SRK launches Kidzania indoor theme park for kids: Photos

On Thursday, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan launched his new business venture – a indoor theme park for kids called KidZania.

A Mexico based family entertainment centre, Kidzania were looking for a partner for its India franchise. They eventually partnered with Shahrukh Khan who is known for his love for kids.

Just before the launch of Kidzania, SRK tweeted “Going to launch my pet project… the KIDZANIA experience… we dont say Hi… we say KAI!! Hope the kids and parents bond closer when it opens.”

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan at  his new business venture-kidzania launch

Shahrukh Khan at his new business venture-kidzania launch

SRK at  his new business venture-kidzania launch

SRK at his new business venture-kidzania launch

SRK launches his new business venture-kidzania

SRK launches his new business venture-kidzania





  • If He really loves kids then why he did that scene when he places his hands on kareena’s b**bs in a kids film

  • I knew DarkBoy and sachin11 will be one of the earliest entry on this page.
    This proves that how much they loves SRK. We can find these SRK lovers at every single place where people discuss about him… ;) Keep loving… :)

  • @Dark Boy & @Sachin11.
    Watch, one day you’ll cry tears of blood, you like criticizing, it’s going to happen to you someday. Like the saying – what goes around comes around.

  • Lol
    No prizes for guessing where baby xrate and being whoevers fan are going to be this weekend…!;-) ;-)

    Holding hands together on board Thakurs firetruck singing ‘1234 Get on the fire engine baby…!’ ;-)

    Atleast that will be better than getting on the ‘chennai depress super slow mo express train’…! :-)

  • The second picture Srk has his hands stretched out wide- oh dear oh god have mercy- it looked like Srk was gonna bust out his ‘titli’ song but the smart kid realising this started ringing the bell to drown out Thakurs depressing voice…!

    Smart boy indeed ;-)

  • @sachin11 lol so true. Thakurs geewan cartoonish character was more scarier than Arjuns buffoon like raavan act…!

    Lets hope ‘kidzania’ is more of an entertaining experience than Chennai Depress was.

  • @gaurav Its true we ALL do love Srk…! ;-)

    Srk is afterall the Youtube King so all Hail King Of Orcs- King Smeagol…! :-)

  • Box office india Tried very hard to make Ce look failure… unfortunately they failed in the every attempt they made..
    India col
    Overs col
    World wide gross…

    3idiots before ce relese WW 385.. now 392..
    acc to BOI ETT YJHD and CE netted 185, 176 and 201*respectively but 3 idiots 202.42 exactly wat all other sites say…
    And I guess CE is just a hit not even BB Acc to

  • @gaurav-seriously man..this DARK BOY creature waits for any SRK news & as soon as he finds one he start posting rubbish shit….he is having a hard time digesting the success of Chennai Express…..
    @sachin11 Ra.One was SRK’s weakest movie still it crossed 100cr mark on box office whereas Salman’s weakest movie after the success of Wanted was Veer…only God knows what happened with it :P

  • From the first picture srk is hinting to kids 2 is coming kids BEWARE.
    And in the next pictures uncle srk goes full on funky by keeping Aamir’s hat from DHOOM3 poster.

  • @navin u were away for a long time,that’s why u have no idea what happened in the boxoffice.srk proved that he is not only the the king of youtube but also the box-office too.

  • I bet aryan and suhana won’t even step in this theme park for them it is very cheap.
    But..srkians can go to enjoy ! No wait a minute your king has made it too costly for you!
    Ha ha..

  • We have gone mad after CE have broken all records, especially which our BHAI couldn’t do in 3 years!!!
    Please SRKIANS, spare us.
    Don’t troll us.
    Even our family members have started trolling us after CE success.


  • @darkboy @sachin11 SRK’s famous quote-“you can love me or hate me but you cannot ignore me”..for you people b***** haters…you cannot ignore SRK ..come and visit all SRK pages

  • I bet aryan and suhana wont even step in this theme park coz for them it is very cheap
    But..srkians can go and enjoy!
    No wait your srk has made it too costly for you

  • @CESuxXx No you wrong, AGAIN. Me and my fellow bhai fanatixXx are not shameless and characterless- if you want to see a true shameless and characterless fan then take a closer look at that infamous ‘being whatever fan’…!

    Hes still confused as to what actors fans he wants to be but I say on behalf of all bhai fans that you srkians can keep him- no arguements, no fuss and no tension. ;-)

  • @Hamza khan don’t know why u reply back everytime.u r sounding as if u r small brother of xzone and he has given u this job of replying back when he is busy with his part time job.Anyways don’t know about Darkboy but my eyes r in very good condition and there is no possibility of blood coming in my tears in future.Last time when i got emotional in Dec 2012 watching emotional scenes of “Talaash” and “Dabangg 2” at that time no blood was coming in my

  • @hamza thanks for your bhavishyavani!
    Will wait..!
    @Sachin11 eyes are also in perfect condition but I bet hamza definitely cried tears of blood when ra one was torturing her in that empty theatre.
    @zack please you digest that scene which I have mentioned above. a kids film he did that! What a shocker that was for the parents sitting next to there children.

  • @sachin11… Aamir khan dont have enough money to open a children’s park kidzania..
    @navin… I think u were in comma after the humongous success of ce…

  • @king your comment is outrageously hilarious..outrageous for srkians and hilarious for us.
    @sakhi agreed..we cant ignore cheapness and fakeness of srk.

  • What is Stardum…….? ?

    # ChennaiExpress – In just 1300 screens in 2nd week crossed 200 cr and Beated Every Record……

    # Ouatimd – In 2700 screens with 2 weeks free Run Collected 62 cr and Emerged a Big Flop of
    the Year……

    # Dabang2 – In 3700 screens with 30 Days Free Run Collects 155 cr Lifetime…….

    # Srk has Showed tht why he is the # KingOfBollywood His Stardum is # Unimaginable He is
    the # King of The World…….

    He has Biggest Fan Following in India as well, as Biggest Fan Following in Overseas toooo…….

  • @sachin11 Dude you’re an idiot if you know, you try hard to make fun of SRK and CE, but you have no answer to my simple question.

    So sir, what happened to all your box office predictions about CE before the launch of its theatrical trailer and prior to release? Since all your estimates have immensely been proven incorrect, how stupid do you feel continuing to comment rather than doing the right thing by killing yourself? :)


  • Whatever reason you give….inflation, holidays, marketing etc etc…bring it on! The thing is, Chennai Express broke 3 idiots’s record and that too with a big margin! So accept the fact and remain silent until your fav star breaks this record. Its not a record…its the Mount Everest of all records which your fav star has to climb…so we will talk when anybody manages to do that!!
    P.S — Amir khan can never cross even 100 crores with his solo performance and an original script(not remake). Krish 3 will earn lifetime domestic net 130-150 crores and Dhoom 3 will be around 170-180.

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