SRK – Priyanka Chopra Affair?

We haven’t published anything yet on the alleged affair between Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra. But the rumours are growing stronger with each day and there is obviously no smoke without fire.

Priyanka has always been a huge fan of SRK and the actress revealed on Koffee with Karan that she also has a huge crush on the superstar. Then came the Indian Premiere League where SRK and Priyanka were seen at several matches. From then on with the rumours growing, the two stars have been seen attending several events together, at times walking hand-in-hand.

Priyanka’s last minute inclusion in Ra One has only added fuel to the strong rumours.

In the past Priyanka was alleged to have dated actors like Akshay Kumar, Shahid Kapoor and Harman Baweja.

As for SRK, who has over the years, carefully built a strong image of a family man. Is his marriage seriously in trouble? What do you think?



  • Its fine if it is true,shahrukh must divorce gouri,he need to have a new sexy girl with him rather than unatractive gauri i love srk pc and want to see their bedscene.

  • Shahrukh must have to fuck priyanka nicely as both of them are a dream couple to have sex with each other.shahrukh had spent night with scarlet johansson earlier.

  • Shahrukh plz make a mms of you and priyanka for a history making video forever in the world.ra one must be dubbed with english rather than subtitles.

  • Shahrukh need to concentrate in hollywood babes who are crazy about him,and spent lot of time with them.leave gauri and enjoy world love for u.

  • Shahrukh and priyanka are made for each other.but shahrukh mistaken by marrying early and i want srk to love priyanka,go srk go..jab pyar kia tho darna kia.

  • Its a marketing tactic for Ra one.. srk knows its do or die time..

    but then cant say.. this affair could be actually true.. who can stop himself if a lady as hot as priyanka throws herself on you.. no man can.. not even SRK..

  • It’s not a marketing tactic or anything.. SRK doesn’t need such cheap marketing gimmicks.. He’s a big enough superstar. And the man hasn’t delivered one flop in more than 5 years.. where does the ‘do or die’ talk even come from? Even if Ra One fails, it won’t affect his popularity at all!

  • Shahrukh plz leave gauri and catch priyanka.priyanka will be your next muse after kajol.keep her with your lips.

  • Indicine.. But he has not delivered 100 crore film yet.. if he cant with Ra 1.. then which film? Don 2 wont be as big as other films..

  • @indicine
    such a low standard news frm ur side..not expected….n link doesnt tell anything bat srk-priyanka affair…this kind of stuff only suits rakhi sawant.

  • Rahul.. Babe like Priyanka who wouldnt love to sleep with.. when she herself is getting pretty orgasmic about srk.. Gauri and kids will always be there..

    anyways its hard to believe that srk is as good a family person as he shows off in the media.. i doubt it very much.. not just SRK.. with the kind of female attention that these stars get.. its impossible to remain faithful.. unless of course srk is gay.. which i again doubt..

  • Srk plz produce a hollywood film and direct and act in it with scarlet johansson or nicole kidman and get a oscar for india.

  • Salman …are u crazy.srk or hollywood he never able to go holywood he is a poor guy.if he was with ash than it wil be capable but now ash didn’t care him.

  • @indicine how dare you put wrong article about srk,srk is god to me,i love him more than anything in the world.plz never write anything wrong about srk.plz.plz.

  • Ha.ha.ha……..greatest joke in the world childish article where profession there take up sexscandal .media when will u being human.

  • yar no he cant do dat…he is a nice guy…he loves his family vry much like salman does….y he vil betray his wife…dats a bullshit

  • If they are gelling then whats the prob..they are co-stars..close one..
    and whoz talking abt leaving gauri..she was SRK’s love..and very few ppl get to marry love of their life..
    these are just rumours..and they’er close friends..
    SRK can’t do that..his relation ship wid given perfect couple..have u heard any news..of fight between them..No..

    and I liked the way..INDICINE team defended SRK..
    Hi5 to Indicine team for that..

  • I don’t believe in this. Its a rumor. Srk is a family man nd he loves his wife nd children. Yes Priyanka is a big fan of srk nd srk also like her bt not in that way. They r jst co stars nothing else.

  • @indicine,how do u knw dat all is doing is nt marketing u in his mind..i’m nt sayin he is doing it but d way indicine is sayin it as if they re in srk’s mind and indicine,u said no flop in 5yrs..wat abt billu..common indicine b factual in wat u say..tank u

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