SRK receives Greatest Global Living Indian Legends Award: Photos

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan was one among 25 others to receive NDTV’s ‘Greatest Global Living Indian Legends’ award.

On December 14 2013, New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) marked its 25 years of credible, dedicated and path breaking news broadcasting by acknowledging 25 Greatest Global Indian Living Legends for their outstanding contribution to the country.

For the first time ever, the Nation was witness to the coming together of 25 India Living Legends who were acknowledged and felicitated by the Honourable President of India, Pranab Mukherjee at an awards ceremony held by NDTV at the Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Winners of India’s Greatest Global Living Legend Award (in alphabetical order)

  • Amitabh Bachchan
  • Anish Kapur
  • Amartya Sen
  • A.R Rahman
  • CNR Rao
  • Ela Bhatt
  • Fali Nariman
  • Indira Nooyi
  • Hari Prasad Chaursia
  • Kapil Dev
  • Leander Paes
  • M S Swaminathan
  • Mukesh Ambani
  • N R Narayanmurthy
  • Rajinikanth
  • Ratan Tata
  • Sachin Tendulkar
  • Dr SS Badrinath
  • S H Raza
  • Shahrukh Khan
  • Venkatraman Ramakrishnan
  • Vikram Seth
  • Waheeda Rehman
  • Y K Hamied
  • Zubin Mehta

Some photos of Shahrukh Khan receiving the award.

SRK receives the awards from India's President Pranab Mukherjee

SRK receives the awards from India’s President Pranab Mukherjee

Shahrukh Khan receives India's Greatest Global Living Legend award

Shahrukh Khan receives India’s Greatest Global Living Legend award

Shahrukh receives India's Greatest Global Living Legend award

Shahrukh receives India’s Greatest Global Living Legend award

All the 25 Greatest Living Legends together (click on the picture below for a higher resolution image)

NDTV Greatest Living Legends

NDTV Greatest Living Legends



  • Yes he is the greatest legend, wake me up when Salman wins something like this or when Salman becomes the biggest global star or the richest actor in the world

  • So.. SRK gets Greatest Living Legend Award.. but Lata Mangeshkar doesn’t!! Asha Bhosle? Mahendra Singh Dhoni who has won India T20 world cup, ODI World Cup and taken India to No 1 Test Ranking.

    Where is Dilip Kumar? Does NDTV want us to believe he is bigger than all these legends?

    I wouldn’t even put SRK higher than Aamir, who has given us much better films.

  • Its Another Slap To SRK’s Haters. They Continuously Degarde Him And SRK Gives Them Slap By Receiving Various Honours In India and Internationally

  • i think they just invited 25 because of their 25….
    but instead they could make it 35.
    these all 25 of really great legends but they could add lata.. asha. doni and salman and amir khan.
    if we compare the success of actors there is no doubt srk is ahead but salman and amir are also legends.those kind of actors that people will remember them for years and years.they really deserve it

  • @Vineet……….It’s a global award. And everybody in the world knows Big B and SRK. SRK is popular in the world by many. SRK is a brand. Aamir and Salman are only known and are popular in India, thats a fact my boy. In India there are Dilip Kumar, AB and SRK. AB and SRK are the most cherished and popular Bollywood actors in the world. So dont cry, facts are facts.

  • Many Many Heartly Congratulation Sir SRK. U truly deservs. U made ur fans proud again and again.

    Guys i was looking at the list but didnot find So Called Super Duper Stars
    So Called BHAI (Sallu Mian)
    So Called Perfectionist (Amir Khan)
    Hrithik Roshan

    hahahahaha Haters will bark again that Sir SRK has buy this one and Aamir & Salman will say we dont believe on these kind of achievements. lolzzzzzzzz Angoor Khattay Hain

  • @vineet i didn,t hate aamir but srk have given way way better and more class movies than him understand aamir,s class movies start since 2000 where talaash,ghajni and mangal pandey are just one time watch movies

  • Oooh! Salman didn’t got this award
    its totally fake
    only ghanta award in the most genuine award in earth
    also most genuine show is big boss
    and most genuine film is jaiho
    all are fake :-p :-D hahahaha

  • @hb what srk is more successful than salman in your dreams.Is srk give back to back 5blockbuster.salman never run for money if he start run for money then srk will way beyond then salman.even salman,s hakhk is bigger hit then srk,s ddlj.salman always break records with his own power.where as srk always need big director,producer or salman is biggest superstar in this country.he has unbievable fan following.

  • all srk haters don’t believe this awards coz there fav actors doesn’t get that awards .but badluck they ll never get also.

  • @hb
    Salman is just an entertainer,he is not an can’t be legend if u just pick up south movies and remake it,he does’nt has variety…also he has a criminal for Aamir he does’nt has that fan following and buzz behind him.

  • @yuvraj
    so u think even amitabh ar rehman ,amartya sen baught this award ?
    if its on sell why doesn’t other actors got it? they must b affording.
    get a life dude.

  • #vijay
    youare right srk don’t have 5 back to back blockbuster

    but he don’t have 5 back to back disaster either like salman
    1. Janeman – flop
    2. God tussi gr8 ho – flop
    3. Main aur mrs. Khanna – disaster
    4. London dreams – flop
    5. Veer – flop

    hahhahhaha and you say salman is more popular :p :D hahahah

    * SRK Is The 1st Indian Citizen To Be Invited At “YALE UNIVERSITY – USA” For Giving Speech To The Students On Economics .
    * SRK Is The 1st Indian To Be Invited At “HARWARD UNIVERSITY” For Giving Speech and Motivating Students
    * SRK Is The 1st Indian To Have a “GOLD COIN STATUE” Of Him In Paris
    * SRK Is The 1st Indian To Be Honoured With “BRANDLAUREATE LEGENDRY AWARD IN MALAYSIA” By Malaysian Government
    *SRK Is The 1st Indian To Be Honoured With “WISSAME AL-KAFAA AL-FAKIRA” Award Of Intellectual Merit In Morrocco By Morroccan Prince
    * SRK Is The 1st Indian To Get “U.N.E.S.C.O – PYRAMID CON MARNI” Award For His Charity Worldwide [Now This Is The Biggest Achievement For Him]
    * SRK Is The 1st Indian To Receive “”L’Etoile D’Or”” Award From Mohammed VI of Morocco the King of Morocco.
    * SRK Is The 1st Indian To Ring The Prestigious “NASDAQ OPENING BELL” In Berlin Which Is The Worlds Biggest Stock Exchange.
    * SRK Is The 1st Indian To Sign The Great “GUEST BOOK OF BERLIN” In Berlin.
    * SRK Is The 1st Indian To Recieve an Honour Called “DATUK” From Indonesian Government
    The List Huge, But For Today This Much Is Fine
    SRK as a Brand Ambassador Of INDIA For These Countries
    1) South Korea
    2) Morrocco
    3) Germany
    4) Malaysia
    5) Indonesia
    ‪#‎ MassiveRespect‬For This Legend For His Contribution In B’wood & World

  • salman does not believe in awards but rewards.. n it is an award given by a television channel, wats the big deal.. salman doesnt care for such awards.. salman khan is bigger n way above these awards

  • Wow.. Cant xpect more foh ma king
    Really shah u r d best
    Hope al ur upcoming movies hny raees n fan turn blockbusters in sha Allah..
    Also happy to see amitji rehman sir ratan tata.. Dhoni shd hav been dere too

  • Wake up srk haters time to show yours’ class,thoda rona dhona kar lo yaar.mai sikha deta hu avi 2mlogo ko kya kehna hai,arey bhaiya simple bat hai,ae keh do……hmm “this is a fake award”,”srk ne aur ek award kharid li”.bhaiya mera baat suno mai jo upor kehne ko kaha nah woh mat kaho,humare president sahab boda man all are stupid,saale 2mlg apni ghatiya aukat dikhane mai mahir gaya boss

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