SRK vs Aamir Khan!

Finally it has come down to the biggest box-office battle in a long long time. Shahrukh Khan’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi opened great and continues to do good business, but the Ghajini cyclone is set to storm the country on Wednesday. While Rab ne.. was promoted mainly as a SRK – Adi film after 8 years.. Aamir Khan has almost single handedly managed to create all the hype, as neither his co-star Asin nor the director A R Murugadoss is known to Bollywood buffs.

The industry speaks on both SRK’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and Aamir Khan’s Ghajini

Atul Mohan of Complete Cinemas.

“The film is going to rewrite box office history as far as the openings are concerned. It’s also helping the film to achieve the record number of prints it is releasing with. Ghajini is an action thriller, a genre which generally attracts the masses more than the families but with the hype that Aamir has managed to create and of course the promos, both families as well as the masses desperately want to watch it as soon as they can.”

Senior Trade Jounalist

“At least Rs 55- 60 crore net gross is expected from the eight day first week of Ghajini. Even if the film turns out to be a turkey, with the super strong opening that it is all set to get, the rights holders Studio 18 need not have a single reason for worry. If one decides to compare it with Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, then in the music department, Rab Ne has scored over Ghajini but despite that this masala film is going to do much more business than the King Khan starrer. The collections of this film should probably prove who the real number one is between the two Khans – Aamir or SRK?”

Some Box office Numbers for Ghajini

The advance booking in terms of money generated is 2.5 times more than any other film. What we will witness with the release of Ghajini is a milestone in the hindi film industry as far as opening goes just Gadar is a milestone in terms of all India business and DDLJ is a milestone in terms of its historic long run. The opening weekend of Ghajini may well be 35-40 crore nett while the week could end up with 55-60 crore nett if the film sustains. The film is heading for simply mindboggling figures that nobody could have even thought of before this week.

In South India

“There is extreme craze for the film in both the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. As we all know Ghajini was originally a Tamil super hit and that it was also dubbed in Telugu. In both these languages it went on to shatter box office records. The Ghajini fans down South now want to see how Aamir has done justice to the role made famous by Tamil star Surya. Aamir is amongst the few very popular Bollywood actors amongst the youngsters in the South and with South starlet Asin too making her Hindi debut in Ghajini, they are waiting for Ghajini’s release. Bangalore center too is expected to see good collections for the film.”

Aamir Khan has succeeded in creating hype, of the level that has never been witnessed before. While the war of words continue between the two legends.. Lets wait and watch, which way the SRK vs Aamir Khan battle goes!



  • oops…this hype still continues
    after 5 yrs, I shall produce a film titled ‘Shahrukh Ban Gaya Aamir’ (Shahrukh Turned Rich) which will become one of the most succesful box office record broker in this decade….just kidding
    lets see how this hype works on Wednesday…

    Cheers all.!!!

  • usually the south remakes dont work in northland simply because we cannot digest the south flavour.. many directors like mani ratnam try to fit south indian flavour in their film with bollywood actors but the kinda dialogue delivery and the ambience doesnt work up in the north ..for ex the dhoti attire .so lets see how much of southie flavour has been pushed in this movie gajini!!!

  • Munna Bhai, a south remake has done very well at the box office – i wish aamir all the best. twenty years and the magic is still there, from QSQT ……

  • Munnabhai.. Was a original.. It was remade in Tamil by Kamal Hassan.. Infact it was even remade by Hollywood.. They purchased the rights for the remake..

    Aamir rocks! GO aamir!

  • How Raj has said: forget about amir and srk. Rbnbndj was an average film, so will be Ghajini.

    Chandni Chowk to China will be the all time Blockbuster because of all world people + China people.

  • why dont you guys stop fighting about the stars and start talking about the theme/script of movies..Is it that you guys only care about the actors and not movies?

  • its official folks !!

    ghajini has become the biggest blockbuster of all times.

    it has crossed 90 crores net in just two weeks flat ! no other film has done that in bollywood history.

    in its third week, it will easily cross the 100 crore net mark. this will be a milestone in bollywood and a history making event. no other film has ever done this in the history of bollywood. and it would have beasten legendary films like dilwale dulhania le jayenge and gadar.

    wow !! aamir must be really pleased with himself, and he deserves it.

  • Shah rukh is one and only king, badshah of bosy can stop him. those who wants to go ahed him.please i gives idia:-1) Amir khan learn how to markiting from king khan.2) Akshay first you must learn how to acting like darr,bazigar.ramjane……….a lot of only do ha hi hi in the movies.3) Salman also as Akshay.

    Badshah is king no body can stop him.Big B cant do him then how these actors can do it? hi ha ha

  • Sorry to burst your bubble. Ghajini and rab ne didn’t release at the same date, so it is not a box office battle. Had ghajini released on the same date, it wouldn’t stand the chance to survie. Amir is fully aware of that so he released it 15 days after rab ne. Also, Rab ne released three days after mumbai attacks were over. If it wasn’t SRK, no movie would do any business. Amir sat at home tested the water and then released the movie. ha

  • Dilip, the Mumbai attacks took place on 26th November. Rab Ne released on December 12th! Thats a good 16 days after the attacks!

  • @ Dilip,
    U r absolutely ri8 to say- ‘Aamir sat at home tested the water and then released the movie’
    This is the real marketing technique to reach to the people by checking the tastes. It shows Aamir is brilliant than SRK (yes SRK, who only thinks as he is best then people would accept him)…Finally he lost the battle with Ghajini or Aamir.

  • i think aamir khan is the best in bollywood today, i do not know where to start and how to start because he is a versatile actor, see his performance in his movies, i dot not hate shahrukh but only thing which makes me uncomfortable every time when i see his movies that he just does love stories he needs some change now, he loves to sing a song with his heroin around the trees well come on yaar, he was good in darr and pardes and devdas because he did some different roles in those movies, right now he is 44 and he is getting old if he does not do different roles now it would not be possible for him to do the same love stories 4 years from now and then he would not be able to do chalanging roles and i realy like one thing about aamir that he changes himself according to the character, see his hairstayle which is diferent in every movie since sarfrosh and on other hand shahruch in main hoon na he played a major or sipahi role and he did not even cut his hair for that and on top of that he was trying to become keanu reaves from matrix in the climax of that movie well cut the crap yaar how can anyone chase a van with the bloody rikshaw, it should not be like this, being an actor you should be ready for everything for evey change, aamir and shahruch they both have the same sirnamem, same khan sirname wont make you good actor MR. KING KHAN {HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA}

  • there is no comparison btw amir and srk coz if we talk about acting then shahrukh is not even near amir because amir khan puts himself in the character no matter what chafracter he plays now let me give you one example in main hoo na srk played a sipahi with long hair role now that is not a versality because fauji people dont keep long hair – and in the climax how can anyone chase a van with fucking rikshaw i think he was trying to become keanu reeves from matrix, he just knows one thing how to dance a sing around trees with girls in movies because thats what he has been doing for years, he needs some change now – he should do some different roles and on the other hand amir khan according to character chnages his hairstyles in almost evey movie. HE IS THE BEST “AMIR KHAN”..amir khan does not attend award functions therefore award automatically goes to srk’s way and even akshay said in his interview that he was asked by filmfair to perform in the filmfair show and they will give him award…and naseerudin shah said that bollywood awardss are joke only amir is the person who has been to OSCARS…….AND HE WILL AGAIN…

  • amir is the person who has been to OSCARS…….AND HE WILL AGAIN…
    1. 1947 The Earth was selected for OSCARS…
    2. Laggan was selected for OSCARS…
    3. Rang De Basanti was selected for OSCARS…
    4. Taare Zameen Par was selected for OSCARS…
    What else i can say for this….

  • Srk & amir comperison
    In an community EXCLUSIVE, presented by Batman, one of the truest SRK fans of the community, comes a list based on authentic collections and box office data alone from reliable sources, that tracks the success stories of both Khans, in a career spanning around two decades, who is it that has captured the audience all over? Who is it, that is the commerically “successful” actor all over?

    Ghajini might have turned out to be the highest grosser in Indian cinema and a monstrous hit for Aamir Khan, but the total package speaks an entirely different story.

    Here is a look at the success story of both the Khans, based on the box office verdict alone!



    *Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge(the longest running movie in Indian cinema)
    *Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hain


    *Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
    *Om Shanti Om
    *Karan Arjun
    *Chak De India
    *Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham


    *Veer Zaara
    *Dil To Pagal Hain

    HITS(all India)(10)

    *Main Hoon Na
    *Kal Ho Naa Ho
    *Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna


    *Yes Boss
    *Chalte Chalte
    *Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam

    TOTAL: 23 With 17 All India Success

    Now lets rewind back to the success story of Aamir Khan!



    *Ghajini(highest grosser in Indian cinema)
    *Raja Hindustani




    *Taare Zameen Par


    *Rang De Basanti
    *Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak
    *Dil Hain Ke Maanta Nahin

    REGIONAL(SEMI) Hits(8)

    *Dil Chahta Hain
    *Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke
    *Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar
    *Mangal Pandey

    TOTAL: 17 With 9 All India Success

    The verdict is clearly out , based on box office collections and commerical success alone, there is only one true Badshah of Bollywood, none other than King Khan SRK himself!

    And as a prominent fan and logical analyst of the community, Zaphod correctly pointed out if overseas collections are taken into account ,SRK could very well be sleeping for the next five years and still wind up on top.
    ab boliye kon hai no.1……………….

  • What’s the criteria to judge the acting skills, no. of hits? the classifiation of which is also biased.

    I think dear, this is not the case, there is a permanent class difference between Aamir and SRK? SRK may be more popular but Aamir is in a different league because of his acting skills. Like, Maruti may be the most popular car in India with largest market share but it can never be compared with Mercedes-Benz.

    Choice is yours, Maruti or Mercedes Benz ………

  • WASEEM , it is not Maruti Vs Mercedes here , it is SRK VS Akhan. SRK and Akhan are top actors of bollywood , but SRK is Akhan++ . GHAJINI made records but those will also break by SRK Or AKumar.
    And about class difference between SRK and Akhan then you say this because U look like a big fan of Akhan.
    What I think that they belong to same class.

  • If you are here and trying to tell the world that Aamir is not an actor I think , You better off in this blog. Becuase you have no sense that what you are saying. Let me tell you the story. All the major famous and legend actors said about aamir khan , that he is today Gurru Dutt or Dilip Kumar. This is not my words. This is what other Greate actors says about him. Take a look Kofee with Karan , Randhir Kapoor said , According to me Aamir is a great actor and I am seeing him in future Greater then Dilip Kumar or Raj Kapoor. Shah Rukh is popular but remember there is a defference between ACTOR and STAR. Shah Rukh Khan is a Star not an Actor , Aamir Khan is an Actor and he is also supper Star. So please dont say against Aamir becuase you dont like him, You can not ignore or hide the reality. I hope this will gives you the answer. If you have any question email me.

  • SRK is the greatest actor who taught most of the Indian teens how to love. He is also responsible for this high commercialization and popularity bollywood. Amir in my view should watch movies of SRK daily to learn much about acting.

  • srk is the best he is a single man in bollywood and all the bolllywood industry against him only reason is that jailusi and amir is also jalus with king khan amir khan had no acting skill my amir i think u dont see davdas first u see it ok amir u just jalus wih king khan and u r friend salman is also king khan u rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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