SRK pays Rs 1.93 lakh as fine for illegal ramp outside ‘Mannat’

Shah Rukh Khan has been fined Rs.1,93,784 by the BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation for constructing an illegal ramp outside his bungalow ‘Mannat’ in Bandra, a RTI query revealed here on Thursday.

Activist Anil Galgali sought details under RTI on a reinforced cement-concrete ramp constructed outside the actor’s landmark bungalow which was used for parking his vanity van, leading to an outcry early last year.

Following a campaign by various citizens and activists, the municipal commissioner initiated action and a notice was slapped on Shah Rukh on February 6, 2015.

After the notice period ended, the BMC started the demolition on February 15 of the ramp which falls outside the bungalow on the junction of HK Bhabha Road and Mount Mary Road.

Activists had alleged that by constructing the ramp for his private uses, Shah Rukh had also encroached on a portion of public land.

After the demolition, the BMC served a demand notice of Rs 1,93,785 on the actor as costs towards the razing of the illegal structure, or face prosecution.

In order to close the issue, the actor quietly made the payment through a cheque for the entire amount, Galgali said.

When the ramp came up in late 2014, locals had complained that it blocked access to the famous Mt. Mary Church steps from the Bandstand side where the actor’s bungalow is located.




  • SRK thinks he owns Band Stand.. The public and govt. own it.. If they want they can throw you out of ur “Bunglow” … This is Decomcarcy

  • Srk sir golden heart proud of him !!!!!
    srk first revealed the 1st poster of bb by quoting ” I believe being bro is bigger than being a hero .”
    This shows humility …
    wish he never spoke a single word about intolerance … now the we would have been the winners …
    future is very dark … if we do not take our steps carefully !!!!!!!!
    I am going gaga over fan and Raees.
    Wishing srk sir best of luck for both fan and Raees.
    I hope Fan becomes a big hit …. so that all the depressions go away from our heart .
    February is too boring , next month could be a bit interesting though !!!!!
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  • One actor builds a ramp, It gets demolished and he gets fined.
    One actor kills innocent People with his car, and hunts illegally an animal and he gets bail.
    Thats the law


  • Lol the ramp specifics is down to the designers/manufacturers. SRK doesn’t keep check of such minor things.

    Now how about fining a certain other khan (cough salman) for his unlawful actions

  • He should be penalised for smoking in public for polluting environment and badly influencing some young generations.. Feku king always does feku things..

  • So Salman is bribing the Law to get free while SRK proves his honesty by submitting to the Law as any citizen. #KingKhanRules #WaitingForFan #OnlyRaeesThisEid

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  • That’s real honesty . Had it been some other Khan , he’d have went towards High Court for so called ‘justice’ , lol !

  • king khan king quality…And i request srk fans dont compare him with bollywood cheap guys come on give him break…Have some standard guys he has left behind tommy and deppy ……..I know there is neck to neck compitition on india but worldwide as u know not only megastar m..he is mega superstar srk the biggest star on earth according to (BBc)….bbc dont even know who is salman lol…

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    Srk that is peanut for you. Give them the money and ignore other things

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    Tomorrow SRK is going to pay 1.93 lakhs to you Indicine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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