SRK is now the proud owner of his second T20 team – Trinidad & Tobago

Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan added another feather to his cap recently when he bought his second T20 team, this time from the Caribbean Premier League. The actor already owns Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League, along with Juhi Chawla and her husband Jay Mehta.

SRK, might be the first Bollywood star to have a CPL team, but he is not the first movie star to do so. Hollywood stars Mark Wahlberg and Gerard Butler already own Barbados Tridents, led by Kieron Pollard, and Jamaica Tallawahs, captained by Chris Gayle, respectively.

Shah Rukh expressed his happiness by saying “This is in line with our vision to expand globally. We are thrilled to become part of the cricketing tradition of Trinidad & Tobago. The passion for franchise cricket in the Caribbean is evident with the success of CPL and we hope to bring all the best practices of KKR to the T&T franchise.”

The CEO of the company Venky Mysore added, “KKR has been fortunate to be recognized as one of the most professionally managed franchises in IPL. That experience has encouraged us to expand globally .The idea is to replicate our success in the CPL, keeping the growing interest in this (T20) format in mind.”

The tournament will be held between 20th of June to 26th of July. The Trinidad and Tobago team have star players in the franchise like Dwayne Bravo, Jacques Kallis, Darren Bravo, Johan Botha, Kamran Akmal and Kevon Cooper among others.

The fact that someone like Shahrukh is now associated with the Caribbean Premier League, is likely to substantially increase the viewership of the T20 League in India.



  • What happens to movie world if Sarook buys West Indies team? Is it a news to post on a website meant for bollywood news?
    Instead you should post an analysis on PK, about how the movie conquired the world. And of course we want Overseas and World star rank which are topped by the one and only Aamir Khan!

  • Salman does charity to get sympathy and to make people fool. Sarook buys cricket teams and players to make money.
    Consistantly Salman is giving shameless films which are as poor script wise as acting by the lead actor. Brainless boring craps.
    Sarook is giving cheap bakwaas overacting films from the start of his career. Irritating craps.
    Only Aamir Khan is giving brilliant entertaining films from the start of his career. He has given us unforgettable classics so many! He is the real King, baki sab bakwaas hai.

  • @indicine u are talking like his fan not bollywood site anyway he is not actor he is business only money matters

  • Congo srk…
    @indicine do u know about timing? N u r talking about viewrship…
    1st one Care about cpl…
    2nd timing…
    I know about cpl….match started at 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm, 6pm, 8 pm (Caribbean timing)
    then in india it started at 12 am, 1.30 am, 3.30 am, 5.30 am…..
    only we can watch one match 9.30 pm…
    but still cpl is not famous in india…

  • Shahrukh is Multitalented
    Thats y hez everywhere in cricket in films in business.
    He is a visionary. i adore him

  • after sad start in first 3 season , kkr has maintained good consistency nd has won 2 ipl trophies..
    now srk has owned t&t also..
    meanwhile our bhai’s team is not able to win even celebrity league .

    mca put a ban on srk for wankhede nd on the same year , kkr won ipl nd srk did a solid victory rally at historical nd india’s biggest cricket ground (seating capacity) eden garden..

    tight slap to mca.
    neither they were able to prove anything against srk that night in court nor they were able to stop those over 1 lakh people who participated in victory rally.

  • SRK is the brand himself he is the true Super Star no doubt.

    Eagerly waiting for Dil Waale, Fan and EID 2016 release RAEES

  • SRK can buy anything if he wishes..he could have even bought the entire MCA cricket stadium and kicked those people who turned against him..But who cares..they just want publicity through SRK!!! The police man who ill treated the SRK kids might be very happy to see his photo on the front page!! Otherwise no body cares him!!

  • Should build afew theatres there too in order to help Queen finally beak his crappy MNIK old school overseas record….

  • This is the reason why he is ranked in the wealthiest actors list. Not due to acting in movies like hollywood stars, he also does commercials,produce movies,do other stuff,etc.

  • @ queen Aamir khan…..Feeling jealous …SRK is allrounder..multi-talented…From common man to huge superstar…..Aamir khan will get free tickets to watch the match with the help of SRK…LOL

  • He wasn’t an actor and he still isn’t. He is just one of the smartest businessman in India.
    Don’t know where this smartness goes while choosing scripts and directors. ?

  • @ Ishan Galti :
    Don’t cry . Just tell your star to behave well , and he might get a free ticket to watch a match !!!

  • @idhan gulati,ha ha ha ha.before that you should claim before your perfaketionist to give a RESLISTIC CLASSIC which he cometely failed to give and you 2 rupees peoples are still thinking his masala films as CLASSIC by voting it in IMDb like a loser.tell him to do films like SWADES/CDI/MNIK/JTHJ.phir dekhna kahan se nikalti hain uski, 1st let your papa’s boy teach the spelling of “CLASS” ,then he’ll became a businessman,lol.

  • Trinidad & Tobago has been an excellent market for Bollywood Films for many years , and Shah ru Khan, Amitabh Batchan, Lata Mangeschar. and many other stars of India have been regular visitors . The Khans trio are very popular and their movies are sold out.. SRK, knows what he is doing as he knows that Trinidad is the birthplace
    of many T20 players who now play in the IPL IN INDIA. also it is the birthplace and home of Brian Lara.
    Also, its Prime minister is from the East Indian despora, Mrs. Kamla Persad Bissessar

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