SRK, Katrina, Abhishek in Happy New Year

Shahrukh Katrina Abhishek

Shahrukh Katrina Abhishek

While the news is yet to be officially confirmed, industry insiders say, the lead cast of Farah Khan’s Happy New Year has been finalised.

The film will mark the return of the Jab Tak Hai Jaan on-screen pair of Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif. Abhishek Bachchan has been signed to play an important role.

Happy New Year will be Katrina’s second film with Farah (after Tees Maar Khan) and her third with SRK (after Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om).

In the last few months, Anushka Sharma and Priyanka Chopra were rumoured to be a part of the film, but it is Katrina Kaif who has signed yet another film with an A-List superstar.

Happy New Year is expected to go on floors in April 2013, which is quite unexpected as Shahrukh usually avoids film shoots during the IPL season.

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  • Main hoon na -Super hit of 2004 and super entertaining
    Om shanti om -super hit of 2007 and super entertaining
    Happy new year – blockbuster of 2013-14 with an easy 200cr business if it has good promotion, great music by vishal-shekar,single release,2 weeks clear window without any clash and if it has 4000+ screens like salman films sure shot blockbuster.

  • Theres no denying that srk is most increasingly being hated after MNIK and Ipl 2007 .You haters say what you want. Nomatter how much you bring him down.Srk is a greater person than your drunk murderer Bhai who is trying to cover up that incident by over promoting himself as a some angel and gold hearted Bhai.but the fact is he is just “trying” to ‘be human’ .

  • @neha , please dont get panic , set up your mind because i think you get mentally unbalanced by salmans success last few years . Totally agree about your situation because salman gives 5 blockbusters in row and on other hand your king srk dreaming about to give only one bb. Then truth is truth salman is real power of bollywood now and no one has power to change the truth.

  • #Aki
    ready’s collection in india is 121 cr.
    srk already broke that 125cr. And JTHJ 123 cr.
    Now tell your salman to cross 60 cr. In overseas

    after, tell him to cross MNIK’s- 123 cr. Which srk collected 3 years back in overseas..

  • #All salfans

    Srk having 100 cr. In both Overseas and India……
    Srk sweeps 100 cr. Both overseas and India Comfortablely
    (JTHJ , clash with masala sos crosse d 120 cr.)

    Salman’s movie don’t even crossed 60 cr. Mark in overseas

    salman want 3 open weeks + holiday+ cheap crap south remakes + biggest number of screen
    to cross 100 cr.
    That is like looser

  • I feel sad for SRK. Why is he taking Kat yaar? Better option was ANushka or Deepika or may be Priyanka. The weak link in JTHJ was unmistakably Katrina sorry to say. She didn’t have the reportoire to respond to SRK’s charming chemistry. I don’t know why his filmakers are not understanding this simple point. Why are they so carried away by Kat?? iS it due to economics??? Who knows…Kat is more consistent with tiger than with king. Let her be. Why to force something upon her just to cash on the rivalry. It realy hurts the prospects of King Khan. Same was the case with JTHJ. More than benefitting him, the film hampered his growth in BO ratings. ADI is the guy who needs to be blamed for this totally. Comeon, wakeup man !!!

  • Kid Imam m also askin abt overseas collection only Haha hw come 65cr pls show the site . . Its 49cr okay and d2 also same 49cr. . And by the way ready official is 128cr Haha poor guy dnt u have dare to compare it with 102cr to 121cr acc boi huh Haha so

  • #Raj
    check etc bollywood
    which gives the actuall figure
    and which is the biggest bollywood bussiness channel 65 cr.
    Don2 72 cr.
    Mnik 122 cr.
    Jthj 89 cr.

    And still salman don’t have enough guts to cross 60 cr. Overseas

  • #uncle raj ur telling about ready’s collection:-:-

    Ready -185 cr. Worldwide
    Mnik- 215 cr. Worldwide

    Mnik already breaks ready’s record.

  • Zaid Wht ! good promotion great music 2 open weeks more screens single release then it wil be 200cr blockbuster huh but dude u forgot most important thing and that is a good content wch Srk doesn have it in his films. . So dude get away ur same stupid illusions and be practical

  • @plus aka an another sub-id of that demented guy “navin”….hahaha…so u don’t want to digest this honor given to ur sallu….common…be practical…admit it that he desrved it and the jury of “golden kela” is also waiting for him with open arms….

  • Well well, who the hell said Salman is the king of box office ??
    Srk has 23 blockbusters in his career (india + overseas)
    Where as Salman has 17 blockbusters (india + overseas)
    Now u can easily decide who is the king BO :)

  • @ IMAM : If you are referring ETC collections then will you agree that ETT collected 199 cr.
    All srk fans refer to BO India according to that ETT : 188 cr / JTHJ : 101 cr / Ready : 123 cr Now tell me dude how did JTHJ breaks Ready collection in India. If you are talking about World wide collections:

    Three Idiots
    385 cr
    230 cr
    Don 2
    228 cr (All languages)
    218 cr (All languages)
    215 cr

    Read that Don 2 and Ra.One including languages. This upto 2011 only which does include ETT and D2. I thought i will spare srk and his fans by not mentioning else it will be a disgrace forChindi king n his faqeer knights !!!!!!!! :p

  • Again a remake, but this time French – “Disko” 2008. In the leading female role of Emmanuelle Béart. Movie essence – the main character should win dancing competition to prove to the former wife that it has money. Then it will send his son to him on vacation. For this purpose it has to collect team and make a speech with dance in the bar at competition. It has a team of rivals. The trainer is necessary to them and they find him in the person of a deushka which will play Kaif. So Katrina in the movie on the dancing place. Though I don’t see it, as the dancer. I from 8 years was engaged in ballet classics and I can judge that Katrina and dances aren’t compatible (especially I was made laugh by scenes of dances in ETT), but at you in India she became the super dancer. To me it is ridiculous, but it is your choice!
    It is even more ridiculous that it was chosen by the choreographer that sets me thinking on professionalism of Fara! ! !

  • Follow only source Boxofficeindia except it all are paid source who quotes producers number.btw according to taran & komal/etc every movie which crosses 90 cr is also a member of 100 cr club.

    Btw jab tak hai Jaan collected 101 cr not 121 and barfii did 106 not 121 & ETT did 186 cr.

  • WTF is overseas BB & domestic FLOP.Go to overseas and starts ur SRK puran there.SRK has 5 BB & 2 ATBB(DUPLICATE).Agreed SRK is a big superstar but he is not known for box office in India(where Its really matter) btw Hrithik has also 5 BB and soon he will have his 6th so your self proclaimed king’s record is on danger.

  • My friends its official- Mentals shooting has started and to celebrate ‘Asylums’ have let the loonies run riot. PS xzone you sick man get back inside and receive your electrical shock treatment quickly.
    Friends we can rejoice now, fans of SRK were singing and merrily dancing down the streets to Dabangg Anthem thinking they could for once celebrate Eid by watching their crapstars crappy film but no more. Our Bhai jaan will never allow for a joyous festival occasion to be destroyed like Diwali has been in past 2 years when crappy srk depression filled ridiculous films released. Mental will hopefully be with us all come Eid and we can truly have a great party together.
    For those who dont agree then please visit the ‘Being Human’ financed Mental Asylums where full showings of JTHJ and will be broadcast. I know for a fact that front row seats will be reserved for our srkian brothers xzone, star, IMAM, john cena fan, remotecontrol and king…,! :-(
    Enjoy losers but atleast Eid will be saved from the cheap masala Chennai Depress expressway train.
    @star Mental roxXxXx golden jela winner srk suxXxXx big time…!

  • Akshay Vs Salman Vs SRK box office comparison from 2006 . Year 2006 Akshay films- Phir Hera Pheri – 41.75 crore, Bhagambag- 40 crore, Jaane- Man – 25.5 crore. Salman films Shaadi Kar Ke Phas Gaya Yar , Jaane- Man- 25.5 crore, Baabul- 15 crore SRK films- Don- 51 crore, KANK- 45.75 crore.

  • 2007 Akshay films Welcome- 70.75 crore, Bhool Bhulaiyya- 49.74 crore, Hey Baby – 47.78 crore, Namastey London- 33.98 crore . Salman films Partner- 61.19 crore, Salaam-E-Ishq- 22 crore, Marigold. SRK films OSO- 79.42 crore, Chak De India- 67.69 crore

  • 2008 Akshay Kumar films Tashan-27.87 crore, SIK- 68. 48 crore, Salman Khan- God Tussi Great Ho- 13.60 crore, Heroes- 13.23 crore, Yuvraaj- 16.95 crore. SRK- RNBJ- 86.78 crore

  • 2009 Akshay Kumar films CC2C – 30.01 crore, 8* 10 Tasveer- 15.75 crore, Blue- 39.40 crore, Kambhakth Ishq- 47.48 crore, De Dhana Dhan- 48.30 crore Salman Khan Wanted- 60.69 crore, London Dreams- 25.77 crore, Main Aur Mrs. Khanna- 7.98 crore . SRK films Billu- 23.64 crore

  • 2010 Akshay films Housefull- 72.07 crore, TMK- 61.07 crore, Action Replayy- 28.19 crore. Salman Khan films- Dabanng- 140.1 crore, Veer-37 crore SRK films MNIK-72.74 crore

  • @ Navin, that was funny dude. lol.

    I would give a chance for this movie, not because srk or katrina, but because Farah, if not a great director, is 10 times better than her hubby Kunder.

    A movie needs an emotional connect and i guess she did that part well in Main Hoon Na and OSO, though i hated the first part of OSO.

    I guess actress have a very short shelf-life and while actors gets better as they get older, just like wine :)

    Hence, it is natural that Katrina, who is the most popular get casted with popular stars like Salman, srk and Aamir, and get the maximum returns faster in terms of popularity and money.

    Priyanka’s time is over, and Anushka can do only one kind of act, comparatively, Katrina is more popular, is beautiful, dances like a dream and can do her part okay, if not national award winning level, so all in all she is always the best choice to be paired among the top stars.

  • Raj and those who think srk movies don’t Hv content are mad.and do salman,ajay and askhay films Hv any stupid content.even Vivek oberoi films Hv more content than them.

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