SRK suffers minor injuries while shooting for HNY

Shahrukh KhanBollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan suffered minor injuries while shooting for his upcoming film ‘Happy New Year’. The superstar was rushed to the Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai for treatment.

“Shahrukh Khan had a minor accident on the sets (of Farah Khan’s Happy New Year) while shooting. He has a minor injury and has got the necessary medical aid. He is absolutely fine now,” read a statement from the actor’s office.

The actor received treatment at the physiotherapy department of the hospital.

A source close to the actor also told us that SRK will return home after treatment later tonight. The exact nature of the injury is unknown at the moment.



  • biggest actors in bollywood 1990-2013
    1 srk
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  • All the best, Khan, keeping aside our fans; fights!! Wish you recover soon!! Frankly, without you, competition in Bollywood won’t be that tough!! From a Salman fan….

  • Fellow readers, such minor news will continue appearing in the news, trying hard to publicize HNY as much as possible.
    But ultimately HNY will not create any records
    or even if it creates any they would be washed out by Kick and P.K.

  • Hope he izz well and he resumes shooting soon… Personally speaking Abhishek is on a career high and its imperative Abhishek cashes in on his recent success and needs all his sidekicks on HNY fit n raring to go….

    Get well soon Thakur and all the best in Superstar Abhisheks next HNY…!

  • Vidya balan:- SRK is my Mentor(Zee cine award)
    Priyanka chopra:- SRK is my GURU and My
    Favorite actor(Color screen)
    Sridevi:srk is my favorite actor
    Anushka Sharma:-SRK is Man who never Makes you feel insecure
    Deepika:srk is my favorite Co-Star and thanx him for OSO..!! Manoj Bajpai-SRK is My FAv Actor and i Follow him..
    Shruti Hasaan-SRK is my Childhood crush and my Fav Actor..
    Ayushmaan Khuarana:-SRK is my Role model and My Fav Actor..
    Ranbir Kapoor:-SRK is a True d number of awards he
    won makes work More and win awards…
    Ranvir Singh: SRK is my Fav Actor and he ismy inspiration fr which i am in Bollywood..
    One Man so Many Inspiration..!! ..A true
    role model _/\_

  • OMG!!!!!GOD,thank you very much he is well,no one can stop HNY to be the highest grosser of this year and to broke each and every record set by d3,BECAUSE KING HAD GIVEN HIS BLOOD TO THE MOVIE.

  • SRK now afraid of Salman Khan’s film JAI HO that it will break record of Chennai Express so he is doing all this drama of accident.

  • @Karthik, Maybe because SRK is doing some intentional drama to distract media attention from Sallu’s film as he has always been. Remember what his PRs and Fans did against K3???

  • SRK is not the kind of person who wants to cash in on the brand created by “Superstar AB”, John and HRo, so do dont worry Navin .. u need to get well soon

  • @ Navin U took the time to put SRK down as a second tier actor below abishek and sheepishly wish him well when he has an accident, just shows ur low level in life……………if Salman had accident I wud have wished him speedy recovery and not put him down, ur very rude and mean sir

  • @karthik,thank this article showed how salman is so much insecure of KING SRK,he thought even a minor injury of SRK might affect bad on his movie jai ho.the person whom he before some days hugged at guild awards,after hearing this news,rather to give him sympathy said this is drama/coincident.if you would have made at least a sympathy to that man,than you would not have to told like”concentrate on “jai ho”.because other actor’s fans surely watch your movie as it will release in 5000+ screen.but how can you give sympathy to someone because a perfect murderer is hiding inside you.this shows how lallu is being human?that’s the power of SRK,how mighty could be the opponent but always afraid of the power of KING SRK.Glorious HNY willl kick every film and every record this year.

  • get well soon KING KHAN and thank GOD that he is fine now, i am soooo nervous to hear that SRK got injured but thank he is ok<3

  • this is nothing. still the Almighty will punish him for all sins he has done against other actors. just wait. he may be a good actor, but the meanest and arrogant persons i’ve known in the industry. if some celebrities( above mentioned) are saying good about him………….. they know without praising srk (completely fake)…they cant survive in the industry. its just commonsense. why they dont say about amitabh bachchan???becos he no longer is in control.

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