SRK visits Hrithik Roshan at Hinduja Hospital: Photos

After returning back to Mumbai after hosting the IIFA Awards in Macau, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan visited his good friend Hrithik Roshan at the Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai.

Hrithik was diagnosed with a clot in the brain which was surgically removed on Sunday. Sources say, the actor will be discharged from the hospital on Thursday or Friday. Doctors have advised him to resume shooting for his films only after a month.

Shahrukh Khan visits Hrithik Roshan at Hinduja HospitalShahrukh Khan visits Hrithik Roshan at Hinduja Hospital

Shahrukh KhanShahrukh Khan

SRK visits Hrithik Roshan at Hinduja HospitalSRK visits Hrithik Roshan

Renu Namboodiri with husband Madhur BhandarkarRenu Namboodiri with husband Madhur Bhandarkar

Kunal Kapoor visits Hrithik Roshan at Hinduja HospitalKunal Kapoor visits Hrithik Roshan at Hinduja Hospital

Pinky RoshanPinky Roshan



  • good to see that a megastar is worrying abt another megastar….their frndship is a milestone for other stars that despite being superstars , they share such a cordial relationship…
    Meanwhile, after watching the poster of k3, srk tweeted that k3 is already a blockbuster…me too, excited for ce and k3 ….

  • Hrithik and srk are always good friends.srk is my 2nd fav after hrithik. .both rockzz. .
    I hope for the best for them. .

  • Now, we will have the following comments:

    That’s srk – forever loving others

    What a sweet guy

    Srk is the best

    All the best to srk for such a great deed

    Truly legendary

    blah blah……

    but not a single srk fan will say good health to hrithik……selfish fans.

  • wish and prays for hro,get well soon

    #srk a great human being,a true friend,a wonderful father,heart beat of millons,a global superstar

    CHENNAI EXPRESS departs in 29 days

  • comes to save krish, anyway sci fi film will work next decade not now, king khan fails with ra1.

  • Srk went to hospital for another ‘botox’ injection but media got their wires crossed and put 2 and 2 together to get 5…!

  • nothing else, promotion chennai express! but indicine, where is shahrukh, he is not to be seen in any picture?

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  • @xzone
    Don’t take stress, no one is excited about CE,everyone knows SRK will fly out ofbollywood like a “Titli” after Chennai Express gets derailed.

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  • @hrithik lol

    I honestly think ‘Thakur of Sholay’ went to hospital to get a new sling but media didnt fully investigate things so broadcast false news as always.

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  • @Karizma a pathetic hater will depress after krrish release

    see the friendship btw srk and hrithik here

    and frndship btw aami and hrithik as A day before his surgery, Hrithik sent a cheque for Rs 25 lakh to Aamir Khan, who’s pooling funds for Uttarakhand flood victims.

    and frndship btw salman and hrithik a long back and even he visited being human store

    Etc Etc with max bollywood stars like uday chopra,farhan akthar,kunal kapoor,arjun rampal,karan johar, imran khan,vashu bagnani

    So Your Dirty minds will; get always dirty thought syou always be sick like this grow up some day useless creature

  • @Babaji
    Everyone is excited about CE.Only duffers like you are spreading negativity.Just wait & watch on 8th august.

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