SRK to release ‘Radha’ song with Sejal’s in Ahmedabad

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan will release the first song of his film ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ at an event today. The makers had organised a contest to find the city that has the maximum number of girls with the name ‘Sejal’.

The Gujarat city of Ahmedabad emerged as the winner.

Shah Rukh will visit the city later today to meet the girls and to release the first track of the film.

The superstar will be seen playing a Punjabi character named Harinder Singh Nehra in the film, while Anushka Sharma plays a Gujarati.

‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ releases in theatres on August 4.



  • hit LIKE if you think one BAADSHAHO teaser is way better than these 3 mini promos of JHmS!!!

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  • Oh god his over the top promotions..
    Spend crores of rupee in promoting that it becomes difficult to recover..
    You CANNOT push a bad movie down
    People’s throat.. look at Tubelight.. only 1-2 tv shows and few press meets.. look at Babhubali.. totally organic promotion.
    I mean even an animal learns from his mistakes but srk doesn’t

  • he is a marketing genious….. my prediction
    1st day : 40cr
    2nd day:37cr
    3rd day:40cr
    4th day:42cr
    lifetime depends on content..!

  • Please post more about Tubelight film, we are not interested in SRK these days as his movies are disappointing (waste of money and time). Request to you, as we visit to see more of Slaman in your website as Tubelight is releasing.

    We will reduce coming to your website if you dont post which is existing to us. As me and my friends are regular users of ur website from Dubai. Please post your predictions for Tubelight.

  • Till now nothing seems impressive . First the title Jab Harry Met Sejal sounds a poor copy of Jab We Met and Harry Met Sally . All the 3 mini trails were extremely disappointing . I am unable to understand the marketing campaign of this film . Ideally they should released the official trailer with Tubelight and in the next few weeks they should have released song promos . The marketing campaign of this film reminds me of Meri Pyari Bindu where 5 chapters were released instead of 1 full fledged trailer . Till now JHMS looks another Ra.One, JTHJ, HNY, Dilwale, Fan and Raees – High on Promise, Low in Content .

  • Ha ha ha. Like seriously? He could have found them in Jupiter if they really searched well. Or he could release the song in Pluto as if we care.

  • Deepika just got nominated for Teen Choice awards for best action movie actress. Post it @indicine.

  • Sejal is a gujrati name n Anusha is playing a gujrati girl in the movie..why did the makers need to organize a contest to find that max num of girls vid name sejal would be found in a gujrat city..n most likely in the most populous city of gujarat, Ahmedabad?? Isn’t that common sense? Oh..but its imtiaz ali film so common sense wouldn’t be so common here…

  • Great marketing move, but kya hoga wohi hoga Jo pichhle das saal se ho raha hai. Every time we think that something interesting will happen this time with SRK movie but taen taen fissss.

  • Salman fan, why your @$$ is burning if indicine publishing SRK related articles ? Is any SRK fan is complaining about Salman articles ? In fact indicine doesn’t publish many SRk articles like he completed 1st schedule of Anand rai film, he buys a team in South Africa league and many more.

  • JAB HARRY MET SEJAL prediction :
    Day1 – 30 cr
    Day2 – 28 cr
    Day3 – 32 cr
    Day4 – 24 cr (Raksha Bandhan partial holiday)
    Day5 – 12 cr
    Day6 – 10 cr
    Day7 – 9 cr [Wk1 -> 140 to 150 cr]

    Week 2 ->> 6+9+12+8+10+5+4 (50 to 60 cr)

    Lifetime = 190 to 220 cr

    Keeping in mind if Content is Very Good

    If WOM
    Negative ->> LT 120 to140 cr
    Avg ->> LT 140 to 160 cr
    Good ->> LT 160 to 190 cr
    Very Good ->> LT 190 to 220 cr
    Excellent ->> LT 220 to 240 cr
    Extraordinary ->> LT 240 to 260 cr

  • @Prasant;
    That’s not me, someone else is using my ID in this article…..I have no problem with Srk related articles because I know that no matter how many article Indicine publish the output will be same to all Srk film which is FLOP…..

    Indicine how can you allow someone else to use my ID…..I am using this ID from last 2 years……I also request the person who is using my ID please change your ID because I am using this from a very long time……..So please change your ID……

  • Is not it a dumb idea to organised a contest to find the city that has the maximum number of girls with the name ‘Sejal’ when the charecter of anuska is a gujurati so quite ovbiously the winner will b anywhere belongs to gujurat….dump marketing strategies mr Srk

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