SRK with Gauri Khan on Masala: Baby Khan arrives!

While Shahrukh Khan has already released a statement, clearing his name in the ‘gender-determination’ controversy, this month’s Masala magazine promises to reveal the secrets.

The magazine even goes to the extent of asking if the surrogate mum is Gauri’s sister-in-law.†

Shahrukh Khan with Gauri Khan Masala Magazine Cover

Shahrukh Khan with Gauri Khan Masala Magazine Cover



  • ”The magazine even goes to the extent of asking if the surrogate mum is Gauriís sister-in-law”.
    what is this news.
    sister in law of gauri means ,isnt she the sister of srk.
    how can they do like that.
    i dont think this is true

  • When do we get to see the baby and hear Gauri’s side of the story.? It’s all been SRK in PR mode

  • @boss. Gauri’s sister in law is probably her brother’s wife but that is just a speculation. Media creates stories which is are far from true, however, many idiots believes them

  • Not interest of any srk’s contemptible propaganda for chennai express and also request indicine stop plzz .

  • indicine may i ask
    why are u publishing that?

    after releasing all the facts i think you should stop doing that ,

    it is fake and funny which shows this masala value

    what are the benefits?!
    To give ur readers a fake news and bad image
    to help in spreading the fake news

    i know u wrote it is fake but look at the comments they left the truth and believe again in the fake one !!

    tell them that u buy this paper to laugh not to know the true news :D

    btw they didnt even got their own photo
    it is an old pic from toifa days

    what an idiot paper and what stupid readers if they believe in its words or in any other indian cele. paper

    crap :D

  • ^^ Dude, first see what is surrogacy.. Wiki may help.. It is renting a womb. and placing egg and sperm in Surrogate Mother’s womb…

  • @Indicine: The rumors are that the surrogate mother is Namitha Chibber. If she is a Chibber, she would be SRK’s sister-in-law and not Gauri’s. Don’t you think so?

  • Nothing else this is promotion of ‘chennai express’ which has started from last month. Cheap PR.

  • samrat
    yes the rumour is that.the name of surrogate mother is namitha chibber.
    and she is the wife of gauris brother ,so
    sister in law of gauri and sister of srk.
    if the rumour is true,then srk will be in big trouble.
    u r right.that surrogate mother is relative of srk from his wifes side.
    whatever it is relation is a relation.

  • @Gewone : fake king srk words are not the final words or commandments from Almighty. A thief will never agree to the theft he commits. Get a life n open your eyes to see the reality rather being blind in king’s love !!!!!!!

  • @hrithik the blind rat ‘as u called ur self’ :D
    i told u before dont include my name in ur comments but u are so stupid to understand so i will tell u now again dont include my name in ur stupid comments, i dont need ur advice, I dont need advice from a person with a heart full of hate, keep it to ur self rat , go an support ur mental criminal bhi (he is a god and no 1 can touch him and he did not kill or beat any one, that is ur reality :D ) and leave srk pages alone,

    almighty taught u that u should be a good person with heart full of love not hate
    so go and try to be a good person ,clean ur heart from the hatred first then come and speak about almighty and the reality

    double face rat

    BTW , u dont deserve my reply any more nor ur another idiots brothers so try ur best but the rat’s voice will be a rat’s voice forever —> low and full of nonsense

  • @hritik if srk is the fake king who s d real king criminal salman.who gave 34 flop films,had to wait for 10 years to give a solo hit,whose 70 percent hit movies are from south remake.above all he is a criminal.srk gave highest hits in his generation.he has 12 film that crossed 100 crore worldwidely and sallu has only 6.crossing 150 cr or b 2 b 5 bb does not make him yousuf gave b 2 b 4 centuries and gayle,sehwag,lara scored 300 runs 2 times.tendulkar didn’t cross even 250.but he is king bcz of his consistency and record number of centuries.srk is also king 4 d same reason.

  • @Gewone : do not behave as if you are a saint. If we show the reality about srk it is hatred whereas you n your mates calling salman as a criminal. only Almighty knoww whether he is guilty or not. Who the hell r u to pronounce him criminal? you aren’t a loving person either. btw I never said salman is God or innocent. you double faced overseas racist, have some sense to understand it. I will continue to reply your absurd n hatred filled comments (towards my country).

  • @dhaka express : from where did u come? Bangladesh?? Tell me 1 thing who has given highest number of Blockbusters n ATBB in Bollywood? srk? I never call Salman as king coz his Box Office power is enough to shut his haters. Last thing people remembers only Blockbusters n Hits not flops. when did salman gave a hit in 10 years of time?

  • SRK-Gauri an ideal couple and one of the most loyal couples in Bollywood. God bless the new addition in their family. True family man SRK is. Loyal to his love and never making excuses of falling “out of love” to leave his wife. Great example of a long lasting marriage in fickle world of showbiz.

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