is writing hateful comments about Dilwalle in Fan’s article? But he don’t know even this mnik is a 200 cr grosser and jai ho is 147 cr grosser.he don’t know even this salman is flop in his so called golden era. He is flop in his own safe zone like remake and tapoori masala.

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