SRK spends time with Dilip Kumar on his birthday

Shahrukh Khan spent quality time with yesteryear superstar Dilip Kumar on his 89th birthday.

SRK tweeted saying “Sat with Dilip kumar sahib. It was his birthday. Sairaji.. amazing songs so much love… my parents would be so happy. Allah has blessed me”

The legendary Dilip Kumar was one of the first superstars of India. He is known for classic films like Mughal-E-Azam, which did well even when it re-released a few years back.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Dilip Kumar a very happy birthday. May he live long and may god bless him with good health.

You can wish him too. Submit your wishes in the comments section below.



  • Wat’s d problem wit dis guy! Is he so obsessed that he writes evrytin he does on twitter…common srk be genuine 4 once…

  • Now this guys has problem with srk even for writing on twitter ? ? ? What is wrong in this? Oh god what kind of this peoples are, who is telling him to read this all things yaar, just go & do ur own work n mind ur bsness, if u dont like srk then why u following him this much each n every where…

  • Dilip saab or Dilip ji…we are unitedly ardent fans of you and watched every single father idolizes you as an actor and person and we all in our family would like to wish you a very happy birthday and may Allah bless you with sound health and peace….from Iran

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