SRK meets fans before shooting for Sabse Shaana Kaun: Photos

Shahrukh Khan  was spotted meeting his fans before shooting for his new television show ‘India Poochega.. Sabse Shaana Kaun?’

The gathering of around 75 people, most of them young girls and middle-aged women, went absolutely crazy when Shahrukh got down the car to meet them.

Khan has sustained his super-stardom for over 20 years now and gets mobbed wherever he goes.

Check out the photos.

Shahrukh Khan snapped on the sets of his new show Sabse Shaana Kaun

Shahrukh Khan snapped outside the sets of his new show Sabse Shaana Kaun

SRK with fans

SRK with fans



  • Huge fan of srk from nepal. Love u sharukh , enjoy salman movie and get satisfied with amir flims. Love all the stars because they make our boring life entertained. Love bollywood and superfan of indicine. Love this indicine too much. Sincerce thanks to admin of this site

  • Sabse shaana khan kaun…

    Aamir remade Ghajini- ATBB

    Salman remade Kick- ATBB

    King is remaking Billu- All Time Disaster

    No need in stating the bleeding obvious….

  • I am a salman fan
    amir is good so i like aamir so i become a salmir fan if srk was a good n natural actor i would have liked him and i will be a salmir shah fan

  • HE has largest female following in the world.HE can otherwise called.Ladies man/girls man.soon after my transfer from Hyderabad to Mumbai,I will go to mannat might in this/next year on HIS BIRTHDAY.

  • Rumours are rohit shetty movie will be unofficial remake of chalti ka naam gaadi with shetty style…..I watched chalti ka naam gaadi and it was awesome. …even marathi remake of this movie was also highest grosser in marathi back then….now I am sure it will be record breaking movie…..

  • @indicine… From paragraph 1 to 3..all what u guys said is nothing new!!! Its a everyday situations actors deal with talk less of someone like Shah rukh…anys.. Like his outfit, looking quite smart…what I noticed for years is his dress code sense…simple but of high esteem both on and off d screen.

  • Is there any srk related posts that doesn’t have dumb bhaitards comments on it?Does this post even have a single mention of ur idol?Then why u r barking here,u wastes of space?

  • Honestly,we have nothing but pity for some sick people here who will probably spend their whole life having a warped mentality and hateful views!!

  • He always makes his fans feel special which is a unique trait in today’s superstars.
    @Bluffmaster unfortunately your logic makes sense only to you.

  • @hornyest/gandi baat

    srk is importnt for me still analysing our king and people those who likes him and i found that most of them r born idiots

  • @bluffmaster,who watches lallu’s mindless movies they are born legend idiots.25 years gone,still our nahi doesn’t how to act and many times hunted by ghanta/kela’s not his faults after all their mindless illiterate fan’s a days rikshawala community developed a lot in community action,huh!


    Disaster star of 90’s(1991-2000)—-Amir khan

    Disaster star of 1st decade of 21St century—-salman khan


    Who couldn’t got blockbusters from normal script thode flopstars stole successful movies of south which OUR KING KHAN doesn’t need.after all amir’s ghajini rejected by our KING KHAN that might our grandpa Auncle no need to explain why they had such a disaster decade and did south remake because all knows it very well.

  • @navin uncle the same you said about hny year ‘a player-cash remake’
    but to your surprise it did a business of 204 crores.
    N in sha ALLAh your billu remake will do 300 crores.

  • @CCB SSS aka DCB

    So you want us to believe you make spelling mistakes bcoz you type fast- well lets just say for arguements sake we believe you- but whats your excuse for not making any sense irrespective of the spelling errors…? Isnt retardism the only logical conclusion for your insanity…?

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