SRK – Yash Chopra talk Jab Tak Hai Jaan (Watch)

Shahrukh Khan and Yash Chopra will discuss their upcoming film Jab Tak Hai Jaan at 4:30PM IST (less than 25 minutes from now).

It’s been an incredible journey for the legendary Chopra, who celebrates his 80th birthday today.

Stay tuned to this page and watch SRK – Yash Chopra talk Jab Tak Hai Jaan.



  • all the stars are related.salman created 32 cr opening record,so srk’s film has high expectation so does aamir khan’s film .srk and aamir khan made khans more powerful so that salman got benefit and last one salman got more hyped after he got rival with top actor srk. so every khans action benefit the other.that is khans oukat

  • @Suman 186 crore big figure but boi is partial towards salman atleast 190 crore is ryt figure.Almost 13 crore difference btw boi and yashraj?why?

  • Non-srk fans just keep chilling. All those who have watched jthj’s trailer including srk fans, very well know the fate of this movie already. Let srk fans goat stammer as much as they can. The real test will be the diwali week and after that indicine will become boring because of the absence of srk fans, as they are the silly entertainers unlike srk’s movies. salman,aamir,akki,hrithik & ajay fans take pride in box office collections whereas poor srk fans brag about you tube views & likes. All non-srk fans, let us show some sympathy to these people as they need it the most.

  • @ nvs. nobody needed Ur advice looser. what r u doing on this page . just bugger off. srk was original bollywood king is and ll be. if u stupid haters say nobody believes. and I am proud to say he is one army. the whole world remembers him for his epics and only cheapos like u comments.

  • @ srk haters. if ra 1 with negative wom garnered 125 crores than think how much jthj would with all the positive response. u all ll burn to death

  • @noam. Poor noam i really feel pity on cheap crack dumper srk fans like you. And why do all srk fans live in past all the time? Times have changed since ur so called self proclaimed king was ruling the bollywood, but currently he is no bigger than akki,hrithik & ajay. Wake up from your boring fantasy sleeps and realise and digest the hard truth that your so called srk is really struggling for his place. Dont live in fool’s paradise all the time. Srk’s time is over, he was very very lucky to get his time but its not the case anymore. And for you kind information srk is the most hated actor in bollywood outside his fans circle and accept this fact. Srk glory days was thing of past, now he is in neither here neither there position and this position will not change in the future. And indicine is not your dad’s property, i can comment on any page i wish. And let me give u one more advice dont shout outside that your srk fan, otherwise people will think that your are a cheap stupid irritating g.y.

  • @ginger. I really feel for poor srk fans like u, most of then went into severe mental depression when they watched srk in movies like ra.1 & don 2. So they had very high hopes on jthj but after watching the trailer, the depression has only increased. So i am really worried about srk fans and their impossible dreams like jthj crossing 200+ crores barrier in india. So srk fans need some serious mental counselling and some good advice, which many are giving. Its better for ‘pity deserving’ srk fans to take it.

  • Dear nvs bro…….,srk done raone which is epic disester of srk ke carrer but……….,what about ajay in tezz.,salman bhai in veer,akshay in joker,emran in shanghai,hritik in gujarish,amitji and sanjay baba in department..,abhi in players..ya all r flop movies but srk collect more than sum of all above movies in india only forget about overseas..,yaa it’s expriment and boring movie copy some hollywood andhigh budget but it got hit status on bio ya i know some dist.loss but no one demand for compltion but in case joker and tezz distb.want compltion from actor and in veer case fees of salman not paid by vijay g or producer of veer……..

  • Don2 g8t movie not on the basis of box office .it’s on basis dirction action,story,acting,loction,nd many more things….,it’s thriller movi.and our INDIA IT’s cntry VILLAGE.yah per bahut saron ko tostory samjh mai nahi ki movie hai.not any item song not masala ent.not single screen movie not 4mass but magr phir bhi it collect more than only multiplex movie cross 100cr

  • @NVS, sir, you must be God. Since you’re directly telling us the future, whilst we’re all merely predicting the most likely. In all scriptures it states that one who is firm upon saying that what he knows not (the future) , is comparative to God. So, sir, unless you’re an atheist, you’re either a hypocrite or you’re God ;D In Islam, we say In Sha Allah that denotes the meaning – with the will of God, therefore not indirectly claiming hypocracy.

    @Marz, May JTHJ be a MATBB In Sha Allah !

  • @hamza khan. No sir, i am not a GOD and no one can ever be and i am definitely not a hypocrite(but some srk fans think so about me). I am not telling the future of this earth or humans after billion years, i only told that jthj may turn out to be the biggest disappointment in our legendary yash chopra ji’s glorious and legendary career. You need not be a GOD in order to do so. Anyway atleast for the sake of legends and icons of our bollywood industry like yash chopra ji, gulzar ji,my favorite a.r.rahman sir, i pray that jthj should atleast be a superhit. If movie is good then all well and good, but if not then srk fans have a great favour to do: even if jthj turns out to be the biggest disappointment of this century, each & every srk fan in india should watch this movie atleast 4-5 times minimum to make it an atbb (200+ crores net in india) in india and in overseas atleast twice to overhaul 3 idiots record. So srk fans please do this favour for legends like yash ji,a.r.rahman sir & gulzar. Oops!!! I forgot about srk here. please, all the srk fans in india, spend atleast 900 rs from your pockets for your favorite srk or else jthj will be…………..

  • @NVS, that, sir, was the most sensible comment by you. Appreciate it. & sir, if it turns out to be as promised (BB or ATBB) ? Since you’ve agreed that no-one actually knows how it will turn out . .

  • @hamza khan. For Srk fans Any comment made against srk is not sensible, so its not my problem. I would’t never ever watch any srk movie till i live, so lets wait for the audiences(non-srk fans) verdict& response on jthj. After all they make or break a movie.

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