SRK vs Salman Khan this Diwali?

Salman Khan wooed the audience with a shirtless item number in Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya in 1988. Since then he has became a trend setter.

But here’s some interesting bit of info. Salman has agreed to do an item number in his good friend Ajay Devgan’s upcoming film Son Of Sardar. What’s more, the actor agreed to do it for free! A set will be built at a studio in Mumbai, especially for the song.

Produced by Ajay Devgan, Son Of Sardar is directed by Ashwini Dheer. Sonakshi Sinha is cast to play the female lead along with Sanjay Dutt and Juhi Chawla.

Salman’s appearance in the movie with an item number, will certainly bring in the ‘oomph’ factor. But what makes this all the more interesting, is the mega clash. If Son Of Sardar is on schedule, it’s set to clash against Yash Chopra’s next starring Shahrukh Khan.

With item numbers these days being major highlights, we are just wondering, if this move is to help Son of Sardar gain mileage against SRK on Diwali!?



  • So a new way found by ajay and salman to bring SRK down..but be as much jealous as you can..your dirty intentions can’t bring SRK down

  • I somehow have a feeling this will break all three films (if Khiladi releases). Romantic films are not doing well anymore and SRK’s film is said to be a period drama.

    Son of Sardar is an action comedy, it is likely to have all the ingredients of a commercial masala flick.. Ajay also has a good record on Diwali. Now Salman’s presence will only boost opening numbers.

    Even though SRK film will open bigger, it wont be 100 crore grosser.

  • Saari Flop hogi…only MegaStar Ranbir Kapoor can give BLOCKBUSTERS…he is Baap of All Flop Khans..hahah…

  • @indicine

    This will not do any touchable effect becouse salman did this before in ESHA DEOL’S come back film but film became big flopppp.

    Also this shows the jealousy of salman and aamir coz aamir is releasing his movie after two weeks from diwali ( not diwali day !) while salman does free item songs and promotions for the films which clashes to the srk movies such as DAMADAM! , tell Me
    Kkhuda and now SOS!!!

    But SRK will do like that coz he is the king and he must behave like king not like idiote.

    GOOD LUCK GUYZ………….!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jealousy can’t make an actor good. Open minded people go a long way but jealous people ruins. GOOD LUCK SRK.

  • jalo jitna jalna hai kya fark parta hai hri tik ne king khan ko jo takar 2000-2003 me dithi wo to salman aur amir milkar bhi nahi de sakte par phir bhi srk won and then they become friends

  • This is the purest and utmost jealousy reach by ajay and salman.Salman is fearing that the movie of SRK will cross his movie’s collection and he is doing this.And we all know that this is the extreme jealousy by LALLU.As for ajay I was not expecting this amount of jealousy when kajol and SRK are such good friends.Now I hate LALLU khan even moreeee.SRK ROCKSSSS.

  • king hiii jitega, salman srk se jalta hai isliye wo item song free main kar raha hai par koi na koi faida nai hoga aakhir main king khan hee jitega

  • srk ne kabhi aisa kiya amir aur salman ko campaign chalane do shahruk amitabh ke barabar nahi aasakta waise hi amir salman srk se nahi jeet sakte

  • guest role karleta to fayda hota ab gulzar and rehman ka combination item number ka song hit hi nahi ho payega to effect kaise karega

  • @vijay the great point and yash ji jis movie ko direct karte hai uske songs blockbuster ho jate hai guest appearance profitable hota but yash ji jis film ko director kare uske samne songs lana kuch fayda nahi hai

  • ajay aur salman single theatre ke favourites hai matlab picture single theatre me hit hai

  • Everyone’s trying there best to come to level of hype of SRK starrer…Akki is roping in Sunny deol…and others..while Ajay is busy with Salman…..
    None will matter…and was Salman wid 6 packs first..but it was after OSO’s item number..the 6 packs became publicized..

  • pata nahi india me actors ko tarjih kyon dijati hai hollywood mein director main hota hai picture me yadi director ka Vision sahi na ho to kuch nahi ho sakta aur fir yrf se takrana matlab chur chur ho jana

  • what to say about ajay he can not took control over his own wife marriage ke after bhi she did four movies with king all succeed if he hates king so much why let her own wife do romantic movies with the most romantic hero born ever

  • salman writting script of dabbang2 he also wrote script of veer.har dil jo pyar karega.garv dabbang2 is in same list ha ha ha ha

  • now dis is smthing really intresting, if SRK would hv done an item song, den dese ppl would hv been shouting, oohhh he is so generous, he is so kind hearted, he is d king,
    bt if salman is doing an item song for free den he is jealous
    gr8 thinking :)

  • Though i m a Salman fan bt i would say dat d item song wnt affect SRk’s flick
    come on yaar SALLU sirf ! song mein or SRK poori movie
    comparison k to sawal hi nhi

  • @ayan ahmad are bhai ayan mahine bhar baad welcome but please answer the question why salman always do item songs against srk films first a movie which i do not remember with esha dewol and then poor ajay ab jalan nahi to kya ghanta hai

  • salman ko pata nahi yrf kaun hai ek chutki me barbad kar sakta hai he has gross of 2000 crores and salman ki whole family gross 200 crore hai

  • @rehman ab srk ki gross 4500 crore hai to yrf ki kya kya fark parta hai indian box office pe to salman chal raha hai srk se upar ok

  • @rehman,how do u expect him to know.. He jst does d item bcos he was being asked to.. Do u nw expect him to be rejectin a good friend request.. Pls think

  • “London Piss” will be just like Jaan-e-man mark my words it will not even break the Ghajini’s record of 117 crores.

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